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Thirteenth annual working conference on topics in philosophy of the social sciences

Thirteenth annual working conference on topics in philosophy of the social sciences

Paris Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable

Paris Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable

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Published on Friday, March 04, 2011


We have been organizing the thirteenth annual working conference on topics in philosophy of the social sciences. The 2011 Roundtable will continue a tradition of meetings that brings together philosophers and social scientists to discuss a wide range of philosophical issues raised in and by social research. Abstracts on any topic in philosophy of the social sciences or in the philosophy of social phenomena have been welcomed. We have especially welcomed papers that tackle philosophical issues as they arise in, and are consequential for, practicing social scientists. The result is a three-day program of papers to be presented in workshop format so that intensive discussion can be the focus of the meeting. We have particularly welcomed contributions from junior colleagues and colleagues new to the area.



  • Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris
  • Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris
  • Institut Jean Nicod (ENS/EHESS/CNRS),
  • Département de Philosophie (ENS),
  • Département des Sciences Sociales (ENS)


FRIDAY, MARCH 18 afternoon

Salle Dussane (13.30 - 14): Opening speech: Monique Canto-Sperber, Head of the ENS.

Salle Dussane (14-17): Cognitive Science / Social Cognition I. Chair : Daniel Andler (ENS, Dpt Sc. Cogn)

Panel: Mirror, Mirror in the Brain: How Important are You to the Philosophy of Social Science?

Byron Kaldis (Hellenic Open University)

Karsten Stueber (College of the Holy Cross)

Stephen Turner (University of South Florida)

Salle Cavaillès (14-17): Social mechanisms

Isabelle Drouet (Institut d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques (IHPST), Paris), Causation in social mechanisms

Clemens Hirsch (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Elaborating Social Mechanisms

Julian Reiss (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Social Science Counterfactuals

Salle Dussane (18-19.30): plenary session

Keynote address: Paul Thagard (University of Waterloo): Minds, Brains, and Social Change: Integrating the Cognitive and Social Sciences

Chair: François Récanati, Head of the Institut Jean Nicod (ENS/EHESS/CNRS)


Amphi Rataud (9-12): Cognitive Science / Social Cognition II

Koosha Eghbal (University of Edinburgh, UK and Institute Jean Nicod, France),Socializing the Naturalized Mind: On the collective extension of cognition

Bence Nanay (University of Antwerp and University of Cambridge), The Philosophy of Social Cognition: From Theory of Mind to Vicarious Perception

Jonathan Y. Tsou (Iowa State University), Psychiatric Classifications, Looping Effects, and Stable Targets: Mental Disorders as Natural Kinds

Salle Cavaillès (9-12): Reasons, Actions and Causes

Michael Brownstein (New Jersey Institute of Technology) and Alex Madva (Columbia University), Ethical Automaticity: The Ethics of Alief

Rui Silva (University of the Azores/LanCog Group – University of Lisbon), Reasons and Causes in the Social Sciences

Thomas Uebel (The University of Manchester), Narrative and Action Explanation

SATURDAY, MARCH 19 afternoon

Amphi Rataud (14-17): Collectives and Collective Intentionality

Filip Buekens (University of Leuven, Belgium and Tilburg University), Social Constructions vs. Institutional Facts

Mattia Gallotti (University of Exeter), A Naturalistic Argument for the Irreducibility of Collective Intentionality

Laurence Kaufmann (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), The Two Sides of Collectives

Salle Cavaillès (14-17) Deliberative Process

Bruce Chapman (University of Toronto), Pluralism, Proportionality, and Process

Miranda del Corral and Jesús Zamora-Bonilla (UNED, Madrid), Deliberation, Collective Judgment, and the Sharing of Reasons

Mark Tamthai (Payap University, Thailand) and Siriphen Piriyachittakornkit and Piyarudee Chaiyaporn (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand), Peacebuilding knowledge as phronesis, and the implications for practitioners

Amphi Rataud (18-19.30): plenary session

Opening Speech: François Weil, Head of the EHESS

Keynote address: Dan Sperber (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris and Central European University, Budapest): The fundamental error in social ontology and how to correct it

Chair: Frédéric Nef (IJN, ENS/EHESS/CNRS).

Sunday, March 20 Morning

Salle Dussane (9-12): Norms, Performance and Collective Agency

Beatrice Kobow (University of Leipzig), Understanding Akrasia in Contexts of Collective Agency Towards an Evaluation of Group Agents and Group Actions

J. S. Latsis (Oxford University), Performativity and critique in the social sciences

Julie Zahle (University of Copenhagen), Practices and the Perception of Normative States

Salle Cavaillès (9-12): Political economy, Political sociology, and Policy-making

Benjamin Six (Collège Thomas More, Louvain), About collective action limitations within the social capital paradigm: The trust issue

J.D. Trout (Loyola University Chicago), The Unscientific Governance of Science and Illusions of Inclusion

Jeroen Van Bouwel (Ghent University), Different understandings of scientific pluralism in social science: Inquiring a controversy within International Political Economy.

Sunday, March 20 afternoon

Salle Dussane (13.30 – 16. 30) : Methodology of Sociology and other Specific Social Sciences

Harry Collins (Cardiff University), ‘Representativeness’ in Sociological Investigation

Benjamin Manktelow (University of Sheffield), Distributed Discipline: Archaeology, Disunity and the Trading Zone

Greg Yudin (Higher School of Economics, Moscow), Reflexivity at the crossroads: From the reflexive objectivation to reflexive subjectivation

Salle Cavaillès (13.30 – 16. 30): Evidence "for Use" and Analogical Reasoning in Social Science

Lisa Lederer (University of Pittsburgh), Defining the "Evidence" in Evidence Based Medicine and Evidence Based Policy

Eleonora Montuschi (University of Venice Ca’ Foscari and The London School of Economics), If evidence is for use, is objectivity for real?

Attilia Ruzzene (Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (EIPE)), Extrapolation as a Circular Practice

Salle Becket (13.30 – 16. 30) : Methodology of social, behavioral and natural sciences

Erik Angner (University of Alabama at Birmingham), The Problem with Happiness Measurement

Sophia Efstathiou (Southampton University), Conceiving Social Science out of the Ordinary: Found Science

David Teira Serrano and María Jiménez Buedo (UNED (Madrid)), Human reactivity in experiments in the medical and social sciences

Salle Dussane (16.45 – 18.15) final plenary session

A Presentation of the Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Science (Sage Publications, forthcoming) by Ian Jarvie (York University) and Jesùs Zamora (Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED), Madrid) and a concluding overview of the 2011 Roundtable by James Bohman, Paul Roth and Alison Wylie (founders of the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable).

Program committee

  • Local host : Alban Bouvier - Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Supérieure, 29, Rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris, France bouvier.alban@wanadoo.fr
  • James Bohman - Department of Philosophy, Saint Louis University,3800 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63156-0907 bohmanjf@slu.edu
  • Mark Risjord - Department of Philosophy, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322 mrisjor@emory.edu
  • Paul Roth, Department of Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064 paroth@ucsc.edu
  • Stephen Turner Department of Philosophy FAO 226 University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620 turner@usf.edu
  • Alison Wylie Department of Philosophy University of Washington Box 353350 Seattle, WA 98195 aw26@u.washington.edu

Institutional committee

  • Claude Debru, Head of the Department of Philosophy (ENS),
  • François Récanati, Head of the Institut Jean Nicod (ENS/EHESS/CNRS),
  • Jean-Marie Schaeffer, EHESS Presidency Committee Member,
  • Florence Weber, Head of the Department of Social Science (ENS)


  • Olivier Gaudin (ENS), Olivier Morin (ENS), Asia Ferrin (Washington U.) and
  • Sophie Bilardello (Communication, IJN)

Registration is free but mandatory: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHZZWlBQSXNaNFZkRHdBdXZjSzVUanc6MQ


  • 45 rue d'Ulm (ENS)
    Paris, France


  • Friday, March 18, 2011
  • Saturday, March 19, 2011
  • Sunday, March 20, 2011


  • philosophie des sciences sociales, philosophie sociale, philosophie des sciences économiques


  • Alban Bouvier
    courriel : bouvier [dot] alban [at] hotmail [dot] fr

Information source

  • Alban Bouvier
    courriel : bouvier [dot] alban [at] hotmail [dot] fr


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