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GL13 : The Grey Circuit

From Social Networking to Wealth Creation

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Publié le vendredi 18 mars 2011 par Karim Hammou


Social networking is the way the grey literature community remains connected in the 21st century. It encompasses a range of social media and communication tools that enable subject based communities to create, review, process, publish, and make grey literature openly accessible to public domain. Social networking is not new to grey literature, in fact it is inherent to this field of information. What’s new however are the technologies available to global grey literature communities in developing, monitoring, and sustaining valued information resources and services. In this context, social networking becomes a mechanism both used and applied by grey literature communities in the processes of knowledge generation and ensuing wealth creation.


Call for Papers

The Thirteenth International Conference on Grey Literature is beholden to its title: The Grey Circuit, from Social Networking to Wealth Creation. The imagery in the conference logo rekindles the spirit of Franklin in which the uncontrolled discharge of lightening transfers power to controlled networked circuits. Today, in the spirit of science, grey literature communities are called to demonstrate their know-how and merit to wider audiences by responding to the GL13 Call-for-Papers. 

Guidelines for the Submission of Abstracts

Participants who seek to present a paper at GL13 are invited to submit an English abstract between 300-400 words. The abstract should deal with the problem/goal, the research method/procedure, an indication of costs related to the project, as well as the anticipated results of the research. The abstract should likewise include the title of the proposed paper, topics most suited to the paper, name(s) of the author(s), and full address information. Abstracts are the only tangible source that allows the Program Committee to guarantee content and balance in the conference program. Every effort should be made to reflect the content of your work in the abstract submitted. Abstracts not in compliance with the guidelines will be returned to the author for revision.

Due Date and Format for Submission

Abstracts in MS Word must be emailed to by April 10, 2011.

The author will receive verification upon receipt. Shortly after the Program Committee meeting on April 28th 2011, authors will be notified of their place on the conference program. This notice will be accompanied by further guidelines for the submission of the full-text papers as well as PowerPoint slides. Authors will then have 30 days to complete Conference Registration and confirm their place on the GL13 Conference Program.


  • D.C (USA), Library of Congress
    Washington, États-Unis


  • dimanche 10 avril 2011


  • littérature grise, réseaux sociaux, e-science, libre accès, publications enrichies, collections spéciales


  • Dominic Farace
    courriel : conference [at] textrelease [dot] com

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