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Published on Thursday, June 27, 2013 by Élodie Faath


Hosted by the Centre Roland Mousnier, the ECSSS (Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society) and the International Adam Smith Society will hold a conference at the Sorbonne in Paris, from the 3rd to the 6th of July 2013. The theme of the conference will be : Scotland, Europe and Empire in the Age of Adam Smith and Beyond. The conference will tackle the question of the role of Scotland and Adam Smith’s thought in the constitution of the British Empire (and the other empires) during the Eighteenth Century, from America to Asia.



Wednesday 3rd July

5:00 PM: Welcome (Amphithéâtre Richelieu, 17 rue de la Sorbonne)

  • Denis Crouzet, U. Paris – Sorbonne / Director, Centre Roland Mousnier – UMR 8596       
  • Jean-François Dunyach, U. Paris – Sorbonne / Centre Roland Mousnier – UMR 8596       
  • Deidre Dawson, President – ECSSS
  • Ryan Patrick Hanley, President – IASS

5:15 PM: Plenary Lecture 1

Chair: Richard B. Sher, New Jersey Institute of Technology / Rutgers U.-Newark

  • Emma Rothschild, Harvard U. “Overseas at Home: France and Scotland in the Eighteenth Century”

Thursday 4th July

9:00–10:30 AM

Origins of the Scottish Enlightenment (Amphithéâtre Guizot)

Chair: Alexander Broadie, U. of Glasgow

  • Thomas Ahnert, U. of Edinburgh, “Seventeenth-Century Augustinianism and the Intellectual Origins of the Moderate Party”
  • Esther Mijers, U. of Reading, “William Carstares and the Origins of Moderatism”
  • Alasdair Raffe, Northumbria U., “George Sinclair and the Reception of New Philosophies in Scotland, c. 1660–1700”

Three Lexicographers Look at Scotland: Johnson, Boswell, and Shaw (Amphithéâtre Descartes)

Chair: Cecil Courtney, U. of Cambridge

  • Marina Dossena, U. degli Studi di Bergamo, “The Thistle and the Words: Scotland in Late Modern English Lexicography (on the Border of New Empires)”
  • Susan Rennie, U. of Glasgow, “‘A Useful Thing towards the History of the Language’: Boswell’s Dictionary of Scots”
  • Iseabail Macleod, Edinburgh, “William Shaw, Controversial Gaelic Lexicographer”

Smith, Rhetoric, and Fiction (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Clotilde Prunier, U. Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense

  • Karen Valihora, York U., “Mirror Images in the Theory of Moral Sentiments”
  • Andreas Ortmann, U. of New South Wales; Benoît Walraevens, U. of Caen; [and Steven Meardon, Bowdoin College, co-author], “The Rhetorical Structure of The Wealth of Nations”
  • Andrew Hook, U. of Glasgow, “Adam Smith and the First American Novel”

10:30–11:00 AM Coffee Break

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Scottish Salonnières and English Men of the World: Anglo-Scottish Sociability in the Long 18th Century (Amphithéâtre Guizot)

Chair: Mark Towsey, U. of Liverpool

  • Pam Perkins, U. of Manitoba, “The ‘Mrs Montague of Edinburgh’: Eliza Fletcher and Edinburgh Literary Culture”
  • Kathryn Ready, U. of Winnipeg, “‘The Followers of Holy Knox, Pass but the Tweed, Are Orthodox’: The Aikin Family, Liberal English Dissent, and Anglo-Scottish Sociability”
  • Esther Wohlgemut, U. of Prince Edward Island, “‘Wits jump’: John Robison and the Question of Transnational Sociability”

The American Troubles (Amphithéâtre Descartes)

Chair: Mark Spencer, Brock U.

  • Marianne McLeod Gilchrist, U. of Glasgow, “Scotching the Myths: Patrick Ferguson and Scots Servicemen in the American War of Independence”
  • Jay Voss, U. of Texas at Austin, “‘One Mark of the Progress of Society’: Hugh Blair’s Imperial Politics and the North American Reception of His Rhetoric”
  • Roberto Resende Simiqueli, U. Estadual de Campinas, “Apoikia and Colonia: Adam Smith’s Comments on the ‘Recent Disturbances’ in the Colonies”

Theories of Poverty and Exploitation (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Ian Simpson Ross, U. of British Columbia

  • Paulo Eurico Alves Variz, U. Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, “From the Theory of Moral Sentiments to the Wealth of Nations: The Poverty Economics Link”
  • Augusto Aleán Pico, U. Tecnológica de Bolívar, “Adam Smith and Poverty as Capability Deprivation”
  • Elias L. Khalil, Monash U., “The Moral Justification of Enslavement and Empire: Hume, Smith, and the Moral Wriggle Room”

2:00–3:30 PM

Rousseau, Hume, and Smith (Amphithéâtre Descartes)

Chair: Deidre Dawson, Michigan State U.

  • Christel Fricke, U. of Oslo, “Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith on Virtue and Moral Education under Conditions of a Commercial Society”
  • Hina Nazar, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “‘Savages Inhabiting Cities’: Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith on Autonomy and Sociability”
  • David Raynor, U. of Ottawa, “Adam Smith, David Hume, and the ‘Extravagances’ of Rousseau”

Dr William Cullen: Recent Re-Mappings (Amphithéâtre Guizot)

Chair: Catherine Jones, U. of Aberdeen

  • Jenny Bann, U. of Glasgow, “‘Liable to Much Fallacy’: Order and Disorders in an Eighteenth-Century Medical Archive”
  • Jane Corrie, U. of Glasgow, “Hygeia in the Blooming Indian Vales: William Cullen at Ormiston Hill”
  • David Shuttleton, U. of Glasgow, “Relaxed Habits and Historical Occlusions: William Cullen and the West Indies”

Critiques of Empire (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Jeng-Guo S. Chen, Sinica Academia

  • Joseph Pappin, U. of South Carolina, “Adam Smith and Edmund Burke on Morality, Justice, and the Critique of Empire”
  • Jack A. Hill, Texas Christian U., “Adam Ferguson’s Discourse on ‘Rude Nations’: An Implicit Critique of Empire from an Unlikely Source”
  • Fotini Vaki, Ionian U., “Adam Smith and Immanuel Kant as Critics of Empire: International Trade Companies and Global Commerce versus Jus Comercii”

3:30–4:00 PM Coffee Break

4:00–5:45 PM

Union, Empire, and Revolution (Amphithéâtre Guizot)

Chair: Andrew Hook, U. of Glasgow

  • John Young, U. of Strathclyde, “Scotland, France, and ‘Constitutional Jacobitism’ in the Age of the Union of 1707”
  • Barbara C. Murison, U. of Western Ontario, “‘Not Quite Right in the Head’?: Sir Alexander Murray: Identity, Improvement, and Empire”
  • Barry Stocker, Istanbul Technical U., “Adam Smith on the Colonialism and Republicanism of the Moderns Compared with that of the Ancients”
  • Ruth Perry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “The Gordon Diaspora in the Long Eighteenth Century”

Stadial Theory and Empire in the Scottish Enlightenment (Amphithéâtre Descartes)

Chair: Silvia Sebastiani, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

  • Nathaniel Wolloch, Haifa, Israel, “Stadial Theory, Natural Resources, and Views of Non-Europeans from Adam Smith to Early Nineteenth-Century Political Economic Thought”
  • Frederick G. Whelan, U. of Pittsburgh, “Rome, Spain, and Empire: Explanations of Decline in Scottish Enlightenment Thought”
  • R. Joseph Holt, University of California at Los Angeles, “A Natural History of Empire? Eighteenth-Century Systems of Life and the Moral Sciences”
  • Ida Federica Pugliese, National University of Ireland, Galway, “A Malay Black Legend? Scottish Colonists in the Malay Peninsula in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century”

Smith and the Scots on Human Nature, Human Worth, and the Science of Man (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Youngmin Kim, Seoul National U.

  • Remy Debes, U. of Memphis, “The Limits of Humanity: Valuing Persons When Benevolence Runs Out”
  • Michael Gill, U. of Arizona, “Smith, Hume, and the Permissibility of (Some) Violations of Justice”
  • Jérôme Lange, U. of Paris Descartes, “Adam Smith on Population and Development”
  • Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary, “Adam Smith and the Science of Man”

Friday 5th July

9:00–10:45 AM

Expanding Horizons: Scotland’s Monuments and Empire (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Marina Dossena, U. degli Studi di Bergamo

  • Clarisse Godard Desmarest, U. of Picardie Jules Verne, “The Melville Monument: An Urban Celebration of Empire”
  • John Lowrey, U. of Edinburgh, “‘A Prospect of Great Britain’: Architecture and Improvement in Late Eighteenth-Century Edinburgh”
  • Kirsten Carter McKee, U. of Edinburgh, “Identifying Empire in the Scottish Urban Townscape: The Development of Edinburgh’s Calton Hill”
  • Viccy Coltman, U. of Edinburgh, “‘Good Fishing in Muddy Waters’: Claud Alexander in Calcutta and Catrine”

Music and Social Thought (Amphithéâtre Descartes)

Chair: Paulo Eurico Alves Variz, U. Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve

  • Elizabeth Ford, U. of Glasgow, “A Revised History of the Flute in Eighteenth-Century Scotland”
  • Philippe Massot-Bordenave, U. of Toulouse, “Smith and Mozart in Paris: An Unreachable Encounter?”
  • Jo Clements, U. of Glasgow, “Concepts of Musical Antiquity in the Scottish Enlightenment”
  • William Donaldson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Joseph MacDonald’s ‘Compleat Theory’ (Calcutta c. 1760) and the Global Spread of Scottish Music”

Scots and the European Continent (Amphithéâtre Guizot)

Chair: Jean-François Dunyach, U. Paris – Sorbonne, Centre Roland Mousnier – UMR 8596

  • László Kontler, Central European U., “‘Progressive Revelation’: History and Protestant Theology in the Scottish and German Enlightenment”
  • Roy Rosenstein, American U. of Paris, “Seduced and Abandoned and Writing: Reading Moma’s Unpublished Italian Letters to Boswell in their French Context”
  • Eleni Xilakis, U. Paris – Panthéon I, “Scotland, Great Britain, and the View of French Affairs at the Beginning of the French Revolution, 1789”
  • Anna Plassart, U. of Oxford, “The French Revolution in Scottish Perspective”

10:45–11:15 AM Coffee Break

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM Plenary Lecture 2 (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Ryan Patrick Hanley, Marquette U.

Michael Biziou, U. of Nice, “Kant and Smith as Critics of Hume’s Theory of Justice: Property, Poverty, and Redistribution of Wealth”

Saturday 6th July

9:00–10:30 AM

The Poetics of Freedom and Empire (Amphithéâtre Guizot)

Chair: Eun Kyung Min, Seoul National U.

  • Pierre Carboni, U. of Nantes, “Empire of Freedom: Thomson’s Augustan Vision in the Poem Liberty (1735–36)”
  • Denys Van Renen, U. of Nebraska, “Purifying British Imperialism: The Scots’ Natural Mandate in Thomson’s The Seasons”
  • Elizabeth Kraft, U. of Georgia, “Of Mice and Men: Anna Letitia Barbauld, Robert Burns, and Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments”

Reinterpreting Smith: New Controversies (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Amartya Sen, Harvard U.

  • Maria Pia Paganelli, Trinity U., “Adam Smith and Economic Development: Theory and Practice”
  • Jack Russell Weinstein, U. of North Dakota, “What My Dog Can Do: On the Effect of Wealth of Nations I.ii.2”
  • Muriel Gilardone, U. of Caen; Benoît Walraevens, U. of Caen; and Laurie Bréban, Phare U. of Paris I, “Amartya Sen’s Free Use of Adam Smith’s Impartial Spectator: Strength or Weakness?”

Slavery and Empire (Amphithéâtre Descartes)

Chair: Jane Rendall, U. of York

  • Hilary N. Fezzey, U. of Wisconsin-Superior, “Agrarian Alternatives to Slavery in the Works of Adam Smith, Frances Wright, and Robert Wedderburn”
  • John W. Cairns, U. of Edinburgh, “The Expedition of Bette Marlborough: Empire and Sentiment in Eighteenth-Century Scotland”
  • Markéta Gregorová, Palacký U., “Shades of Subjection, Shades of Freedom: Colonialisms in James Robertson’s Joseph Knight”

10:30–11:00 AM Coffee Break

11:00 AM – 12:45 PM

Smith on Manners and Morals (Amphithéâtre Guizot)

Chair: Maria Paganelli, Trinity U.

  • Richard Boyd, Georgetown U., “Shaftesbury, Smith, and the ‘Characteristicks’ of Manners”
  • Joel Sodano, State U. of New York at Albany, “Francis Hutcheson’s Moral Philosophy and the Modern Conception of Happiness”
  • Craig Smith, U. of Glasgow, “All in the Best of Possible Taste: Adam Smith and the Leaders of Fashion”
  • Eugene Heath, State U. of New York at New Paltz, “Adam Smith on Self-Love”

Cosmopolitanism and Natural Jurisprudence in Smith’s Thought (Amphithéâtre Descartes)

Chair: Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary

  • Fonna Forman, U. of California at San Diego, “Smithian Cosmopolitanism for a Global Age”
  • Arby Ted Siraki, U. of Ottawa, “The Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism of Adam Smith: Insights and Issues”
  • Maria A. Carrasco, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, “Closing the Circle: From Sympathetic-Justice to Natural Jurisprudence in Adam Smith”
  • Jacqueline Taylor, U. of San Francisco, “The Political Economists and the Contributions of Women Intellectuals”

Scots in the Empire: Theory and Practice (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Emma Rothschild, Harvard U.

  • Bruce P. Lenman, U. of St Andrews, “Scots and the Penetration of the Spanish Caribbean from Darien to the Age of Enlightenment”
  • Jessica Hanser, Yale U., “Scotland’s Empire in the East: The Case of George Smith of Madras”
  • Paul Tonks, Yonsei U., “Exploring a Scottish Vision of East Asia and Global Commerce before the ‘Great Divergence’: John Campbell and European Comparative Historical Discourse”
  • Silvia Sebastiani, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, “William Robertson’s Grand Narrative of Humankind: India as the Cradle of Civilization”

2:15–4:00 PM

Networks of Sociability and Science (Amphithéâtre Descartes)

Chair: Alex Benchimol, U. of Glasgow

  • Julie Danskin, U. of St Andrews, “Philosophes, Literati, Enlighteners All: Perceptions and Self-Perceptions of ‘Enlightened’ Networks in Britain, Europe, and America”
  • Caroline Gillan, National U. of Ireland, Galway, “‘The True-Born Scot’: An Investigation into Eighteenth-Century Dedicatory Practices”
  • Eric Gidal, U. of Iowa, “Ossianic Telegraphy: Bardic Networks and Imperial Relays”
  • Catherine Jones, U. of Aberdeen, “Smollett, Empire, and Medical Botany”

Smith and the Problem of Commerce (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Tatsuya Sakamoto, Keio U.

  • Richard Schumacher, U. of Potsdam, “Adam Smith and International Trade: Between the Division of Labour and the Natural Order of Progress”
  • Daniel Diatkine, U. of Evry Phare, “The Mercantile System and the System of Natural Liberty: In the Light of Empire”
  • Shinji Nohara, Kyoto U., “Adam Smith and the Strategy of the Spirit of Commerce”
  • Spiros Tegos, U. of Crete, “The Coxcomb and the Poor Man’s Son: Adam Smith’s Tales of Commercial Ambition”

The Smithian Legacy (Amphithéâtre Guizot)

Chair: Daisuke Arie, Yokohama National U.

  • Anna Markwart, Jagiellonian U., “Fryderyk Skarbek and His Political Economy as a Part of Adam Smith’s Heritage”
  • Thierry C. Pauchant, HEC Montreal, “The Different Stories of Human Evolution: Adam Smith’s Forgotten Lecture in 1749, the Enlightenment and Us Today”
  • Toni Vogel Carey, independent scholar, “Invisible Hands, From Smith’s to Smolin’s”
  • Denis Melnik, National Research U. Higher School of Economics (Moscow), “Scottish Political Economy in the Russian Empire”

4:00–4:30 PM Coffee Break

4:30–5:30 PM Plenary Lecture 3 (Amphithéâtre Richelieu)

Chair: Fonna Forman, U. of California at San Diego

  • Amartya Sen, Harvard U. “On Smith’s and Hume’s Critiques of Imperialism”


  • 17 rue de la Sorbonne
    Paris, France (75005)


  • Wednesday, July 03, 2013
  • Thursday, July 04, 2013
  • Friday, July 05, 2013
  • Saturday, July 06, 2013


  • Adam Smith, Scotland, Écosse, Lumières, Enlightenment


  • Jean-François Dunyach
    courriel : jean-francois [dot] dunyach [at] paris-sorbonne [dot] fr

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