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Mastering Nature? Chemistry in History

Oxford History of Chemistry Seminar

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Publié le lundi 31 janvier 2011 par Loïc Le Pape


Cycle de séminaires de la chimie à la Maison Française d'Oxford pour Hilary Term 2011.


 Oxford History of Chemistry Seminar : "Mastering Nature? Chemistry in History"


  • Pietro Corsi and Robert Fox, Faculty of History,
  • John Christie, Muriel Le Roux, CNRS-MFO,
  • John Perkins and Viviane Quirke, Oxford Brookes University

Wednesday 9 February

 3.00pm, Buckley Building, Oxford Brookes University, Gipsy Lane

Forensic Chemistry and Medicine in 19th-Century France and Britain

  • "Sense and Sensitivity: Toxicology and Normal Arsenic in 19th-Century France",
  • Jose Ramon Bertomeu, University of Barcelona
  • "Forensic Medicine and Chemistry in 19th-Century Britain: Theory and Practice"
  • Cassie Watson, Oxford Brookes University

Wednesday 23 February

3.00pm, History Faculty, George Street

New Researchers: Apothecaries in Early Modern Europe

  • "Between Albarelli and Vipers: The Intellectual Life of the 16th-Century Apothecary Connoisseur", Valentina Pugliano, Oxford University
  • "Europeanizing American Remedies: The Preparation of Drugs in Apothecaries’ Back-Shops in the 17th and 18th Centuries", Samir Boumédiene, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon

Wednesday 2 March

4.00pm, Maison Française d’Oxford

The Search for Natural Products in the 20th Century

"Communicating around Taxol and Taxotère", presentation by Muriel Le Roux, CNRS-MFO, followed by a film showing of "L’if aux frontières de la vie/The Yew, Beneficial Poison", and a discussion with the film’s director, Jean-Luc Bouvret.

Wednesday 9 March

3.00pm, History Faculty, George St.

Physical Chemists

  • "The Nine Lives of Sir William Crookes", Bill Brock, University of Leicester
  • "Walter and Ida Noddack-Tacke, a Collaborative Couple in Chemistry", Brigitte van Tiggelen, Memosciences, Louvain



  • Oxford, Grande-Bretagne


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  • History of Chemistry, Forensic chemistry and medicine, 19th Century France and Britain, physical chemists, alchemy


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