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The individual in anthropology: a future paradigm in anthropology ?

Panel P029, IUAES 2014, World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

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Published on Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology (JASCA) and the IUAES inter-Congress 2014, Chiba City in Greater Tokyo, Japan, 15-18 may 2014, call to contributions for the Panel P029: The individual in anthropology - a future paradigm in anthropology ?


Short Abstract

Individuals, who are at the base of the anthropological research, seem to deserve more attention in anthropology than they have received so far. This panel wants to explore the theoretical, methodological, empirical and epistemological implications of the study of individuals in anthropology.

Long Abstract

Anthropological research rests on the anthropologist's interactions with individual persons. Similarly, research findings presuppose the existence of individuals. Yet, as the anthropologist's major focus usually lies on society and/or culture, the individuals somehow disappear from the foreground of anthropological studies. They rather serve to exemplify general patterns, serve to provide anectodes or figure prominently in field-tales. In these accounts, they are rather reduced to some selected aspects of their lives and personalities. Despite some attention payed to individuals in anthropology (Des Chène 1998, Piette 2011, Rapport 1997, Lahire 2004, Miller 2009, Massard-Vicent et al 2011, Heiss 2011), the theme of the individual thus seems to be far from being exhausted and to deserve to be explored better. This panel wants to provide a forum for these efforts.

Contributions from any geographical area, any sub-field of anthropology or any theoretical approachs are welcome. The papers may address theoretical or epistemological questions, deal with methodological issues or present empirical research results. They might, for instance, deal with everyday life, life-histories, the relationship between individual and society, forms of existence, ontography or phenomenography, etc. However, contributors are also invited to explore if their research results might contribute to the question of what a proper conception of individuals for anthropology might be. Taking up the conference theme, we would also like to invite the contributors to explore what an anthropology of individuals might have to offer for other themes or fields in anthropology.

Submission guidelines

Please note that the deadline for paper proposals is

January 09th, 2014.

Paper proposals must be made via the online system, and not via email. Proposals should be submitted through the 'Propose a paper' link on the panel´s page of the IUAES website

(a paper title + a short abstract of fewer than 300 characters + a long abstract of fewer than 250 words).

The selection will be done by the convenors.


  • Isabelle Jabiot (Université Nanterre Paris X) email
  • Jan Patrick Heiss email



  • Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex
    Chiba, Japan


  • Thursday, January 09, 2014


  • anthropology, ethnology, individual


  • Isabelle Jabiot
    courriel : isabelle [dot] jabiot [at] revue-emulations [dot] net

Information source

  • Isabelle Jabiot
    courriel : isabelle [dot] jabiot [at] revue-emulations [dot] net


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