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Art History Supplement, 4.1, January 2014

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Published on Thursday, December 05, 2013


Art History Supplement (AHS) publishes bimonthly material, dealing with all time periods, methodologies, techniques and debates within the field of art history. Further, the general themes intended to be covered in each volume could be history of art history, history of conservation, history of museology, history of painting, history of sculpture and history of architecture. Contributions from any other science (social or not) corresponding to material culture are also welcome.



There are images today, which are not considered as art; they are artefacts, or just secondary sources for art history. There had been images too that were not considered as art even in the recent past. Video games graphic design, fashion design or fashion shows, medical X-rays or possibly CT scans, for instance, outside a museum context are primarily being investigated for their functionality. Why a common strigil is to be found in a “classical” art museum? The same could be proposed for a casual medieval shoe, a sixteenth century wooden repository box or an ordinary eighteenth century lace when it comes to their introduction into an art museum.

Is the museum – gallery context still today a dominant citation for characterising something as art, in academic discourse? Could it be challenged? Is the approval of the so-called an art world very much needed for something to be coined as art or as artefact? Do we study only what an art-world each time over the ages perceives as art? Are we all victims of an art world, in the end?

Manuscripts are more than welcome to explore the shift between the notion of art and artefact in images and material objects through a certain case study.

Submission guidelines

Note: Contributions to previous Art History Supplement CFPs are accepted anytime, since all our call for papers are mere thought provoking; as an ongoing research on the study of public and oral art history, and in art histories that have shaped art history, as well. http://arths.hypotheses.org/category/cfp

Submissions should be emailed to ArtHS Editor: editor@arths.org.uk  

A contribution consists of:

  • A manuscript of minimum 3000 words (without any existing maximum); while there is no maximum to the number of words.
  • A 100-150 word abstract, as well as a word count for both the main text and the notes separately.
  • A biographical statement of no more than thirty words could also be included.
  • A list of illustrations (captions), if any. Each image should be sent as separate file; jp(e)g or .tiff
  • All necessary copyright documentation for all quoted material and / or all illustrations. The necessary legal copyright permissions must have already been obtained by the author in question and the appropriate documentation should be just sent to the editor.

NB: Authors are responsible for securing permission to reproduce quoted material and all images. We strongly advise all contributors to have sorted out all copyright issues before contacting us, as the publication round may be short. The editor does not cover any expenses of any copyright material at any reason -nor is the editor legal responsible for doing the copyright clearance for you.

Manuscripts guidelines

Manuscripts should be:

  • in English, French or in Italian. The abstract must be in English.
  • entitled
  • Authors are allowed to use any reference system they wish, as long as they are consistent.
  • Do not include a bibliography section or list of frequently cited sources in the end your article; incorporate all bibliographic references into footnotes.
  • Articles can also be accompanied by a list of illustrations with their appropriate captions where necessary, enclosed in a Word document.
  • Illustrations should be JPEG (.jpeg; .jpg) and TIFF (.tiff) file format; min. 300 dpi.
  • Caption notes should include: Caption number, Artist, Title (in italics), date, medium, dimensions, Name of collection, City of collection, Other information such as “gift of . . . ,” accession number, etc. (if applicable). Copyright information is also obligatory.
  • Text files should be submitted in a Word document, ‘title.doc’, ‘title.rtf’, or ‘title.docx’, for instance.
  • The author’s name should appear on a separate sheet, accompanied by the title of the article, the author’s institute affiliation, if any, mailing and email addresses, telephone and/or fax number(s).
  • Email also images as separate files (see Submit an article). If compression required, use .rar or .zip, in order to be sent as attachments in one or more emails; or you could use any file-sharing services you prefer and send as the link for us to download them.

Please remember to include your Full name and/ or (delivery) address. DO NOT write any name in the first or any other page of your manuscripts.

Only unpublished manuscripts will be considered.

Additional author guidelines and editorial procedures can be found here.

Editorial procedures

ALL manuscripts are reviewed by the editor or members of the editorial board. Decisions will be made as rapidly as possible. The author is allowed to accept revision suggestions. The editor will re-review manuscripts that are accepted before publication. It is a goal of Art History Supplement to publish manuscripts shortly after the final submission. These would be the editorial procedures, unless otherwise stated in the call for manuscripts.

Upon the receipt the editor will send the manuscript to the editorial board for peer-reviewing

The editor aims to inform contributors of a decision as soon as possible

Decisions by the editor are final

The editors reserve the right to edit the texts received.

IMPORTANT: Nor the editor nor the editorial board are copy-writers or copy editors, nor do they wish to play this role. Please, copy-edit your work before you send it to us; otherwise it might be published as it is.

Editors in chief

  • Annamaria Ducci
  • Ioannis Tzortzakakis


  • Wednesday, January 15, 2014


  • Histoire de l'Art


  • Ioannis Tzortzakakis
    courriel : editor [at] arths [dot] org [dot] uk

Reference Urls

Information source

  • Ioannis Tzortzakakis
    courriel : editor [at] arths [dot] org [dot] uk


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