InicioTracking Innovation through Grey Literature

InicioTracking Innovation through Grey Literature

Tracking Innovation through Grey Literature

Tracking Innovation through Grey Literature

Fourteenth International Conference on Grey Literature

Fourteenth International Conference on Grey Literature

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Publicado el jueves 29 de marzo de 2012


Innovation is a process manifested in and through grey literature. Both have their origins in knowledge generation and both demonstrate value for government, academics, business and industry through their uses and applications. In a way, innovation and grey literature are two sides of the same coinage. Innovation is the catalyst for positive change and grey literature is the measure of benchmarks in the further process of research and development.



Innovation and grey literature share parallel life cycles in which early growth is relatively slow until their use and application become recognized both within and later beyond their community of origin. Expected top-line growth and increased bottom-line results are achieved in part through new technologies, through redeployment and enhancement of existing products and services, which at times are unachieved. Nevertheless, the process shared by innovation and grey literature carries on. The goal of the Fourteenth International Conference on Grey Literature seeks to track the process of innovation by tracing the research life cycle and observing its convergence in the field of grey literature.


Participants who seek to present a paper at GL14 are invited to submit an English abstract between 300-350 words. The abstract should deal with the problem/goal, the research method/procedure, an indication of costs related to the project, as well as the anticipated results of the research.

The abstract should likewise include the title of the proposed paper, topic(s) most suited to the paper, name(s) of the author(s), and full address information. 

Abstracts are the only tangible source that allows the Program Committee to guarantee the content and balance in the conference program. Every effort should be made to reflect the content of your work in the abstract submitted. Abstracts not in compliance with the guidelines will be returned to the author for revision.

Abstracts in MS Word must be emailed to  

by April 12th 2012.

GL14 Program Committee Members

  • Stefania Biagioni Chair Institute of Information Science and Technologies, ISTI, National Research Council, CNR, Italy
  • Rosa Di Cesare and Daniela Luzi Co-Chair, Institute of Research on Population and Social Policies, IRPPS, National Research Council, CNR, Italy
  • Danielle Aloia, New York Academy of Medicine, NYAM , USA
  • Christiane Stock , Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique, INIST, Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, CNRS, France
  • Roberta Shaffer, Library of Congress, LoC, USA
  • Petra Pejsova, National Technical Library, NTK, Czech Republic
  • Joachim Schöpfel , University of Lille 3 , France
  • Blane K. Dessy, Federal Library and Information Center Committee, FLICC-FEDLINK, USA
  • Dominic Farace, Grey Literature Network Service, GreyNet International, Netherlands


  • Rome (Italie)
    Roma, Italia


  • jueves 12 de abril de 2012

Palabras claves

  • Littérature grise, innovation, cycle de vie des publications, méthodologies de traçage, enrichissement et préservation, enseignement et recherche


  • Dominic Farace
    courriel : conference [at] textrelease [dot] com

Fuente de la información

  • Christiane Stock
    courriel : christiane [dot] stock [at] inist [dot] fr


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