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Anthropologies numériques 2016

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Published on Monday, June 22, 2015


Nous considérons que les gestes artistiques et les gestes scientifiques procèdent de la même interrogation du réel, de ses perceptions, de nos états de conscience et que ces gestes tentent de faire sens, de diriger le regard au delà de la réalité, au delà de l’altérité. De ce fait, nous portons un intérêt particulier aux écritures en rupture avec l’expression linéaire de nos liens avec le réel. Dans le cadre de cette quatrième manifestation d’Anthropologies numériques organisée conjointement par les Écrans de la liberté et Le Cube, nous sommes tout particulièrement intéressés par des travaux qui tout en questionnant les modes d’appréhension du visible et de l’invisible, posent la question de leur « agencement machinique ». Comment ces écritures visuelles, sonores, corporelles et médiatiques prennent en considération les réalités infinies du monde, les modalités de leur présence dans nos vies, et en donnent une lecture tout en s’inspirant des nouvelles opportunités offertes par les technologies numériques ?


An event organized by Les Écrans de la Liberté in collaboration with Le Cube, Digital Art Center – 10th /11th /12th March 2016


We believe artistic and scientific expressions derive from the same questioning of reality of its perceptions, of our state of consciousness; and those expressions intend to generate sense beyond reality, beyond otherness. In that perspective, we pay close attention to disruptive narratives that part from a linear expression of our connections to reality. For this 4th edition of Digital Anthropologies, organized jointly by Les Écrans de la Liberté and Le Cube, we are interested in works that question the ways we understand the visible and the invisible, and that examine their “arrangement machinique” or machinic assemblage.

How do those visual, audio, physical and mediatized narratives take into consideration the infinite realities of the world, give us a reading of their presence in our lives through the new opportunities offered by digital technologies.However, beyond the reading that can of course call us over to learn, we are also interested by projects researching the body conceived as an unavoidable mediation. This event aims at empowering these formal researches that jostle the consensus between the audience and the piece of work.

Filmmakers, artists, IT engineers and researchers develop methods of learning on complex situations and urge, through their work, to build new relationships with their audience, visitors, readers… By entwining techniques and art, makers disrupt and cross boundaries between disciplines and think up modes of production to adapt these narratives to the polysemous realities of the world. 

Whether introducing original perceptions of spaces where individual trajectories and collective fates meet, clash or enrich each other, or allowing to see these interstices, where individual or collective modes of life emerge and new approaches to the world are invented; actors come to reveal, highlight and question these stances.

By mobilizing differently the skills of each individual, the modes of production of these singular narratives require unprecedented time and space of collective reception. In this way they offer a rightful place to works that are excluded from usual channels of diffusion, by economic reasoning or processes of control, and shatter the agreed upon rituals of stage reproductions.

The 4th edition of Digital Anthropologies intends to grant audience to these new narratives, allowing the necessary time to exchange views. Anthropologists, filmmakers, visual artists, engineers, digital practitioners are invited to compare their tools, their practices, their representations, their work with the audience to think up new fields of research, and to disrupt the traditional division of labor between artistic expression, scientific production and technical intervention.    

Submission guidelines

Files and registration forms must be sent  to the following address: lesecransdelaliberte@gmail.com

by October the 19th 2015

The audio-visual pieces: films, web docs, installations, soundscapes, completed or under completion, are to be sent as URL (vimeo, youtube, dailymotion) to the following address: lesecransdelaliberté@gmail.com,

by October the 19th, 2015

The results of the selection will be communicated by December the 15th 2015

Scientific and organising Committee

  • Pascal Leclercq: Président des Ecrans de la Liberté
  • Carine Le Malet : Responsable de la programmation au Cube
  • Jacques Lombard : Anthropologue et cinéaste, directeur de recherche honoraire à l'IRD
  • Nadine Wanono : Anthropologue et cinéaste, chercheur à l’Institut des Mondes africains.


  • Le Cube 20, Cours Saint Vincent
    Issy-les-Moulineaux, France (92130)


  • Monday, October 19, 2015


  • création, numérique, sciences sociales, narration


  • Nadine Wanono
    courriel : lesecransdelaliberte [at] gmail [dot] com

Information source

  • Nadine Wanono
    courriel : lesecransdelaliberte [at] gmail [dot] com


CC0-1.0 This announcement is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal.

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