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Social Factors and Cross-cultural Aspects of Culinary and Eating Behaviors and Practices

9th International Research Symposium - Institut Paul Bocuse

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Published on Tuesday, March 01, 2016 by João Fernandes


The ninth edition of the Institut Paul Bocuse International Research Symposium aims at sharing the ongoing fundamental and applied research on the Social Factors and Cross-cultural Aspects of Culinary and Eating Behaviors and Practices. A series of talks by international scientists from various disciplines will address the most recent scientific advances in the understanding of: i) the social factors of food behaviors and preferences in various populations, ii) the key factors involved in the evolution and spatial diffusion of cross-cultural aspects of food practices and behaviors. The applied perspectives will be considered as well: R&D experts will discuss how they take the social cross-cultural differences into consideration in the development of new food offers or new services to international clients. 



The Center for Food and Hospitality Research, Institut Paul Bocuse, gives a great importance to the collaboration between the different scientific disciplines as well as to the interaction between researchers and professionals from industry and food service. Thus this symposium aims at continuing on this way by encouraging contributions from different disciplines and fields of research.

 It is also a unique opportunity to present research works and applied studies focusing on cross-cultural questions in the food and foodservice sectors.

Social and cultural aspects of food and hospitality can be considered at international or national levels.

Main topics

Contributions could address a wide range of topics; such as:

  • Whether and how differences between cultures are reflected in food or culinary practices and habits,
  • The relationship between social factors and food habits
  • The challenge of preserving local food cultures in a globalized economy and the emerging models of innovation in food systems
  • Cross-cultural management issues in the foodservice industry
  • The role of other guests on choices in restaurant, Social facilitation at meals
  • Methodological concerns in defining and delimiting particular “cultural groups”, especially in the field of food studies.

Submission guidelines

Proposed communications would possibly develop topics in relation to meal pleasure and to health and well-being. 

Participants are welcome to submit oral or poster communications.

300-word abstracts describing the proposed contribution have to be sent to

Before: March 6th

Scientific Comitee 

  •  Agnès Giboreau (Institut Paul Bocuse)
  •  Maxime Michaud (Institut Paul Bocuse)
  •  Laure Saulais (Institut Paul Bocuse)
  •  Jérémie Lafraire (Institut Paul Bocuse)


  • Institut Paul Bocuse - 1 Chemin de Calabert
    Écully, France (69130)


  • Wednesday, April 20, 2016


  • food, cross-cultural, culinary, society, eating


  • Maxime Michaud
    courriel : symposium [at] institutpaulbocuse [dot] com

Information source

  • Maxime Michaud
    courriel : symposium [at] institutpaulbocuse [dot] com

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