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Lectures à contre-courant

National Historiographies in the Human Sciences seen from an Outsider Perspective.

Les historiographies nationales des sciences de l'homme vues de l'étranger

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Published on Monday, June 06, 2011


Ce colloque international veut interroger la situation paradoxale des sciences de l'homme, marquées d'une part par un fort ancrage national et par la lecture, la traduction et l'importation de productions scientifiques étrangères.


Reading against the Grain. Lecures à contre-courant
National Perspectives in the Human Sciences seen from an Outsider Perspective

9-10 Juin 2011
University of Chicago – Paris Center
6, rue Thomas Mann
75013 Paris

More than any other part of the history of science, the historiography of the human sciences (one might even say, the objects of inquiry in the human sciences) have been shaped by national traditions. But these traditions have not been parochial : there has been much reading, reflection, and refraction across boundaries of language and lineage. This workshop will be devoted to this paradoxical situation, which is illustrated by e. g. “British” readings of Freud, “French” readings of Weber, “German” readings of Durkheim, “American” readings of Foucault. According to what criteria can we speak about “national” readings? Which role does the national context play in the transfer of a work? To what extent do these readings modify the pre-existing national traditions? Participants would therefore be invited to examine the politics and practices of translation in each country. They would also be encouraged to reflect on how their own work has drawn upon and adapted sources from other national traditions. 


Jacqueline Carroy (Paris), Lorraine Daston (Berlin), Wolf Feuerhahn (Paris), Jan Goldstein (Chicago), Andreas Mayer (Berlin)

Les communications auront lieu en anglais et en français

Jeudi 9 Juin 2011

10h.-10h.30 Introduction (Welcome and Introductory Remarks): Jacqueline CARROY, Jan GOLDSTEIN, Lorraine DASTON

Matinée (Morning Session)

  • 10h.30-11h.15 Kapil RAJ, Constructing a National Identity in an Imperial Context : Sir William Jones (1746-1794) and the “Discovery” of Indo-European Languages – Construire une identité nationale en contexte impérial : Sir William Jones (1746-1794) et la « découverte » des langues indo-europénnes
  • 11h15-12h. Nathalie RICHARD, Readings, and uses of John Stuart Mill in France (c. 1850- c. 1900) – Lectures et usages de John Stuart Mill en France

12h.-12h.15: Pause Café (Coffee break)

12h.15-13h.: Commentaire et discussion (Commentary and Discussion)

Commentateur (Commentator): Lorraine DASTON

Après-midi (Afternoon Session)

  • 14h.30-15h.15 Wolf FEUERHAHN, Made in Germany ? The « Nationality » of E. Durkheim’s Sociology - Made in Germany ? « La nationalité » de la sociologie durkheimienne
  • 15h.15-16h. Jan GOLDSTEIN, Neutralizing Freud: The Lycée Philosophy Class and the Reception of Psychoanalysis in France – Neutraliser Freud. La classe de philosophie et la réception de la psychanalyse en France

16h.-16h.15: Pause Café (Coffee break)

16h.15-17h.: Commentaire et discussion (Commentary and Discussion)

Commentateur (Commentator): Jacqueline CARROY

Vendredi 10 Juin 2011

Matinée (Morning Session)

  • 10h.30-11h.15 Alison WINTER, The Reconstruction of Frederick Bartlett – Reconstruire Frederick Bartlett
  • 11h15-12h. Christian TOPALOV, Bourdieu’s « science of science » and the reception of Anglo « sociology of scientific knowledge » in late 20th c. France – La « science de la science » de Bourdieu et la « sociology of scientific knowledge » anglo-saxonne à la fin du XXe siècle en France

12h.-12h.15: Pause Café (Coffee break)

12h.15.-13h.: Commentaire et discussion (Commentary and Discussion)

Commentateur (Commentator): Robert J. RICHARDS

Après-midi (Afternoon Session)

14h.30-16h. 30 Table-ronde sur la traduction dans les sciences de l’homme (Roundtable on Translation in the Human Sciences)

  • Jean-Pierre LEFEBVRE
  • Andreas MAYER

Modérateur (Moderator): Fernando VIDAL



  • 6, rue Thomas Mann (The University of Chicago - Paris Center)
    Paris, France


  • Thursday, June 09, 2011
  • Friday, June 10, 2011


  • histoire des sciences de l'homme, approche transnationale , traduction


  • Wolf Feuerhahn
    courriel : wolf [dot] feuerhahn [at] cnrs [dot] fr

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  • Wolf Feuerhahn
    courriel : wolf [dot] feuerhahn [at] cnrs [dot] fr


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