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Published on Tuesday, June 04, 2013


We are happy to invite you to the 1st Sciences Po Political Theory Graduate Student Conference. The conference will take place at the CEVIPOF (98, rue de l’Université, Paris), from June 20 to June 21st. The keynote speech will be delivered by Joseph Raz and the closing note by Ruwen Ogien. 




Thursday, June 20

9:30-10:30: Keynote Address (Joseph Raz: Law Through a Normative Lense)

 11:00-12:30: Panel 1 — The Justification of Autonomy and Authority After Raz (Moderator: Alicia Mornington)

  • ‘Why Care About Autonomy?’ (Renaud-Philippe Garner, Paris I)
  • ‘Raz, Authority and Political Anarchism’ (Bruno Leipold, UCL)

14:00-15:30: Panel 2 — Raz, Reasons and Rights (Moderator: Andrei Poama)

  • ‘Pre-Emptive Political Philosophy’ (Luke MacInnis, Columbia University)
  • ‘Is Raz’s Conception of Human Rights Razian?’ (Alain Zysset, University of Fribourg)

16:00-18:00: Panel 3 — Assessing the Limits of Citizenship and Political Association (Moderator: Benjamin Boudou)

  • ‘Between the Paternalism of Perfectionism and the Pessimism of Positivism: Tacit Consent and Political Obligation in a “Love It or Leave It” Voluntary Association’ (Jennifer Page, Harvard University)
  • ‘Should Freedom of Association Imply a Right to Discriminate in Membership’ (Luise Papcke, Columbia University)

Friday, June 21st

10:00-12:00: Panel 4Political Theory in Theory, in Practice and in History (Moderators: Aurélia Bardon; Élise Rouméas)

  • ‘The Rhetoric of Disillusionment’ (Astrid Sigglow, Universität München)
  • ‘Of Lemons and Lemonade: Assessing the Impact of Multiple Citizenship on Global Equality (Ana Tanasoca, University of Essex)

13:30-15:00: Panel 5 ­— Liberalism, Between Neutrality and Recognition (Moderator: Tom Theuns)

  • ‘Is State Neutrality Possible Under Capitalism? A Critique of Liberal Neutrality on Matters of the Good Life’ (Sophia Chan, University of Hong Kong)
  • ‘Recognition as Esteem and Its Adjudication’ (Francesco Chiesa, University of Wales)

15:30-17:30: Panel 6 — Non-Ideal Theory: The Contours of Wrongdoing and the Grounds for Coercion (Moderator: Denis Ramond)

  • ‘Penal Torture or Penal Abolition?’ (Cléo Grimaldi, Georgia State University)
  • ‘What Could Ground a Right to Procreate?’ (Erik Magnusson, Oxford University)
  • ‘A Home for Dignity: Wrongdoing and Expressive Actions (Amneris Chaparro, University of Essex)

18:00-19:00: Closing Keynote (Ruwen Ogien: Neutrality Toward Non-Controversial Conceptions of The Good Life)

The registration is free of charge, but you will have to send us an e-mail confirming your attendance at We would appreciate it if you did this by June 15. 

More information about the details of the conference will be available in due time at the following address:



  • CEVIPOF - 98, rue de l'Université
    Paris, France (75007)


  • Thursday, June 20, 2013
  • Friday, June 21, 2013


  • political theory, Joseph Raz, authority,


    courriel : theoriespo [at] gmail [dot] com

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    courriel : theoriespo [at] gmail [dot] com


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