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The apocrypha in the age of the cathedrals

Les apocryphes au temps des cathédrales

The role and place of narrative in the nativity in medieval arts and literature

La fonction et la place des récits de la « nativité de marie » dans les arts et la littérature du Moyen-Âge

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Published on Wednesday, March 02, 2016


The Iscal 2016 (International summer school on christian apocryphal literature) provides a precious opportunity to enhance your knowledge on the transmission paths and mechanisms behind the reception of one of the most widespread apocryphal motifs in medieval art and literature. Medieval historians and specialists in medieval art history will conduct the different sessions, allowing students to appreciate the complexity and the richness of the recep



Tuesday July 5th

10:00 Welcome and Introduction

15:00 Visit to the Historical Museum of Strasbourg

Wednesday July 6th

  • 9:00 Seminar “Recevability and uses of apocryphal narratives in medieval encyclopaedic tradition (12th-13th centuries): the case of the ‘cycle of the Nativity of Mary’ ”
  • 11:00 Instructional Workshop on the role of apocryphal literature in the process of compilation and dissemination of knowledge
  • 14:00 Seminar “The cycle of the Nativity of Mary on the stained glass windows of Strasbourg Cathedral”
  • 16:00 Instructional Workshop on the stained glass windows of Strasbourg Cathedral
  • 20:00 Public lecture by Giovanni Paolo Maggioni “The Birth of the Virgin and the Dominican System of Communication in the 13th Century” 

Thursday July 7th

  • 9:00 Instructional Workshop on Mary and the midwives in Medieval Art
  • 11:00 Seminar Séminaire “The Doubting Midwife Salome: analysis of medieval pictures”
  • 15:00 Seminar Séminaire “Small Changes. Literal Quotations and Original Interpretations in the 13th Century Dominican Legendae”
  • 17:00 Instructional Workshop on Dominican Legendae

20:00 Festive Evening

Friday July 8th

  • 9:00 Seminar Séminaire “The reception of the narratives of the Nativity of Mary in late medieval devotional literature (13th-15th centuries)”
  • 10:45 Excursion to Niederhaslach (Bas-Rhin): Le cycle de la Nativité de Marie dans les vitraux de la Collégiale Saint-Florent
  • 17:30 Wrap-Up and End of Session Conclusion et bilan

With the participation of:

  • Gabriella Aragione, Denise Borlée, Rémi Gounelle, Isabel Iribarren, University of Strasbourg
  • Giovanni Paolo Maggioni, University of Molise 

The seminars and the workshops will be delivered either in English or in French. Knowledge of Latin is required.The presentations and the results of practical research assignments will be considered for publication. 


  • Registration fee, including meals: €100 Registration is not complete until payment is received.
  • Participants will cover travel and accommodation expenses. A list of accommodation possibilities according to budget will be sent to participants upon registration.
  • A proof of participation will be provided to all registrants.
  • 1,5 ECTS will be delivered to the participants. R


  • Thursday, June 30, 2016

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  • apocryphe, Marie, art, littérature


  • Gabriella Aragione
    courriel : gabriella [dot] aragione [at] unistra [dot] fr

Information source

  • Maïeul Rouquette
    courriel : maieul [at] maieul [dot] ner


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