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Reality(ies), Fiction and Utopia in the art of France, West Germany, East Germany and Poland between 1960 and 1989

Réalité(s), fiction, utopie dans l’art des années 1960 à 1989 en France, RFA, RDA et Pologne

International meeting of the ERC Starting Grant-OWNREALITY

Rencontres internationales de l’ERC Starting Grant-OWNREALITY

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Published on Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The notion of reality emerges as an omnipresent theme in art between 1960 and 1989. Representing reality was defined as the goal of art by Marxist-Leninist theory and socialist realism. It was also the focus of a questioning of the arts in which art and life interact, as well as a theme explored by conceptual and institutional critique practices, and the subject of artworks that invite the viewer to take part in a phenomenological reflection. While we observe significant variations between  french, germans and polish contexts, certain convergences can be identified in common aspirations shared by artists and artworks. It is for this reason that these workshops will bring together researchers from different disciplines and geographic regions in order to analyse this plurality of perspectives. To encourage dialogue and exchange, each of the three workshops will associate the notion of reality with another term that both represents its opposite and indirectly defines the particular reality in question.


Meeting organised by Mathilde Arnoux and Clara Pacquet

Contact :  marnoux@dt-forum.orgcpacquet@dt-forum.org

About : http://own-reality.org/


Wednesday, 10 April, 2013

6pm  Introduction by Mathilde Arnoux and Clara Pacquet

Thursday, 11 April, 2013 Reality/Realities

9.30am  1. The Instability of Paradigms

Moderation: Mathilde Arnoux and Julie Sissia (Sciences Po, Paris/member of the project OWNREALITY)

  • 09.45 Sophie Cras (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): New Realism: From socialist realism to capitalist realism
  • 10.15 Dorota Felman (University of Warsaw): The Gombrowicz-Dubuffet controversy: Painting, sapwood or a cigarette?
  • 10.45 Lucia Piccioni (INHA, EHESS Paris): A rereading of Karl Marx by Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti: The autonomy of art as "utopia"?

11.15 - 11.30 Break

  • 11.30 Christianna Bonin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Restored but incomplete: The utopias of modern preservation in East and West Germany
  • 12.00 Karol Sienkiewicz (Warsaw and Vancouver): Cruciforms. Artists, the Church and Polish realities of the 1980s

12.30 - 01.15 Discussion

01.15 - 02.45 Lunch

2.45pm 2. Re-Re: Differences in Repetition

Moderation: Magali Le Mens (Maître-assistante, University of Geneva)

  • 03.00 Simone Frangi (curator, DOCVA Milan): Die Befragung der Realität: The shock of the real and the strategy of return in artistic and philosophical works from around 1972
  • 03.30 Séverine Gossart (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): To each his own ready-made: Fantasies and realities in ready-mades of the 1960s
  • 04.00 Agata Pietrasik (Freie Universität Berlin): Restaging the avant-garde: Henryk Berlewi’s return to abstraction

04.30 - 04.45 Break

  • 04.45 Angelika Weissbach (Berlin): “This is the end of the false consciousness!” (A.R. Penck) The Türen-Ausstellung at the Leonhardi-Museum in Dresden (1979)

05.15 - 06.00 Discussion

Friday, 12 April, 2013 Reality/Fiction

9.30am 3. Impacts of Fiction on Reality

Moderation: Martin Schieder (Professor, University of Leipzig)

  • 09.45 April Eisman (Iowa State University): When fiction changes reality: The impact of Christa Wolf’s Kassandra (1983) on women artists in East Germany
  • 10.15 Lucie Picandet (Université Paris 8): Syberberg: Fictions of memory
  • 10.45 Daniel Podosek (Université Paris 8): The photographic act as an ethical effect of a state of emergency (Bohdziewicz)

11.15 - 11.30 Break

  • 11.30 Nadine Helm (CUNY, Graduate Center of the City University of New York): The life of the dead: West German sculpture and the politicization of action in the 1960s
  • 12.00 Aline Guillermet (University of Essex/Whitney Independant Study Programm New York): 18 Octobre 1977: The reality between history painting and « tear-image »

12.30 - 01.15 Discussion

01.15 - 02.45 Lunch

2.45pm 4. Capturing the Real: The Artist-as-Individual and Scientific Objectivity

Moderation: Clara Pacquet and Aneta Panek (Universität der Künste, Berlin, member of the project OWNREALITY)

  • 03.00 Maria Bremer (Freie Universität Berlin/ member of the project OWNREALITY): Reality/ies of nature and the artist's horizon. Paul-Armand Gette at the documenta 6 in Kassel, 1977
  • 03.30 Jennifer Watson (Johns Hopkins University Baltimore): Realism and representation in Arman’s Accumulations and Poubelles
  • 04.00 Constanze Fritzsch (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt/ member of the project OWNREALITY): Carlfriedrich Claus and „Sprache als Bild der Wirklichkeit“

04.30 - 04.45 Break

  • 04.45 Agata Jakubowska (University of Poznań): Parental meanings in the KwieKulik duo’s Activities with Dobromierz

05.15 - 6.00 Discussion

Saturday, 13 April, 2013 Reality/Utopia

9.30am  5. Utopia and the Construction of Social Space

Moderation: Andreas Beyer (Director of the Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Paris/Professor, University of Basel)

  • 09.45 Vanessa Grossman (Princeton University/ENS): Managing utopia: Ivry-sur-Seine’s municipal communism and the architecture of Renée Gailhoustet and Jean Renaudie (1962-1986)
  • 10.15 Barbara Piwowarska (independent curator, Warsaw): "Open Form" and "social sculpture" as expanded definitions of "realism" and "reality": Warsaw and Düsseldorf in the 1960s-1980s

10.45 - 11.00 Break

  • 11.00 Paula Burleigh (CUNY, Graduate Center of the City University of New York): Fortresses of war: Bunker architecture as utopian space? (Parent/Virilio)
  • 11.30 Cornelia Escher (ETH Zürich): Reality, utopia and planning in the work of the Groupe d’Etude d’Architecture Mobile (1958-63)

12.00 - 12.45 discussion

12.45 - 02.15 Lunch

2.15pm 6. The Notion of Viewpoints as a Strategy for Circumventing Ideologies

Moderation: Piotr Piotrowski (Professor, University of Poznań)

  • 02.30 Clélia Barbut (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3/Laval, Québec): The fantasy of reality in the context of body art: Tensions between social and corporal realities in the practices of G. Pane and M. Journiac
  • 03.00 Antje Kramer (Université Rennes II): To live history or let it die – Discursive strategies of Narrative Figuration
  • 03.30 Noémi Joly (Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV): ZERO, Otto Piene and New Idealism: A reflexive stance in modern German society in the 1960s

04.00 - 04.15 Break

  • 04.15 Anne Bariteaud (Université de Tours): Non-Painting: Viewed on the fringe (working title)
  • 04.45 Alexandra Alisauskas (University of Rochester): Collective relocation: The Wyspa Circle and alternative public space in Gdansk in the 1980s

05.15 - 06.00 Discussion



  • Centre allemand d'histoire de l'art, salle Julius Meier-Graefe - 45 rue des Petits Champs
    Paris, France (75001)


  • Wednesday, April 10, 2013
  • Thursday, April 11, 2013
  • Friday, April 12, 2013
  • Saturday, April 13, 2013


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  • Mathilde Arnoux
    courriel : marnoux [at] dfk-paris [dot] org

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