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European Social Science History Conference: Network Religion

Call for Papers for the European Social Science History Conference 2012 (ESSHC)

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Publié le lundi 31 janvier 2011 par Loïc Le Pape


This is a call for papers for the Network "Religion" of the next European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC 2012), which will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, UK from Wednesday 11 April up to and including Saturday 14 April 2012.


The European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC)12ESSHC stimulates dialogue between human sciences and is characterized by a lively exchange in many small groups, rather than by formal plenary sessions. The conference welcomes papers and sessions on any historical topic and any historical period. It is organized in 28 networks, which cover a certain topic, on of these being Religion.

In our network Religion we want to create crossovers and exchanges that cut through traditional divisions between disciplines, denominations, periods and regions. Hence we call upon you to formulate proposals for sessions, papers or themes that can deal with any historical era and any religious expression or denomination, inviting others to join. Please, do not hesitate to formulate bold proposals, and do not hold back from suggesting ‘incomplete’ sessions of only two presentations. We will help you to find suitable participants. Just to help you to formulate your thoughts but without any intention of limitation we would particularly welcome paper and session proposals on:

  • Effects of globalization on religious identities;
  • Cultures of mission; contemporary proselytizing
  • Religion in ethnically mixed areas
  • Religions as source of conflict or appeasement, war or peace (incl. the role of religions in and after wars)
  • Religion and modernity
  • Mysticism
  • Secularization and re-enchantment
  • Secularism as religion
  • Religion and migration; Religious interactions with, between and within migrant communities
  • Gender and religion
  • Cultures of martyrdom
  • Religion and material culture
  • Religion and non-textual evidence: viewing, listening, touching and performing
  • Ascetiscm, food cultures,
  • ‘Secular spiritual’ practices: yoga, meditation, healing, food cultures (Ayurveda),
  • Papers on methodological, conceptual and theoretical issues.

Apart from discussion sessions we intend to organize some sessions in a different format, around recently published major publications (‘meet the author’) or topical questions, e.g. on the ‘religious’ perspectives of Europe and its boundaries. Suggestions are most welcome.

For more information on the ESSHC see

The final deadline for paper and session proposals is

1 May 2011

but please send your proposals first to the network chairs :

preferably by 28 February 2011. We both will also be most happy to respond to any of your queries.

Link to the Advisory Board :

Patrick Pasture and Sylvia Evangelisti, ESSHC Network Chairs Religion


  • Glasgow, Grande-Bretagne


  • dimanche 01 mai 2011


  • Religion


  • Patrick Pasture
    courriel : Patrick [dot] Pasture [at] arts [dot] kuluven [dot] be
  • Silvia Evangelisti
    courriel : s [dot] evangelisti [at] uea [dot] ac [dot] uk

Source de l'information

  • Jens van de Maele
    courriel : jens [dot] vandemaele [at] arts [dot] kuleuven [dot] be

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