InicioRevealing Ordinary Jerusalem (1840-1940): New archives and perspectives on urban citizenship and global entanglements

InicioRevealing Ordinary Jerusalem (1840-1940): New archives and perspectives on urban citizenship and global entanglements

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Publicado el lunes 09 de mayo de 2016


Open Jerusalem first international symposium, entitled “Revealing Ordinary Jerusalem (1840-1940): New archives and perspectives on urban citizenship and global entanglements,” is taking place at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies in Rethymno (Greece) on 10-12 May 2016. It aims to serve as a forum for deepening discussions and initiating scientific debates, with contributions from members of the Open Jerusalem team, scholars specializing in related topics, urban historians and specialists of the region.



The Open Jerusalem project (full title: Opening Jerusalem Archives: For a connected history of citadinité in the Holy City, 1840–1940) is funded by the European Research Council (starting grant) from 2014 to 2019 and based at the Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University in France. The project is directed by Vincent Lemire and run jointly with the researchers of the core team: Stephane Ancel, Yasemin Avcı, Leyla Dakhli, Angelos Dalachanis, Abdul-Hameed al-Kayyali, Falestin Naili, Yann Potin and Maria Chiara Rioli. Additionally, so far more than forty scholars from Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Canada have been involved in the project.

The Open Jerusalem project aims to unlock and connect different archives and sources in order to investigate the ordinary, entangled history of a global city through the lens of the concept of urban citizenship (citadinité). Citadinité is for a city what nationality is for a country and materializes itself in institutions, actors and practices. The project provides a bottom–up history of Jerusalem, a perspective that has been neglected by historians of the city, who have been generally preoccupied with ideological and geostrategic issues. This history is also a connected one because, within a complex documentary archipelago, the researchers seek points of contact revealing the exchanges, interactions, conflicts and, at times, hybridizations between different populations and traditions. The project is characterized by the scientific quality of its research tools, the close attention it pays to local archives and its unbiased openness to all demographic segments of the Holy City’s population. The transition of the project from an archival into an academic one is proceeding in three concurrent phases: the first involves creating an overview of the available resources, the second the organization of inventories and their presentation in a web portal and the third the development of a new urban history of Jerusalem from 1840 to 1940 through books and several other publications.


Tuesday 10 May


  • 8:45: Welcoming address: Vincent Lemire, Director of the Open Jerusalem project, Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University


1. Opening the Archives

Coordinator: Leyla Dahkli, CNRS - Centre Marc Bloch •

Discussant: Yann Potin, French National Archives

  • Stephane Ancel, IMAF (Paris): Looking for the Daily Life of Orthodox Ethiopians in Jerusalem (1840-1940): New Archival Research
  • Angelos Dalachanis, Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University / Agamemnon Tselikas, Paleographic and Historical Archive of the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation: The Archives of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem from the Late Ottoman and Mandate Periods
  • Şerife Eroğlu Memiş, Hacettepe Unıversity: Esas (Atîk and Cedîd Şahsiyet) Registers as Archival Sources for the Waqf Studies: The Case of the Waqfs of Magharibah Neighborhood


2. Imperial and Local Authorities

Coordinator: Maria Chiara Rioli, Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) •

Discussant: Beshara Doumani, Brown University

  • Yasemin Avcı, Pamukkale University / Vincent Lemire, Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University: Collective Petitions (Arz-ı Mahzar) as a Reflective Archival Source of Jerusalem ‘Citadinité’ at the End of 19th Century
  • Mahmoud Yazbak, University of Haifa: Ottoman Municipalities in Palestine, the Cases of Nablus, Haifa and Nazareth, 1864-1914
  • Falestin Naili, Ifpo (Amman) / Abla Muhtadi, Independent researcher: Times of Change: The End of the Egyptian Rule in the Mirror of the Registers of the Tribunal of Jerusalem (1840-1841)


3. Scales of Belonging

Coordinator: Stephane Ancel, IMAF (Paris) •

Discussant: Jens Hanssen, University of Toronto

  • Salim Tamari, Institute for Palestine Studies: A Study on Endowed Properties in the Old City Based on Ottoman, Mandate and Jordanian Tax Records
  • Yali Hashash, Tel Aviv University: Global Networking and Communal Boundaries: The Jewish Poor of 19th Century Jerusalem
  • Konstantinos Papastathis, University of Luxembourg: Religious Politics and Property Management in Early Mandate Palestine: The Case of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Wednesday 11 May



4. Public Knowledge

Coordinator: Falestin Naili, Ifpo (Amman) •

Discussant: George Hintlian, Gulbenkian Library

  • Leyla Dakhli, CNRS/ Centre Marc Bloch / Maria Chiara Rioli, Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa): Printed Voices of the City: The Franciscan Tipografia 1847-1930’s
  • Arman Khachatryan, Ben Gurion University of the Negev: On some Issues of St. Jacob’s Armenian Publishing House in Jerusalem
  • Abdul-Hameed Al-Kayyali, Ifpo (Amman) / Hassan Ahmed Hassan, University of Jordan: Jerusalem’s Public Sphere as Reflected in the Hebrew Newspaper Ha-zvi


5. Cultural Networks

Coordinator: Yann Potin, French National Archives •

Discussant: Leyla Dakhli, CNRS - Centre Marc Bloch

  • Issam Nassar, Qatar University and Illinois State University: An Ottoman Life: Wasif Jawhariyeh’s Jerusalem
  • Elena Astafieva, CNRS/CERCEC: The Russian Orthodox Pilgrims to Jerusalem in the second half of the 19th Century: Between the “Old Jerusalem” and the New “Russian Constructions”
  • Yair Wallach, SOAS, University of London: Reading the City, Writing the Self: Arabic and Hebrew Urban Texts in Jerusalem 1840-1940

Thursday 12 May



6. Building the City

Coordinator: Yasemin Avcı, Pamukkale University •

Discussant: Falestin Naili, Ifpo (Amman)

  • Jens Hanssen, University of Toronto: Archives of Urban Renewal in Ottoman Beirut
  • Sotirios Dimitriadis, Greek Ministry of Culture: The Construction of Urban Infrastructure in Late Ottoman Palestine: The Tramway Concession of Jerusalem
  • Roberto Mazza, University of Limerick: “To Preserve and Safeguard the Amenities of the Holy City Without Favour or Prejudice to Race or Creed”. The Pro-Jerusalem Society and Ronald Storrs 1917-1926


7. Urban Policies and Public Order

Coordinator: Abdul-Hameed Al-Kayyali, Ifpo (Amman) •

Discussant: Andreas Lyberatos, Panteion University & IMS/FORTH

  • Noemi Levy-Aksu, Boğaziçi University: Integrating the Police into the Urban Fabric: The Police Stations as a Locus of Citadinité in the Late Ottoman Cities?
  • Philippe Bourmaud, IFEA (Istanbul): The Meanings of Hygiene. Health Promotion from Late Ottoman to Early Mandate Jerusalem (1908-1924)
  • Avner Wishnitzer, Tel Aviv University: Light and Enlightenment in Late Ottoman Jerusalem


8. Sharing Spaces: Contacts, Claims, Conflicts

Coordinator: Angelos Dalachanis, Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University •

Discussant: Christos Hadjiiossif, IMS/FORTH & University of Crete

  • Lauren Banko, University of Manchester: Constituting Citizenship Claims: Political, Social, and Civic Spaces for Communitarian Citizenship in Mandate Palestine
  • Elia Etkin, Tel Aviv University: Arab-Jewish Interaction in Mandate Jerusalem: The Case of the Bayit VaGan Neighborhood
  • Louis Fishman, Brooklyn College CUNY: Invisible Neighbors? Mapping out Jewish-Palestinian Relations During the Late Ottoman Period


Concluding Debate

Director of the Open Jerusalem project

  • Vincent Lemire

Scientific committee

  • Stephane Ancel
  • Yasemin Avcı
  • Leyla Dakhli
  • Angelos Dalachanis
  • Abdul-Hameed Al-Kayyali
  • Vincent Lemire
  • Falestin Naili
  • Yann Potin
  • Maria Chiara Rioli

Organizing committee

  • Angelos Dalachanis
  • Vincent Lemire
  • Katerina Stathi


  • Institut for Mediterranean Studies, Ioannou Melissinou
    Rétino, Grecia


  • martes 10 de mayo de 2016
  • miércoles 11 de mayo de 2016
  • jueves 12 de mayo de 2016

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