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Census and recycling of cultural knowledge and expertise

Recension et réutilisation des savoirs et savoir-faire culturels

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Published on Thursday, October 04, 2012


Le présent colloque se donne pour but de partager des observations et d'ouvrir des pistes de réflexions sur toutes les façons de collectionner les savoirs et savoir-faire en lettres, langues, histoire et arts, ainsi que sur toutes les visées de leur réinvestissement tant dans les formations humanistes que dans les activités professionnelles, et cela à une époque où les moyens informatiques sont en pleine explosion. Le syntagme « savoir-faire culturels » nourrira le débat suivant les disciplines concernées.


International Conference LLHA (Research Centre in Literature, Languages, History and Arts), Université Catholique de l’Ouest – Angers (France) – Member of Pres L’UNAM

Catalogization of Knowledge: Listing, Recension and Reuse of Cultural Knowledge and Expertise


With a view to encourage cross disciplinary exchange, the Catholic University of the West’s Research Centre in Literature, Languages, History and Arts is organizing a conference on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st of May 2013 on the process of catalogization of knowledge, from its initial conception to practical use.

For centuries, progress in human knowledge has been catalogued within specialized works with successive updates being carried out by the most distinguished scholars of the time. For example, the French Encyclopedists, Diderot and D’Alembert, who, following in the footsteps of Pierre Bayle, devoted themselves to describing the state of knowledge during the second half of the 18th century: all manner of recensions, digressions (often with controversial themes), together with other philosophical research, provided articles for seventeen volumes which – because of the evolution of science and ideas – not only made previous texts obsolete but also, owing to the lengthy period required for publication, even managed to cast suspicions of obsolescence on some of their own articles.

This conference aims to share observations and to open up avenues of thought on all possible methods of collecting knowledge and expertise in literature, language, history and art, as well as considering all possible means by which to reinvest this knowledge and expertise, both in the humanities and in professional activities, all of this at a time when data processing is still making rapid progress. Depending on the subjects discussed the syntagm “cultural know-how” will fuel the debate.

This conference will examine literary criticism, unilingual and multilingual lexicography (translation tools in general), historiography and musicography from both methodological and evolutionary perspectives, notably from Antiquity to recent times… It will address the question of whether listing, recension and reuse of data are contributing factors to the loss of, or to the distortion of data; without neglecting the corollary question concerning the degree of resistance of knowledge to the passing of time, to censorship… in short, without neglecting to address the issue of durability of both knowledge and practices….

Papers can be presented in French and English.

Individual speakers should prepare a 20-minute presentation which will be followed by a 10-minute debate.

Important dates:

  • Please send a 500-word abstract and a title (including a French version), as well as a brief biographical note
  • by December 31st 2012 (last deadline)

  • Successful applicants will be notified by January 21st 2013
  • A second circular including the program and the registration form will be sent by email by February 15th 2013
  • Candidates must register by February 28th 2013
  • A third circular concerning practical information will be sent by March 22nd 2013
  • Articles are due by August 31st 2013 (last deadline) for publication in April-May 2014

Registration fees: institutional fee = 120 euros and individual fee = 100 euros (including both lunch breaks and a volume of the publication); students not members of the Pres L’UNAM = 40 euros (including both lunch breaks); students belonging to l’UCO = free (lunch breaks not included).

Scientific committee:

  • Dr José Antonio FUNES RODRÍGUEZ (Academia hondureña de la lengua – Honduras, UNESCO delegate)
  • Pr Debbie MANN (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville – USA)
  • Pr Juan Miguel ZARANDONA (Universidad de Valladolid-Soria – Editor of the Hermēneus magazine – Spain)
  • Pr Yannick LE BOULICAUT (UCO)
  • Pr Daniel LÉVÊQUE (UCO)
  • Dr-HDR Gwénola SEBAUX (UCO)
  • Pr Klaus ZEYRINGER (UCO / Graz University – Austria)
  • Dr Laura NAUDEIX (UCO)
  • Dr Pascal TERRIEN (UCO)

Organization committee:

  • Coordinators: Daniel LÉVÊQUE and Gwénola SEBAUX
  • Andrea MICKE-SERIN
  • Marc MICHAUD
  • Wendy CUTLER


Please send your abstracts to both organizers:


  • Université Catholique de l’Ouest - Amphi St Anselme - 1 place André Leroy
    Angers, France (49000)


  • Monday, December 31, 2012


  • savoir, savoir-faire culturel, critique littéraire, lexicographie unilingue et multilingue, historiographie, musicographie


    courriel : daniel [dot] leveque [at] uco [dot] fr
  • Gwénola Sebaux
    courriel : gwenola [dot] sebaux [at] uco [dot] fr

Information source

  • Yolande Gaurion
    courriel : yolande [dot] gaurion [at] uco [dot] fr


CC0-1.0 This announcement is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal.

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