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Archiving a City

The Future of Jerusalem Past

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Published on Friday, June 19, 2015


This conference aims at contributing to the development of the reflection on digital humanities, public history and urban studies on late Ottoman and Mandate Jerusalem. It is organised by Open Jerusalem, ERC-funded project directed by Vincent Lemire (Université Paris-Est Marne-la-vallée), in collaboration with the French National Archives



June 25, 2015

Archives Nationales

  • 18:00 Keynote Speech by Dr Önder Bayır, Director of the Ottoman Archives, Istanbul, «The Ottoman Imperial Archives: A Key Place for the Study of Jerusalem History»
  • 19:00 Cocktail 

June 26, 2015

Opening Jerusalem’s Archives and Digital Histories. Interconnecting Methods, Tools and Practices

Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, Laboratoire ACP – EA 3350, Bâtiment Bois de l’étang – Salle 6, Cité Descartes (RER A / Noisy-Champs)

  • 9:30 Vincent Lemire (UPEM): Open Jerusalem Project: A Transnational, Bottom-Up and Collaborative Experience
  • 10:00 Elisa Grandi (Université Paris VII): Digital History. Concepts, Methods and Historiographical Debates
  • 10:30 Pierre Yves Saunier (Université Laval): Writing Open Jerusalem: The www Option
  • 11:00 coffee break
  • 11:15 Francesca Morselli (Cendari): CENDARI. Methodologies of the Collaborative European Archival Infrastructure for the Study of WW1 and Medieval Culture
  • 11:45 Maria Chiara Rioli (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa): Open Jerusalem: A Project of Digital Public History?

12:15 – 13: discussion

13:00 – 14:30 lunch break

  • 14:30 Andrea Violante (NiEW): User Experience Design and User Centered Design Methodologies to Drive a Digital Project Within and Beyond the Margins of the Screen
  • 14:45 Stéphane Ancel (Open Jerusalem) / Yann Potin (Archives Nationales): Imperial Ottoman Archives and Open Jerusalem Project: How to Deal with 19600 documents?
  • 15:00 Angelos Dalachanis (Princeton University): Zotero in Jerusalem: Creating an Open Bibliographic Database
  • 15:15 Luca Martinelli (Wikimedia Italy): Information in the Digital Commons: How to Make Knowledge Really Open
  • 15:45 Chiara Scesa (NiEW): Pervasive Information Architecture for Historical Ecosystems. Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences to Move from the Digital to the Physical Environment and Back
  • 16:15 Michele Mauri (Politecnico, Milan): Data Visualization for Digital Collections
  • 16:45 Dario Ingiusto (Mapping the World): Mapping Jerusalem’s Archives and Open Jerusalem Project
  • 17:15 discussion


  • Bâtiment Bois de l’étang – Salle 6 - Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, Cité Descartes, 5 Boulevard Descartes
    Champs-sur-Marne, France (77420)
  • Salle d’Albâtre - Archives nationales, 11 rue des Quatre Fils
    Paris, France (75003)


  • Thursday, June 25, 2015
  • Friday, June 26, 2015


  • Jerusalem, urban, archives

Information source

  • Maria Chiara Rioli
    courriel : mariachiara [dot] rioli [at] unive [dot] it


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