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Social Rights and Development. Relations and antagonisms

Droits sociaux et développement. Relations et antagonismes

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Published on Monday, June 06, 2011 by Loïc Le Pape


La revue Prima Facie est une revue internationale publiée deux fois par an par le programme de post-graduation en droit de la « Universidade Federal da Paraíba » (UFPB, Brésil). La revue recherche des articles jusqu'à la fin du mois d’août 2011, concernant le sujet « droits sociaux et développement : relations et antagonismes », dans une perspective double : au prisme des relations de proximité et / ou des relations d'antagonisme. Le numéro spécial est dirigé par le professeur Maria Aurea Cecato.


The “Prima Facie – Law, History and Politics” is an international journal, and is published twice a year by the Law Graduate Program of UFPB. The editorial office is located in the CCJ at Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB).

For this special issue we invite scholars from Law, Philosophy, History, Political Science, Sociology, and others, to contribute with studies and articles on " Social Rights and Development: relations and antagonisms".

The deadline is August 30, 2011.

Contact the editor by e-mail only in case of doubt. Don't send articles out of the online system.


“Prima facie”, we translate that Latin expression into English as “at first sight” or “first impression” but it is more than that. Before a trial we have a "prima facie case" in common law. The plaintiff needs to provide a minimum in terms of evidences, or he does not have a case allowed to continue in the judicial process. In health care we can say “prima facie” to describe some procedures of investigation about the maternal risk at the first trimester. In social life people collect arguments and evidences at first sight when they would like to say anything important and true. Prima Facie is not the last word but the beginning of a debate. Reasoning is in construction. A viewpoint in “prima facie” means a real situation which we can verify in terms of value, test quality or usefulness. We must examine materials we are seeing. Ability and competence are prerequisites if you would like to understand the opinion someone has presented before. We can also use “prima facie” in cases where we are speaking of a higher obligation in comparison with another less important one. It is imperative that be done. The Prima Facie, UFPB, online, ISSN 1678-2593, is an international journal, and is published twice a year by the Law Graduate Program of UFPB. This law journal has interfaces with Philosophy, History, Political Sciences, Sociology, and others. Its goal is to present actual debates about Brazilian problems in relation with the World and so we invite the participation of national and international scholars. On the round table you will read discussions on sustainable development, economic growth, criminality, human rights, environment, violence, state power, cultural globalization, health, biolaw and labor, public institutions, civil society and private subjects. By its articles and book reviews you will be in contact with these fields. Our editorial office is located in the CCJ at Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB).

We accept collaborations in four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

For all submissions, please, log in to the Prima Facie system. Do not send works to individual editors.


  • Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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