AccueilThe Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear Power in Great Britain

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The Maison française d'Oxford will host this workshop, beginning at 1.30 pm on Thursday 5 May and ending on Friday 6 May at 3 pm. The workshop has been made possible by the support of the Comité d'histoire of the Fondation EDF in collaboration with the Maison française and the history of science, medicine, and technology group in the Faculty of History, University of Oxford. For further details, please contact Robert Fox ( or Muriel Le Roux (


Thursday 5 May

1.30 Welcome

1.45 Introduction

First session  Chair: Léonard Laborie

2.00 Alan Morton (formerly, Science Museum, London)  “Atomic displays. UK exhibitions on nuclear physics, 1937-83”

2.30 Mauro Elli (University of Milan)  "Exporting atomic power. British nuclear establishment's dealings with Italy and the sale of the NPPC power station, 1956-1972".

3.00 Brief discussion of the papers in the first session

3.15 Marcela Efmertova and Jaroslav Knapek (Czech Technical University in Prague) Poster session on nuclear power in the Czech Republic

Second session  Chair: Robert Fox

4.00 Brian Wynne (Lancaster University)  "Rationality and Ritual in nuclear energy's return"

4.30 Tim Boon (Science Museum, London) will show and talk about a short film, “Atomic achievement” (1956)

5.15 Discussion on first and second sessions 

Friday 6 May

Third session:  Chair: Muriel Le Roux

9.15 Alain Beltran (Comité d'histoire /CNRS)  “France's nuclear choices: policy, achievements, and public opinion"

9.45 Yves Bouvier (Comité d'histoire /Université de Chambéry)  “'The role of  EDF and AREVA in the return to nuclear power: an international perspective”

10.45 Walter Patterson (independent analyst) “Nuclear reactions”

11.15 Discussion on third session

Fourth session:  Chair: Giovanni Paoloni

13.00 Malcolm Grimston (Chatham House)  “Might a new wave of nuclear investment  be more sustainable now than the last wave was in the 1970s and 1980s?”

13.30 Terence Price (founder of the Uranium Institute)  Title to be announced

14.00 Discussion on fourth session

14.30 Round Table discussion

15.00 Workshop ends



  • 2-10 Norham Road (Maison Française d'Oxford)
    Oxford, Grande-Bretagne


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