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Ensembles résidentiels fermés

Vingt-cinquième conférence du réseau European Network for Housing Research

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Publié le mercredi 17 avril 2013 par Luigia Parlati


Le phénomène des « communautés fermées », « ensembles résidentiels sécurisés », « quartiers fermés » ou encore « enclaves fortifiées » suscite depuis quelques années un vif intérêt de la part de la communauté scientifique. Différentes perspectives théoriques et conceptuelles ont été mobilisées au sein de différentes disciplines pour analyser ce phénomène complexe et multidimensionnel. La 25ème conférence du réseau ENHR - European Network for Housing Research invite à s'interroger sur les modalités d'intégration de ces ensembles résidentiels fermés dans l'environnement urbain.  



Cities all over the world are witnessing the spread of residential developments of private neighborhoods in a variety of forms: Gated Communities, common interest developments, private subdivisions, lifestyle communities, etc. These types of neighborhoods had once been the home of the rich and wealthy, but have recently encountered a large base of customers from within the general public.

There is a common trend towards enclosed and private subdivisions in most of the cities whose societies are experiencing a rapid economic, spatial and social transformation. Scholars from different disciplines have explored the complexity of this multifaceted object of research drawing on a wide range of explanatory, descriptive and theoretical frameworks. The risk and challenges with regards to the privatisation of public spaces and local government functions, the commodification of security and the infringements of democratic principles have been explored as well as the spill over effects of gated developments and their impact on segregation patterns.

In line with the Conference main topic, the workshop welcomes papers that address the issue of the integration of private and enclosed residential neighborhoods into their broader urban and social environment. Various forms of integration ranging from functional to social integration may be explored in different geographical contexts. The workshop also welcomes papers that deal with other key issues such as the social and spatial characteristics of private residential developments, land and housing patterns, lifestyles (among others). Discussion of research from different social and spatial contexts will create a valuable framework and a comparative view in the workshop. The comparative perspective enables a broad and more insightful understanding of the relationship between gated communities and their social contexts and social development. We invite research papers as well as speculative papers to be presented and debated at the workshop. 

Submission guidelines

Please submit your abstract in English to the Worshop 23 (W23): “Common Interest Developments and Gated Communities : ‘Integrating the Urban Residential Environment to Cities"

until the 15th of April 2013

on the ENHR website:

Papers will be written and presented in English.

Coordination Committee

  • Peter Boelhouwer (Chairman)OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment, The Netherlands
  • Iván Tosics (Vice-Chairman)Metropolitan Research Institute, Hungary
  • Montserrat Pareja (Vice-Chairman)University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Mark Stephens (Treasurer)Heriot-Watt University, UK
  • Gunvor ChristensenKrak’s Foundation, Denmark
  • Jürgen FriedrichsUniversity of Cologne, Germany
  • Terry HartigUppsala University, Sweden
  • Stefan KofnerHochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Germany
  • Thomas Knorr-SiedowBrandenburg Technical University, Germany
  • David MullinsUniversity of Birmingham, UK
  • Lena Magnusson TurnerNorwegian Social Research, Norway
  • Viggo NordvikNorwegian Social Research, Norway
  • Richard SendiUrban Planning Institute, Slovenia
  • (Contact person CC New Housing Researchers Colloquium)
  • Christiane ThouzellierUniversity of Toulouse, France
  • Richard TurkingtonDe Montfort University, UK

Ad hoc members

  • Sergio Nasarre Aznar (Organizer 2013 ENHR Conference) Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain


  • Campus Tarragona Centre - Avda. Catalunya, 35
    Tarragone, Espagne (43002)


  • lundi 15 avril 2013


  • ensembles résidentiels fermés, environnement urbain, Gated Communities, common interest developments, private subdivisions, lifestyle


  • Elisabeth Peyroux
    courriel : elisabeth [dot] peyroux [at] cnrs [dot] fr
  • Gulcin Pulat Gokmen
    courriel : gulcin [dot] pulat [dot] gokmen [at] gmail [dot] com

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Source de l'information

  • Elisabeth Peyroux
    courriel : elisabeth [dot] peyroux [at] cnrs [dot] fr

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