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Published on Thursday, April 23, 2015


This interdisciplinary conference focusses on the articulation between science, science policy and science popularization. We study the objects, concrete displays, architectures for showing science, and consider these as materializations, at particular points in time, of specific conceptions of science and its social, cultural, economic or political place in society. Because a number of evolutions or public decisions now take place at European or international levels, it isimportant to consider these questions in a transnational perspective. By adopting a deliberately wide chronological focus, from the1800s to now, the conference seeks to contribute to contemporary debates by helping put into historical perspective the rapid transformation that institutions devoted to research, higher education  and science communication are all currently undergoing.



Tuesday 5th May 


Welcoming addresses by Thomas Maissen, director of the Institut Historique Allemand and Wolf Feuerhahn, vice-director of the Centre Alexandre Koyré

Introduction by Andrée Bergeron (Universcience/Centre Alexandre Koyré) and Charlotte Bigg (CNRS/Centre Alexandre Koyré)

16h15-16h30  Coffee break

16h30-18h15  Opening lecture, Martha Fleming, University of Reading : Design and Diplomacy 

Wednesday 6th may


Chair: Charlotte Bigg

  • Lisa Regazzoni, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main: Histoires vues. Les monuments au service de l’histoire et des gouvernements en XVIIIe siècle et au début du XIXe siècle
  • José Lanzarote, Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid: Prehistory in a showcase. The musealisation of prehistoric cave art in Spain (1902-1936)

11h00-11h30 Coffee break


  • Willliam Carruthers, European University Institute Florence: Making a Future for the Past: Visualizing the Archaeological Field in Nasser’s Egypt
  • Ana Delicado, University of Lisbon: Between familiarity and discomfort: scientific dissemination of the social sciences in Portugal

13h00-14h30 Buffet lunch


Chair: Andrée Bergeron

  • Jaume Sastre-Juan, (in)dependant scholar, Barcelona: From Inventor Workshops to Consumer Playgrounds: The Politics of Hands-on Display at the New York Museum of Science and Industry (1927-1939)
  • Tatiana Kasperski, Centre Alexandre Koyré, Paris: Romantic Reactors? Nuclear Imaginaries in Russia and Ukraine in the Twenty-first Century 
  • Stuart W. Leslie, Johns Hopkins University: Atomic Structures: The Architecture of Nuclear Nationalism in India and Pakistan

16h45-17h15  Coffee break


  • Agustí Nieto-Galan, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: ‘Starving’ in the public sphere: Hunger artists and scientific expertise in european cities (1880s-1920s)
  • Sybilla Nikolow, Technische Universität Berlin: « Scientific still lives’ of the Body. New Objects of Knowledge in Exhibitions and Museums after 1900 

Thursday 7th May

9h30-12h30  Current university exhibition projects

Chair: Jochen Hennig, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

9h30-10h45 Humboldt-Forum, Berlin

  • Sven Sappelt, Humboldt-Forum, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin : Conceptualizing the Humboldt-Lab - A public Space for designing knowledge production
  • Godehard Janzing, Centre allemand d’histoire de l’art, Paris : Box, lab, castle: Why architecture matters

10h45-11h00 Coffee break

11h00-11h45 Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin

  • Michael John Gorman, Science Gallery International, Trinity College Dublin: Creative Collisions between Science and Art

11h45-12h30 The Hunterian at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow

  • David Gaimster, the Hunterian, University of Glasgow: The role of the university museum in the communication of science research. Current practice and developments at the Hunterian, University of Glasgow

12h30-14h00 Buffet lunch

14h00 -16h30 Final roundtable and discussion

Chair: Charlotte Bigg, Andrée Bergeron

  • Robert Bud, Science Museum, London
  • Dominique Pestre, EHESS Paris
  • Daniel Sherman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Brian Wynne, Lancaster University

with the support of the Centre Interdisciplinaire d’Etudes et de Recherches sur l’Allemagne,de l’Université Franco-Allemande,de la Région Ile de France (programme DIM IS2-IT),et de l’Institut Historique Allemand

Entrance is free but prior registration is required at : matapmai2015@gmail.com

 More informations at http://matap.hypotheses.org/781


  • Andrée Bergeron (Universcience/Centre Alexandre Koyré),
  • Charlotte Bigg (CNRS/Centre Alexandre Koyré),
  • Jochen Hennig (Humboldt Universität, Berlin),
  • Lisa Regazzoni (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main)


  • Institut historique allemand - 8 rue du Parc-Royal
    Paris, France (75003)


  • Tuesday, May 05, 2015
  • Wednesday, May 06, 2015
  • Thursday, May 07, 2015


  • histoire des sciences sociales, musée, exposition, muséologie, politiques scientifiques, politiques culturelles, université, vulgarisation des sciences


  • Andrée Bergeron
    courriel : andree [dot] bergeron [at] cnrs [dot] fr

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  • Andrée Bergeron
    courriel : andree [dot] bergeron [at] cnrs [dot] fr


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