InicioSport et éducation de l’éphèbe au teenager

InicioSport et éducation de l’éphèbe au teenager

Sport et éducation de l’éphèbe au teenager

Sport and Education from the Ephebe to the Teenager

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Publicado el martes 30 de julio de 2013 por Luigia Parlati


Quelle que soit l’époque considérée, de la Grèce antique aux sociétés contemporaines, les pratiques sportives ont toujours entretenu des liens importants avec le monde de l’éducation. Le gymnase antique était à la fois le lieu de la célébration des corps, de l’éducation des sens et de l’éducation physique. L’éducation sportive traduit alors des enjeux citoyens, militaires, sanitaires, utilitaires ou plus résolument politiques. L’historiographie de l’éducation sportive s’est profondément rénovée dans la dernière décennie. Elle a modifié ses sources, ses objets et ses approches. La session s’attachera à rendre compte des orientations les plus stimulantes  qu’elle revêt aujourd’hui.



In every age, from ancient Greece to contemporary societies, sport has always had  close and significant links to the world of education. The gymnasium of the ancient world  fulfilled a threefold purpose as a space of the celebration of the body, sensory education and  physical training. Much later in history, the key components of the training of knights, and then that of the nobility, were initiation into the arts of fencing, horse-riding and dance, with ‘academies’ in these arts springing up across Europe. In the nineteenth century, the invention of modern sport in England was part of an essentially educational project emerging from English public schools whose products were intended to go on to conquer the world. The twentieth century has seen a partial renewal in sports education in accordance with ideas and proposals influenced by, and occasionally the subject of controversy among, the Olympic movement, sporting associations, the institution of school, and youth movements. Sports education, then, involves issues and concerns encompassing the civic, military, health, practical and, most markedly, political spheres.The historiography of sports education has experienced profound transformations over the last decade, seeing changes in its sources, its subjects and its approaches. This session will be devoted to an account of the most exciting directions it is taking today.

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