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Dynamics of regional governance: competition or complementarities between territories?

Dynamiques de gouvernance régionale : concurrences ou complémentarités territoriales ?

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Published on Thursday, November 17, 2016


Le projet EURÉGIO s’intéresse aux régions et au régionalisme dans l’Union européenne. Il aborde les régions comme des unités territoriales et des entités socio-politiques situées à une échelle intermédiaire, entre le local et l’État (central, fédéral). Les objectifs sont d’évaluer les connaissances, d’encourager le débat et d’envisager les évolutions des régions et du régionalisme dans le contexte de la construction européenne, à travers des exemples et illustrations issus des États-membres de l’Union européenne.


Jean Monnet Project, EURÉGIO – Regions and regionalism in the European Union

Programme of the 2nd Lille Jean Monnet Workshop

Dynamics of regional governance: competition or complementarities between territories?

December 7th 2016

Morning (9h-12h30)

9h00. Opening and presentation

9h15. Conference by Ioan Horga (Univ. Oradea, Chaire Jean Monnet, Romania) From decentralisation to recentralisation in Central and Eastern Europe: case study Romania

9h45. Conference by Olivier Sykes (Univ. Liverpool, England) City regionalism and regional development in England

10h15. Pause

10h30. Conference by Marcelo D’Almeida Mederos (Federal Univ. Pernambouco, Recife, Brazil) The Federative Republic of Brazil: regions, regionalism and foreign policy

11h. Discussion and debate

Lunchtime (12h30-14h)

Afternoon (14h-18h00)

14h-15h30. Round table 1 Governance of Regional Planning: what dialogue(s) between territories?

Regional spaces gather many territorial entities acting on different scales, like for instance communes, groupings of communes, French départements or Belgian provinces. Regional authorities must then conduct their action in accordance with the other territorial authorities situated within the regional perimeter. The State can also be a crucial partner for regional policies. Relations between these authorities and bodies are differently regulated according to the different national socio-political contexts. This round table focuses on these questions, regarding in particular territorial planning development policies, with the participation of several professional stakeholders from different institutional backgrounds.


  • A representative of Region Hauts-de-France
  • Rainer Wilking, European Planning Department, Land of North-Rhine-Westphalia
  • Sophie Le Flamanc, Head of Cabinet of the President of Département du Nord
  • Jean-Cédric Delvainquière, Study Officer, Ministry of Culture and Communication
    • Chair: Thomas Perrin

15h30. Pause

15h45-17h15. Round Table 2 Regions and metropolises in Europe: a particular relationship?

Even though, as was shown during the first Lille Jean Monnet Workshop on April 2016, the forms and organisations of regionalisation prove to be very diverse from one European State to another, region and metropolis appear to be the two scales of reference for spatial planning and development policies in contemporary Europe. Nevertheless, the implementation and concrete impact of this increasing territorial dualism is far from being entirely measured. This round table addresses the question of articulation and synergy between regions and metropolises. It gathers professional and civil stakeholders from different metropolitan regions in Europe.


  • Alberto Leboreiro Amaro, General Sub-Director of Regional Planning, Autonomous Community of Madrid
  • Marjolein Stamsnijder, Officer, Metropoolregio Amsterdam
  • A representative of Brussels-Capital Region
  • Jean-Marie Ernecq, Vice-President of the Civil Forum of Eurométropole Lille-Courtrai-Tournai
    • Chair: François-Olivier Seys

17h15. Pause

17h30. Presentation of the Jean Monnet student workshop

Topic: Regional identities and policies in Europe

17h45. Closing and announcement of the next Lille Jean Monnet Workshop (April 2017)



  • Métropole européenne de Lille - 1 rue du Ballon
    Lille, France (59034)


  • Wednesday, December 07, 2016


  • Union européenne, région, régionalisme


  • Thomas Perrin
    courriel : thomas [dot] perrin [at] univ-lille [dot] fr
  • Elsa Delfort
    courriel : elsa [dot] delfort [at] univ-lille1 [dot] fr

Information source

  • Elsa Delfort
    courriel : elsa [dot] delfort [at] univ-lille1 [dot] fr


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