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Published on Wednesday, January 06, 2016


In the era of globalization, foreign language teaching has become a worldwide concern for diverse reasons. As language vehicles thought; foreign culture is also assumed to be transmitted as a consequence of the teaching/learning process. Intercultural awareness then is an undeniable issue to be discussed in any foreign language teaching atmosphere. The issue identified above is expected to be significant for teachers, learners, researchers and educationists in general. The importance of the subject will be seen in the exchange of experiences and expertise among local and foreign interveners in a way that raises the students’ awareness in the English department that debates on intercultural issues will serve them in many sorts of ways. This meeting provides an excellent opportunity to share the results of the teachers and students research with a varied audience.



The seminar provides the opportunity to explore research in a variety of disciplines where the following trends and issues will be of particular interest but are not limited to:

  • Foreign language education in the era of globalization;
  • Teaching language and/or teaching culture;
  • Foreign culture Vs. native culture in the EFL classroom;
  • Foreign language learning and foreign culture acceptance and/or avoidance;
  • Education and Multiculturalism;
  • Inter/Cross-cultural Education and Language Curriculum Design;
  • TEFL and intercultural awareness.

Seminar Objectives

  • To initiate students into debates on interrelated issues of EFL;
  • To show the importance of culture awareness in Foreign Language Learning;
  • To take advantage of different experts’ experiences on the issue;
  • To encourage students find a compromise between their native culture and the learned culture.

Scientific and Reading Committee

  • Pr. NEDJAI Med Salah, Président, (PROF.) Prsdt .CSF, Univ-Batna 2
  • Pr. GHOUAR Amor, Membre, (PROF. )Doyen de la fac Univ-Batna 2
  • Pr. MC COGNALE Joseph, Membre, (PROF.) Univ- Manchester UK
  • Pr. SAADI Hacene, Membre, (PROF.) Univ-Constantine
  • Pr. KESKES Said, Membre, (PROF.) Univ-Setif
  • Pr. BAHOUS Abbas, Membre, (PROF.) Univ-Mostaganem
  • Pr. RICHE Boutheldja, Membre, (PROF.) Univ- TiziOuzou
  • Pr. HAMADA Hacene, Membre, (PROF.) ENS- Constantine
  • Pr. Laraba, Samir, Membre, (PROF.) Univ-Constantine
  • Pr. Hocine, Nacira, Membre, (PROF.) Univ-Annaba
  • Pr. MAAOUI, Hocine, Membre, (PROF.) Univ-Annaba
  • Pr. ABOUBOU Hachemi, Membre,(PROF.) Univ-Batna 2
  • Dr. GUERROUGE Noureddine Membre, (MCA) Univ- Mostaganem
  • Dr. BAHLOUL Amel, Membre, (MCA) Univ-Batna 2
  • Dr. KAOULI Nadir, Membre,(MCA) Univ-Batna 2
  • Dr. HELLALET Souhila Membre, (MCB) Univ-Batna 2

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. HELLALET Souhila, Présidente, (MCB) Univ.Batna 2
  • Dr. BENBOULAID Charif, Coordinateur, (MCB) Univ.Batna2
  • Mr. BENTAYEB Noreddine, Chef de Départ. (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mlle. METATHA Hasna, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mme. LEBAL Farida, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mme. MOUAS Samia, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mme. BECHKA Hayet, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mme. DJAAFRI Leila, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mlle. BELAHCENE MALAK, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mme. ABDESSEMED Aida, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mme. KISSOUM Nawel, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mlle. GHODBANE Nacira, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mr. HAJIRA Cherif, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mlle. MANSOURI Mouna, Membre (MAB), Univ.Batna 2
  • Mlle. AMARI Houda, Membre (MAB) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mme. BOUHIDEL Houda, Membre, (MAA) Univ.Batna 2
  • Mlle. ROMANE Karima, Membre, (MAA)  Univ.Batna 2

Paper Submission and Instructions

  • For your article and presentation, note that only English and French languages are accepted;
  • Your abstract should not exceed 500 words;
  • For a quick process, you are kindly asked to submit your article’s abstract as an email-attachment sent to the organizer’s recipient address (Dr. HELLALET Souhilas.helalet@yahoo.com) in Word Format using the font “Times New Roman” (12pt) with line spacing (1.5);
  • Please be informed that the scientific and reading committee is allowed some processing times which are needed for article review  prior to the final approval of your paper ;
  • If your abstractis accepted, you have to send the complete article to the same email address;
  • Your papershould not exceed (10) pagesexcluding your article’s references which we allow up to(15) pages.

Important Dates

Call for Papers:

  • Sunday, 18thof October 2015

Paper Submission Deadline:

  • Monday, 18thof January 2016

Two-day Seminar:

  • Sunday,06th,of March 2016
  • Monday,07th, of March 2016


Dr. HELLALET Souhila (Organizer)


Tel : 030 36 32 68

Dr. BENBOULAID Charif (Coordinator)


Mob : 0672 39 95 95


Salle des Conférences“Ex-Mouhafada”

(in front of Daira of Batna)

Avenue de l’indépendance,

Centre-Ville, Batna. Algérie

Useful Links

Seminar Webpage


Seminar Facebook Page




  • Ex Mouhafada - 5 rue Chahid Mohamed Boukhlouf
    Batna City, Algeria (05000)


  • Monday, January 18, 2016


  • intercultural issue, multiculturalism, curriculum design, foreign language teaching, inter-cultural awareness


  • Souhila Helalet
    courriel : s [dot] helalet [at] yahoo [dot] com

Reference Urls

Information source

  • Radhia Aissi
    courriel : r [dot] aissi [at] univ-batna2 [dot] dz


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