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Nodegoat: Databases – Social Network Analysis - Visualisations

Nodegoat : bases de données, analyse de réseaux, visualisations

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Published on Friday, December 16, 2016 by Céline Guilleux


Une journée de formation à l’utilisation de la plateforme Nodegoat est organisée au sein du laboratoire Sphère. Nodegoat est un outil de création de bases de données, d’analyse de réseaux et de visualisation en ligne particulièrement adapté à la recherche en sciences humaines, et plus particulièrement aux recherches historiques. Nodegoat est développé par Pim van Bree et GeertKessels (LAB 1100), qui assureront cette formation.



The lab SPHère organises a one-day workshop on the use of nodegoat. Nodegoat is a web-based data management, network analysis & visualisation environment. It is particularly suitable for research in the humanities and especially historical research. Nodegoat is developped by Pim van Bree and Geert Kessels (LAB 1100), who will teach during the workshop.

This workshop will allow participants to learn how to use nodegoat through hands-on exercises. The end of the afternoon will be devoted to specific and advanced features of nodegoat (see program below). All participants who already have a database or a project which requires the development of a database are strongly invited to present their research the day before, during the ‘Rencontre « Données et réseaux ; genre et sciences»’ (16/01/2017). This will allow for exercises based on the participants’ own data and projects. Please note that the workshop will be taught in English.


Registration is free but compulsory (20 participants max). erman.conferences@gmail.com


  • 09.30 Welcome
  • 09.45 Databases in the humanities: challenges and opportunities
  • 10.30 Learn how to enter data into nodegoat.

Hands on tutorial on how to enter data into a data model in nodegoat.

  • 11.15 Learn how to build a data model in nodegoat (individual/groups)

Hands on tutorial on how to create a data model in nodegoat. Next, participants may form groups or

work individually to create a project in nodegoat, based on the data model they have conceptualised.

  • 13.30 Lunch
  • 14.30 Enter data into your own data model (individual/groups)

Once the data model is ready, data can be entered into nodegoat to produce geographic and social network visualisations.

  • 15.00 Presentation of results

Each project will be presented to discuss its strengths, weaknesses and consequences (in terms of feasibility/workload).

  • 15:45 Break
  • 16:00 Filter, scope, and visualisations
  • 16:30 Linked data

A brief introduction on the principles behind Linked Data and how this can be used to make datasets interoperable.

  • 16.45 Q&A, final remarks
  • 17.30 End of workshop


  • salle 366A-Klimt - 4 rue Elsa Morante
    Paris, France (75013)


  • Tuesday, January 17, 2017


  • Nodegoat, base de données, visualisation, réseau


  • Sarah Erman
    courriel : erman [dot] conferences [at] gmail [dot] com

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  • Sarah Erman
    courriel : erman [dot] conferences [at] gmail [dot] com

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