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Bourses doctorales Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Scholarships

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Publicado terça, 30 de novembro de 2010


L’école doctorale « Globalisation, EU & Multilateralism » – GEM offer jusqu’à dix bourses Erasmus Mundus de 3 ans financées par la Commission Européenne.


L’école doctorale “Globalisation, EU & Multilateralism” – GEM offre jusqu’à 10 bourses Erasmus Mundus de 3 ans financées par la Commission Européenne. 

3 Projets de Recherche Conjoints sont proposés:

  • MORGANITE [Mené par l’IEE-ULB - Belgique: www.ulb.ac.be]

Recherche centrée sur les institutions impliquées dans les différentes formes de coopération multilatérale régionales et mondiales

  • CITRINE [Mené par University of Warwick – Grande Bretagne www2.warwick.ac.uk]

Recherche centrée sur les intérêts qu’impliquent les interactions entre les processus liés aux politiques européennes et ceux liés aux impératifs mondiaux

  • AMETRINE [Mené par la LUISS - Italie www.luiss.edu]

Recherche idéationnelle focalisée sur les dimensions normatives des politiques internationales européennes 

Les appels à candidatures sont disponibles sur www.erasmusmundus-gem.eu

How to Apply

DEADLINES - DEADLINES - For Applications wishing to enrol in September 2011:

• Category A Applicants: January 16th 2011
• Category B Applicants: January 16th 2011

1. Essential Information
2. Overall Logic of the GEM PhD School
3. Student Categories
4. Admissibility Criteria
5. Application Procedure.
6. Selection Process.
7. Tuition Fees.

1- Essential Information

The GEM PhD School is open to all interested doctoral candidates from Europe and beyond. The European Union directly supports the GEM PhD School by providing it annually with a set of about 10 three-year fellowships to be awarded to those students chosen by the PhD School’s scientific board following a competitive application process and a comparative review. These Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Fellowships students cover the students’ tuition fees, travel costs and monthly salary; accordingly both the scientific as well as material condition offered within the GEM PhD School are optimal.
Students interested in applying have to complete the online application forms and attached all required documents to their electronic application. Below one can find a list of the required documents. In line of the distinction made by the Commission between Category A and Category B fellowships, two distinct and successive selection rounds will be held. Please be carefully to note the different deadlines associated with each category as well as to carefully identify which category you belong to. It is the candidate’s responsibility to:
i. Identify the programme most suited to their profile – both scientifically as well as statutorily.
ii. Hand in a complete and timely application dossier – a complete application includes both a paper-based AND an electronic application

2- Overall Logic of the GEM PhD School

The GEM PhD School is a fully integrated, international interdisciplinary doctoral teaching and research programme focused on the most salient issues and features shaping: “Globalization, the EU, and Multilateralism”
Within three to four years students will be trained towards accomplishing an original doctoral thesis on the aforementioned topics with an eye on obtaining a Double Doctoral Degree from two of the European Degree Awarding Institutions within the Network.
Moreover, the Network will provide ample and complementary research activities and mobility schemes, all aimed at honing the PhD students’ skill set. The GEM PhD School will provide the context, support structure, and necessary assistance associated with such an ambitious programme.
All applicant PhD students are required to select one of the programme’s three overarching “Jointly Executed Research Projects” (JERP) which will provide the student both the scientific backbone of the students work, as well as the practical foundations crucial to the entire doctoral project. For further detail on the research agendas of the GEM PhD School’s three constituent JERPs please consult their respective web-pages. These three JERPs are: MORGANITE which is based at the ULB; CITRINE coordinated by the LUISS in Rome; and AMETRINE headed by the University of Warwick.
Finally, all students will enjoy funded mobility and must therefore be required from the onset to indicate and justify their preferred mobility strategy. Such a strategy must include:
- A First full-year hosting institution - which is necessarily the coordinating institution of the student's chosen Jerp
- A Second full-year hosting institution - chosen amongst the 4 degree awarding institutions in light of its complementary expertise
- A possible yet non-obligatory nor guaranteed third year short stay in one of the non-degree awarding institution with an eye on furthering the student research.

3- Student Categories

Two different Erasmus Mundus Doctorate fellowships can be awarded to doctoral candidates:
Category A fellowships: can be awarded to doctoral candidates from all countries other than the 27 EU members. Furthermore, the doctoral candidate must not be resident nor have carried out her/his main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries.
Category B fellowships: can be awarded to any doctorate candidate who does not fulfill the Category A criteria as defined above.

4 - Admissibility criteria

All candidates must possess a Master graduate degree or equivalent, preferably in a relevant field within the Humanties or Social Sciences. In light of the GEM PhD School’s interdisciplinary nature no specific requisites regarding the prior diploma’s field has been set. It must however be noted that “directly relevant fields” - such as International Relations; EU Studies; International Political Theory; Area Studies; Political Theory; international law; or international political economy – will have a comparative advantage. The key factor will be the relevance of the applicants’ previous studies and experience with regards to his/her research project. Nevertheless, all acknowledgeable prior diplomas must conform with the following credit requirements: all satisfactory previous diplomas must: ether be (i) a Master programme covering 120 ECTS or equivalent; or (ii) a Four year programme offering 300 ECTS or more of relevant courses.
A thorough proficiency in English is also necessary. English Proficiency can be attested either through a previous English-language diploma OR by way of internationally recognized proficiency tests (i.e. IELTS or TOEFL systems) which are to attest of the student’s functional language level. At the time of application Students are not yet expected to have secured the necessary scores; however they must attest on their honour what their anticipated English proficiency level is, and pledge to secure the necessary tests scores at the latest two months after receiving confirmation of their selection. The English-language requirements are set at:
- IELTS >7.0
- Paper TOEFL >620
- Computer TOEFL >260                                                                                                 - Internet-based TOEFL  >92

5- Application procedure

The application will require the following elements – to be handed in both by regsitred mail AND through the online database on the program’s website.

1. The Completed online Application Forms
Part 1: the student Identification Form
Part 2: the standard abstract Research Project

2. A Detailed Academic Curriculum Vitae (3 page Maximum)

3. Proof of Nationality (ex. Scan of Passport)

4. A Personal Free Essay detailing in your own words your overall PhD Project, including:
A Presentation of the Personal Motivations behind the Application (500 Words. Max)
A Doctoral Research Project Synopsis (1500 Words. Max.)
A Short Essay motivating the choice of “Jointly Executed Research Project” and the preferred Mobility Strategy (1000 Words Max.)

5. A Certified Copy of the highest degree/diploma obtained, stating credits, grades and workload, with an English language translation - If certified copies cannot be provided before the application deadline, non certified copies are to be provided; and upon selection, the selected students will pledge to provide the certified ones within two months.

6. Certified copies of all relevant academic transcripts and academic records for all relevant courses taken at an institute of higher education, with an English language translation - If certified copies cannot be provided before the application deadline, non certified copies are to be provided; and upon selection, the selected students will pledge to provide the certified ones within two months.

7. Proof of a thorough proficiency in written and spoken English (see Above)

8. Two letters of recommendation from Academics - To be provided both as letters in sealed envelopes and electronic scanned documents. These two versions are to be sent directly to the GEM PhD School secretariat by the supporting Academics.Point 2-6 are to be attached to the online application - either as scan or PDF document.
Point 7 if required is to be send both directly to the coordinating institution from the testing organism (i.e. TOEFL or IELTS), and as a scanned document from the applicant
Point 8 is to be send directly to the GEM Central Executive Office by the endorsing Academics, both via postal and electronic mail

Point 1 is to be filled in online – printed out and added to your paper-based application

6 - Selection process

The GEM PhD School’s Board of Directors reviews all applications, and selects those applicants who will be accepted into the programme and to whom scholarships will be offered. Selection will be based on academic merit, motivation, recommendations and chances of success in the programme. The selection process takes place early enough to allow for notification of final decision four months before courses start. Admission is final only when students have obtained the necessary visas, permits and insurance policies (the consortium will help with these procedures).

7 – Online Registration

Online registration will be done through the program’s website at:

You can online apply/register for one of the program’s three constituent jointly executed research programs (i.e. MORGANITE, CITRINE, and AMETRINE).

The online data base for registration will be launched in the beginning of December 2010. In the meantime the detail call has already been published including an outline of the online registration forms allowing candidates to prepare their online registration upfront.

This extra time between the launch of the Call (November 2010) and the activation of the online registration (December 2010) is to give interested parties some time to prepare their registration and collect all necessary information beforehand.

Call launch: November 2010
Start of Online Registrations: December 2010
Application Deadline for both electronic and paper-based application: January 16th 2011



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    courriel : erasmusmundus-gem [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be

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  • Johan Robberecht
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