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Philosophie / littérature : savoirs, textes et pratiques

Methodos journal, no. 15 (2015)

Revue « Methodos » 15 (2015)

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Published on Friday, April 04, 2014


La revue Methodos – Savoirs et textes, publiée par le laboratoire Savoirs, textes, langage UMR 8163 (CNRS, université de Lille) lance un appel à contributions pour son numéro 15 (2015) qui sera centré sur le thème « Philosophie / littérature : savoirs, textes et pratiques ».



The aim of this special issue of Methodos is to question the links between philosophy and literature along two lines 1) the forms of knowledge produced by philosophical and literary texts, when compared or considered as interacting, 2) the practical aspects of such knowledge, i.e. the types of transformations of oneself and the world involved by those texts.

The reflection on the relations between philosophy and literature may be guided by the following hypothesis: literature itself can be viewed as a field of experiments which philosophy can explore as a touchstone of its concepts or questions. How then can philosophy and philosophical discourse be discussed from literature? Which philosophical uses of literature are involved in this discussion? Which knowledge do the connections between philosophy and literature produce?

Besides those investigations about what philosophy makes with literature, another issue is also at stake: how does literature affect philosophy? This issue involves in particular the fact that literature depicts particular and fictionalised situations, with both theoretical and practical effects. The relationships between fiction and the moral imagination are also concerned and, finally, the ethical relevance of literature, inasmuch as literature offers free experiments of ways of living or being. We might then wonder whether philosophy, when confronted to the practical knowledge provided by literature, is transformed in its aims or forms of expression.


  • Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France (59)


  • Tuesday, April 15, 2014


  • philosophie, littérature, discours philosophique, pratiques philosophiques, fictionalisation


  • Christian Berner
    courriel : christian [dot] berner [at] parisnanterre [dot] fr

Information source

  • Florence Thill
    courriel : florence [dot] thill [at] univ-lille [dot] fr


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