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Published on Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The aim of the event is to bring a range of disciplinary and geographical perspectives to bear on radicalism throughout the Americas. Our definition of radicalism is a broad one, encompassing both political radicalism as an object of study, and radical analytical approaches to the societies and cultures of the Americas. We welcome proposals that deal with any aspect of radicalism, from the democratic and republican radicalisms of the nineteenth century; to the socialist, anarchist, communist, and populist radicalisms of the twentieth century; as well as contemporary identity politics, social movements, and twenty-first century radicalisms.



The symposium seeks to develop the global community of scholars, researchers and activists who have been part of the Radical Americas Network since its creation in 2011. Past events have attracted people at various stages of academic and non-academic life who have presented work from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, politics, history, international relations and cultural studies.

The symposium also marks the launch of the eagerly anticipated Radical Americas journal. The first issue of the e-journal will be available in September and will include peer-reviewed articles (some based on work presented at previous network events) as well as interviews and book reviews. We would like to encourage participants at the symposium to submit work to the journal, which is designed to showcase cutting-edge research on radicalisms throughout the Americas.

Main themes

We would especially encourage proposals on the following topics, though any subject within our broad remit is welcome:

  • Radical theory/approaches
  • Intersectional radicalism
  • Political violence
  • Radical memory and commemoration
  • Cultural radicalism
  • Political economy/ecology

Guidelines for symposium paper and panel submission

[All communication to radicalamericas@gmail.com]

1. Papers
Please send a proposal of no more than 300 words along with a short bibliographic note to the contact details below. Presentations should be between 15 and 20 minutes in duration depending on the final panel size.

Deadline: 20 June 2015

2. Closed panels
Please list the three or four speakers, provide the titles and abstracts of the individual papers and indicate whether a chair will be required.

Deadline: 30 June 2015

3. Open panels
Please reply with a title and panel abstract which we will then forward to our members and contacts. Please also stipulate whether a chair will be required.

Deadline:  01 June 2015


  • The Radical Americas Network

Scientific committee

  • Dr. William A. Booth (Teaching Assistant, Univ of Warwick)
  • Dr. Nicholas Witham (Senior Lecturer, Univ. of Christchurch)
  • Dr. Juan Pablo Scarfi (Fellow, Institute of the Americas, UCL)
  • Stephanie Pearce (PhD candidate, Queen Marry)
  • Dr. Geoff Goodwinn (Teaching Assistant, Institute of the Americas, UCL)
  • Dr. Nicholas Grant ( Lecturer, Univ, of East Anglia)
  • Thomas Maier (Phd candidate, Institute of the Americas, UCL)
  • Dr. Steve Cushion (independent researcher)
  • Hilary Francis (Fellow, Institute of Latin American Studies, Univ. of London)


  • Institute of the Americas, UCL - 51 Gordon Square
    London, Britain (WC1H 0PN)


  • Monday, June 01, 2015
  • Saturday, June 20, 2015
  • Tuesday, June 30, 2015


  • radical, America, radical Americas, interdisciplinary, network


  • Thomas Maier
    courriel : thomas [dot] maier [dot] 12 [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk

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Information source

  • Thomas Maier
    courriel : thomas [dot] maier [dot] 12 [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk


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