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Biopolitics, gouvernementality and (security) dispositifs

Concepts for the study of the “International”?

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Published on Friday, January 03, 2014


International conference co-organized by the CERI-Sciences Po, Paris, France and the Association pour le Centre Michel Foucault, Paris, France, with the support of IRI/PUC-Rio, Brazil, le Centre d'études sur les conflits, Paris, France, et le Centre des Amériques de Sciences Po, Paris, France.



Monday, January 13th

09h15-09h30   Welcoming address and introduction

  • Didier Bigo, CERI-Sciences Po, Paris, France;
  • Philippe Bonditti, IRI/PUC-Rio, Brazil;
  • Frédéric Gros, Université Paris-Est Créteil, France

09h30-12h30   Session 1 INTERNATIONAL ? IR and Security in light of Genealogy and Governmentality

Chair: Philippe Bonditti, IRI/PUC-Rio, Brazil

09h30-10h15   Introductory Lecture

  • Counter Concepts for the International: Political Spirituality, Insurrection and the Courage of Truth, Michael Dillon, University of Lancaster, UK

10h15-11h30   Roundtable

  • Lives of Infamous Men in the 21st Century, Fabienne Brion, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique
  • Foucault in IR. Is there anything left to say? Jef Huysmans, Open University, UK
  • Decolonising critical security from IR: genealogy of (in)securities, Didier Bigo, CERI-Sciences Po, France

11h30-12h30   Discussion

14H00-17H30   Session 2 NEOLIBERAL ? Bureaucratisation, Management, Critique

Chair: Sandrine Revet, CERI-Sciences Po, France

14h30-15h30   Roundtable

  • On neoliberal bureaucratization. Béatrice Hibou, CNRS/CERI Sciences Po, France
  • A historical ontology of management. Luca Paltrinieri, CIRPP, CCI-Paris-Idf and Collège international de Philosophie
  • Is there a critical liberalism? Frédéric Gros, UPEC, France

15h45-16h00   Coffee Break

16h00-16h45   Keynote address

  • Foucault and Method. Michael Shapiro, University of Hawaï at Manoa, Untited-States

16h45-17h30   Discussion

Tuesday, January 14th

09h00-09h30   Participants welcoming

09H30-12H30   Session 3 GLOBAL ? Beyond (post-)colonialism and developmentalism

Chair: Didier Bigo, CERI-Sciences Po, France

09h30-10h15   Introductory Lecture

  • Globally yours: globalization as regimes of subjectification. Jean-François Bayart, CNRS/ CERI Sciences Po Paris, France

10h15-11h30   Roundtable

  • Foucault and the subject of the postcolonial international. Vivienne Jabri, Kings College London, UK
  • Foucault and the colonial. Paulo Esteves and Marta Moreno, IRI/ PUC-Rio, Brazil
  • Globalization , sovereignty and the politics of survival. Marc Abélès, LAIOS, CNRS/EHESS, France

11h30-12h30   Discussion

14H00-15H30   Session 4 MODERN ? Sovereignty, violence and power

Chair: Pierre Hassner, CERI-Sciences Po Paris, France

14h00-14h45   Introductory Lecture

  • Power as sumbolon and signature: sovereignty, governmentality and the international. Mitchell Dean, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

14h45-15h30   Roundtable

  • The invention of terrorism and the mutation of modernity. Philippe Bonditti, IRI/PUC-Rio, Brazil
  • Spatializing the international through governmentality, sovereignty and violence. Pierre Sauvêtre, Sciences Po, Paris, France
  • Sovereign state and inward colonization: fiction about a Foucault/ Schmitt non-dialogue. Guillaume Sibertin-Blanc, Université Toulouse le Mirail, France

15h30-16h00   General discussion

15h45-16h00   Coffee Break

16h00-17h30   Session 5   CONCLUDING SESSION

16h00-16h45   Concluding lecture

  • Which Foucault? Which International? RBJ Walker, University of Victoria, Canada

16h45-17h30   General discussion

Academic coordinators

  • Didier Bigo, CERI-Sciences Po, Paris, France
  • Philippe Bonditti, IRI/PUC-Rio, Brazil
  • Frédéric Gros, Université Paris-Est Créteil, France


  • CERI-Sciences Po, salle de conférences - 56 rue Jacob
    Paris, France (75006)


  • Monday, January 13, 2014
  • Tuesday, January 14, 2014


  • Foucault, International Relations, Biopolitics, gouvernementality, security


  • Nathalie Tenenbaum
    courriel : nathalie [dot] tenenbaum [at] sciencespo [dot] fr

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  • Nathalie Tenenbaum
    courriel : nathalie [dot] tenenbaum [at] sciencespo [dot] fr


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