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African Arts on the Web: Exploring the stakes for online African museums and collections

Arts africains sur le web. Enjeux des musées et collections d’Afrique sur internet

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Published on Monday, December 22, 2014


La multiplication de sites web de musées et d’expositions constitue un fait majeur du paysage muséal contemporain, contribuant à l’élargissement de son périmètre et de son offre, esthétique, didactique ou touristique. Il existe dorénavant des musées virtuels sans collections propres, des collections réelles à empreinte numérique ou encore des sites de vente en ligne imitant des musées. Par le choix des œuvres, les rapports images / textes, les mises en scène virtuelles instituent de nouveaux modes de réception et de consommation des arts d’Afrique en Occident dont les effets comme les acteurs ont peu été étudiés.



  • Galitzine-Loumpet Alexandra / FMSH
  • Celis Abigail / University of Michigan


The number of websites that serve as museums or as exhibitions is multiplying. This growth has been changing the aesthetic, pedagogical, and touristic scope and offerings of the current museological landscape. One can now find virtual museums without existing collections, or collections that exist as digital imprints, or even commercial websites that imitate a museum style. These digital mises-en-scenes open new modes of reception and consumption of African art in the West, through the selections of artwork and the relationships between text/image. However, the effects and the agents of these online museum spaces have been little studied.This online presence also concerns the websites of African museums or presented as African. The digital format helps these museum reach a larger audience, but since the websites are usually developed and hosted in Europe, they reactivate national and local stories through images preserved outside of the national territory. In addition, substituting real collections with dematerialized ones reinvents the existing paradigm of tradition/modernity, a move that once again refashions objects via normative, previously established frameworks, masking their internal tensions and rifts.

In both cases, the web is an unavoidable arena for interrogating the stakes and the tensions inherent in representing African arts and collections. This panel seeks to contribute to this analysis through a interdisciplinary approach to the “museum as sign”.

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  • Paris, France (75)


  • Sunday, January 04, 2015

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  • Abigail CELIS
    courriel : celisaea [at] umich [dot] edu

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  • Abigail CELIS
    courriel : celisaea [at] umich [dot] edu


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