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Violence et sécurité publique

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Published on Tuesday, December 07, 2010


La revue Prima Facie, UFPB, reçoit des articles jusque la fin de janvier, 2011, concernant le sujet de la violence et de la sécurité publique.


La revue Prima Facie, UFPB, online, ISSN 1678-2593, est une revue internationale publiée deux fois chaque année par le Programme de Post-Graduation en Droit de l'UFPB. On reçoit des articles jusque la fin de janvier, 2011, concernant le sujet de la VIOLENCE ET SECURITÉ PUBLIQUE. Le responsable par l'organisation du dossier est le chercheur Dr. Armando Albuquerque. Les auteurs doivent mettre leur proposition sur le système en ligne de la Revue: http://periodicos.ufpb.br/ojs2/index.php/primafacie/index .

Until 31, January 2011.

Editor for this number: Dr. Armando Albuquerque. 


The Prima Facie journal is published twice a year (in June and December) and welcomes papers in the following sections:

Corpus: Articles for a special dossier.

Articles: Articles without relation with dossiers.

In Brazilian Portuguese: An article translation.

Books & Ideas: Review of books which were published in the last four years.

Except under unusual circumstances, it is the policy of the Prima Facie journal not to publish works which have appeared or are to appear in other publications.

For all submissions, please, log in to the Prima Facie system.

We follow the NBR 6022/2003, a Brazilian norm for articles published in scientific journals. Put a spacing of 1,5 lines; edges 2,5cm; font Times New Roman 12 with justified paragraphs. The first page of the text should contain the complete title of the article, omitting the name of the author. The author has to follow all instructions found on the Prima Facie website.

The citations and notes have to appear in accordance with NBR 10520/2002. Short citations will be integrated to the text, between quotations marks, followed of parentheses with the last name of the author, year of the publication and the page number. Long citations will be separated within the text as a paragraph, a smaller size font than the text, single space, indicating the author, year and page. Citations of authors must follow the system Author/Data (see NBR 10520/2003).

Figures, graphs, tables, maps etc. should be on separate pages of the text (with indication of the places where they are to be inserted); all should be numbered, titled and with sources specified. Acronyms and abbreviations should be spelled out when first mentioned in the text.

The articles can be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, French and must include an abstract or summary in the original language and in English of up to 10 lines and with a maximum of three key words (see NBR 6028/1990, of the ABNT).

Bibliographical references must be complete, located at the end of the article, in alphabetical order (see - ABNT NBR 6023/2002).

For instance:

Monographs - author; title; edition; publisher (place, publisher and year of publication); number of páges/volume, series or collection.

Periodical articles - author; title; name of the periodical; place where published; number of the volume; initial and final page numbers of the article; month; year of publication.

We help foreign authors to put their works in Brazilian bibliographical reference rules.

After you have taken your login and password, go to Submissions.



Ernesto Pimentel, UFPB, Brazil

Executive Editors

Armando Albuquerque, UFPB, Brazil
Claudio Pedrosa Nunes, UFPB, Brazil
Maria Aurea Cecato, UFPB, Brazil
Robson Antão Medeiros, UFPB, Brazil

Managing Online Editor

Samara Gomes, UFPB, Brazil

Book Review Editors

Ernesto Pimentel, UFPB, Brazil
Armando Albuquerque, UFPB, Brazil

Editorial Advisors at UFPB

Adriano de León, UFPB
Ana Luisa Celino Coutinho, UFPB
Belinda Pereira da Cunha, UFPB
Carlos André André Macêdo Cavalcanti, UFPB
Eduardo Ramalho Rabenhorst, UFPB, Brazil
Elio Chaves Flores, UFPB, Brazil
Enoque Feitosa, UFPB, Brazil
Fernando Antônio Vasconcelos, UFPB
Fredys Orlando Sorto, UFPB, Brazil
Giuseppe Tosi, UFPB, Brazil
Gustavo Tavares da Silva, UFPB, Brazil
Hertha Urquiza Baracho, UFPB, Brazil
Luciano Mariz Maia, UFPB
Manoel Alexandre Belo, Universidade Potiguar, Brazil
Maria Aurea Cecato, UFPB, Brazil
Maria Luiza Mayer Feitosa, UFPB, Brazil
Narbal Marsillac Fontes, UFPB
Paulo Giovani Antonino Nunes, UFPB
Raimundo Barroso Cordeiro Jr., UFPB
Renata Rolim, UFPB, Brazil
Romulo Rhemo Palitot Braga, UFPB, Brazil
Rubens Pinto Lyra, UFPB, Brazil

National Editorial Advisors

Adrualdo de Lima Catão, FDA/UFAL, Brazil
Antonio Clarindo Barbosa Souza, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Antônio Jorge de Siqueira, UFPE, Brazil
Artur Stamford da Silva, UFPE
Dorothee Susanne Rüdiger, Universidade Paulista
Jorge Zaverucha, UFPE, Brazil
Zéu Palmeira Sobrinho, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

International Editorial Advisors

António Avelãs Nunes, Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
Daniel Bonilla Maldonado, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Emilio Santoro, Dipartimento di Teoria e Storia del Diritto, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
Emmanuel Berger, Department of History and Civilization, European University Institute, Italy
Mário Reis Marques, Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra
Manuel Carlos Palomeque López, Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
Thomas Halsey Holloway, University of California, Davis, USA

Chief of the UFPB Law Graduate Program

Enoque Feitosa, UFPB, Brazil



  • Monday, January 31, 2011


  • violence, Brésil, securité publique


  • Ernesto Pimentel
    courriel : editorpfacie [at] dci [dot] ccsa [dot] ufpb [dot] br

Information source

  • Ernesto Pimentel
    courriel : editorpfacie [at] dci [dot] ccsa [dot] ufpb [dot] br


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