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Jornadas internacionales de jóvenes investigadores en lenguas y culturas del Mediterráneo y Oriente Próximo

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Published on Friday, July 06, 2012


We encourage Junior Researchers in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences to participate in the 2nd edition of "MediterráneoS" International Conference, devoted to Mediterranean and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures.



The “MediterráneoS” International Conferences are organized by Junior Researchers members of the Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Near East (CCHS – CSIC). Our Institute gathers diverse projects devoted to the study of various Mediterranean languages and cultures, considering its Greco-Latin, Jewish, Arabic, and Near Eastern origins and influences.

The first "MediterráneoS" International Conference was held in 2010 with a great scope of participation. As in the first encounter, the 2nd edition aims to create a multidisciplinary framework for discussion and reflection focusing on the study of written or oral corpora produced in the areas bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Our goal is, therefore, to highlight the importance of the various methodological approaches applied to research in the different fields of Humanities.

Call for Papers

We encourage Junior Researchers in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, doctoral students and recent PhD holders, to participate in the "MediterráneoS 2012" Conference, that will take place the 22 and 23 of November, 2012 in Madrid (CSIC). The presentations should not exceed 20 minutes, and may be read either in English or Spanish.

We warmly welcome proposals related to the following fields:

  • Philological studies: linguistics, textual criticism, literary analysis.
  • Studies on the material media:
    • Indirect or literary sources (palaeography, transmission and translation).
    •  Direct or documentary sources (papyrology and epigraphy).
    • Social and Cultural History
    • Transmission and evolution of thought
    • Construction and crisis of identities.


Abstracts can be written in Spanish or English and should contain between 300 and 500 words, with some keywords included.

Please submit proposals no later than July 22nd 2012, to the Conference e-mail: mediterraneos2012@cchs.csic.es, specifying the chosen topic in the subject field.

The submissions should include the following data: Name and Surname, Title of degree, year of PhD degree (for PhD holders), Research Centre or University of origin.

Conference website: http://www.congresos.cchs.csic.es/mediterraneos/

The Conference will take place in Madrid, November 22-22, 2012.

Comité organizador

  • Alba de Frutos García
  • Amina Naciri Azzour
  • Blanca Villuendas Sabasté
  • Carmen García Bueno
  • Mercedes Melchor Velayos
  • Montserrat Benítez Fernández
  • Natalia Muñoz Molina
  • Paula Caballero Sánchez
  • Regina Chatruch del Rio
  • Sabine Arnaud-Thuillier
  • Susana Dubois Silva


  • C/ Albasanz 26-28 (Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales - CSIC)
    Madrid, Kingdom of Spain


  • Sunday, July 22, 2012

Attached files


  • Méditerranée, corpus, philologie, histoire culturelle, papyrologie, paléographie, épigraphie, grec, latin, hébreu, arabe, Proche-Orient, doctorants, Byzance, transmission


  • Comité organizador "Mediterráneos 2012" ~
    courriel : mediterraneos2012 [at] cchs [dot] csic [dot] es

Information source

  • Sabine Thuillier
    courriel : mediterraneos2012 [at] cchs [dot] csic [dot] es


CC0-1.0 This announcement is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal.

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