HomeBuilding a database from court records using open source tools (MySQL and the Yii framework)

Building a database from court records using open source tools (MySQL and the Yii framework)

Concevoir une base de données à partir d'un fonds d'archives judiciaires avec des outils open source (MySQL et le framework Yii)

A Summer School in the heart of digital humanities

Une université d'été au cœur du numérique et des ciences humaines

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Published on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 by João Fernandes


From a corpus of judicial archives of the Ancient Regime, the summer school aims to iron out all the difficulties related to the design of a database and a framework associated with the base (all in Open source). It is open to all faculty members, researchers, engineers and technicians, PhD sudents who depend on a public institution of higher education.



This Summer School intends accomodate twenty european participants for two days (24 and 25 September 2015). With its European and innovative character, it is supported by DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities).

A workshop course should allow the participants to be confronted with problems, address them and develop solutions to provide interoperability and data continuity.

Confrontation problems


Participants will receive a small archival corpus from the European courts. This corpus will be a practical case introducing the theme of the summer school.

Granularity of data

The resolution of the case study will highlight the heterogeneity of the data and the problems arising from the analysis, particularly in terms of data granularity (making choices depending on the duration of the project).

Linking data

Participants will attempt to link data together, which will address issues related to relational schema (tables, fields, links).

Open Source Solutions

Creating a MySQL database

To create the database, participants will use the MySQL Workbench module to visualize the construction of the database. They will create the tables and fields necessary for the resolution of practical case links.

The Yii framework

Once the database is created, it is still necessary to feed, manage, and upload the search results. To do this, several tools are needed and if there is a tool required at every meeting, it is sometimes difficult to combine them. Thus, the use of an Open Source framework is often a solution.

Interoperability and longevity of data

Without going into the details of the implementation, the summer school will culminate with an awareness of interoperability and data continuity. Protocols OAIS and OAI-PMH through the Dublin Core and solutions CINES will be discussed.

Registration fee

75 Euros per person (no refunds after payment)


  • Faculté de droit - 1 place Déliot
    Lille, France (59)


  • Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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  • base de données, histoire judiciaire, cours souveraines européennes


  • Renaud Limelette
    courriel : renaud [dot] limelette [at] univ-lille2 [dot] fr

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  • Renaud Limelette
    courriel : renaud [dot] limelette [at] univ-lille2 [dot] fr

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