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XXI Annual Enometrics Conference

Vingt-et-unième colloque annuel d'oenométrie

Scientific studies on vine and wine

Études scientifiques sur la vigne et le vin

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Published on Thursday, January 02, 2014


The aim of this conference is to bring experts from different scientific disciplines together and ensure professional exchanges between these researchers who work in fields related to vine, wine (and other drinks) and food. This event was initiated by economists (some of them econometricians) and is enriched by the contributions of Geographers, Lawyers, Historians, Medical Professionals …



Our conference will be held over three days from Wednesday, June 4th afternoon to Friday, June 6th evening. Some ten sessions of presenting the scientific papers are planned, as well as a permanent session (poster session) centered on the economic presentation of terroirs. An enological tour in the wine cellars of the region will be held Saturday, June 7th.

The complete and detailled program will be on-line end of March on the conference website: http://www.vdqs.net/2014Lyon 


  • Economic – Marketing & Management (Economic, Quantitative or Econometric Analysis of Wine Market and Wine Sector, Employment (direct or generated), Marketing for Wine Product, Specificity of Communication)
  • Economic Analysis for Wine Industries (Enogastronomical Tourism and New Activities, Production Quality: Evaluation, International Trade, Factors Determining Selling Price, Sustainability and Sustainable Development)
  • Quality & Gastronomy (Quality and Taste of Foodstuffs, Test and Classifications, Assiciation of food and wine, Other Gastronometric Studies)
  • Wine Development (Quantitative History of Wine, Geography of Territories and Terroirs, Impact of Global Warming, Modeling International Trade)
  • Wine and Society (Consumption & Market Share - Modeling Competition, Alcoholism and Risks, Risks and Insurances, Medical and Therapeutic Use - Public Health Policies, Law and wine: Impact of Regulatory and Legal Tax Measurements)


Jan. 18 2014 - Deadline for proposal submission

March 25 2014 - Program publication

April 12 2014 - last chance for text modifications

April 18 2014 - Closure of registrations

June 4 2014 - Conference opening

June 7 2014 - Conference closing

Submission guidelines

Please use our on-line submission: http://www.vdqs.net/2014Lyon

Send an substantial abstract in Word format including main results and methodology. Abstract should not be longer than 2 pages (7000 characters).

The proposals can be in the speaker's native language. The talks will preferably be in English. At least an English abstract and an English Powerpoint should accompany the presentation. The full text can be provided in its original language.

Scientific committee


  • PICHERY Marie-Claude, Univ. de Bourgogne – FR                                 
  • FORMÁNKOVÁ-GURSKÁ Sylvie, Mendel Univ. in Brno - CZ


  • BARBER Nelson, Univ. de New Hampshire - US
  • BARDAJI Azcárate  Isabel, Univ. polytechnique de Madrid - ES
  • BENTZEN Jan, Univ. of Aarhus – DK 
  • BRAVO-URETA Boris, U Connecticut - USA & U Talca - CL
  • CHIRONI Stefania, ESAF Univ. Di Palermo – IT
  • CIASCHINI Maurizio, Univ. Di Macerata - IT
  • CORADE Nathalie, ENITA Bordeaux - FR
  • GALIZZI Matteo, London School of Economics - UK
  • GEORGOPOULOS Théodore, Reims Univ. - FR
  • GIRAUD-HERAUD Eric, INRA - Paris - FR
  • MURILLO-FORT Carles, UPM Barcelona SP
  • OMURA Makiko, Meijigakuin Univ, Tokyo JP
  • OUTREVILLE Jean-François, HEC-Montreal - Quebec – CA
  • SERBAT  Henri, EuAWE - FR
  • SIRIOPOULOS Costas, Patras Univ. – GR
  • TOMŠIK  Pavel, Mendel Univ. of Agriculture Brno - CZ
  • VINK Nick, University of Stellenbosch - ZA

Local Committee

  • SERIEYS Michel, ISARA-Lyon - FR
This conference is organized by the Vineyard Data Quantification Society - VDQS ( http:// www.vdqs.net ) and its two components
the European Association of Wine Economists – EuAWE ( http://www.EuAWE.org ),
and the Society for Quantification in Gastronomy - SQG ( http://www.gastronometrica.org ).



  • Bâtiment de l'ISARA (Institut supérieur d'agriculture et d'agroalimentaire Rhône-Alpes) - 23 Rue Jean Baldassini
    Lyon, France (69)


  • Saturday, January 18, 2014

Attached files


  • œnométrie, vigne, vin, économie, marketing, management, gastronomie, œnotourisme, enometrics, wine, vine, economy, gastronomy


  • Henri Serbat
    courriel : hserbat [at] fed-eco [dot] org

Information source

  • Henri Serbat
    courriel : hserbat [at] fed-eco [dot] org


CC0-1.0 This announcement is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal.

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