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Publié le lundi 27 février 2017 par Anastasia Giardinelli


Los numerosos conflictos armados alrededor del mundo hacen que la paz sea un anhelo para millones de personas. En el caso de Colombia, su búsqueda desde hace más de 60 años de conflicto interno parece llegar a su fin, después del acuerdo final al que llegaron el Gobierno Colombiano y la guerrilla de las FARC-EP en la Habana, para ‘la terminación del conflicto y la construcción de una paz estable y duradera’ 



Numerous armed conflicts around the world make that peace be a longing for millions. In the case of Colombia, peace has been sought for more than 60 years of an internal conflict that seems to be coming to an end, thanks to the final agreement that the Colombian government and the FARC-EP reached to ‘end the armed conflict and build a stable and lasting peace’

Nevertheless, political polarization in the country has made many doubt the legitimacy of these agreements. This became evident during the vote of Plebiscite on October 2nd 2016, whose results showed the deep division of Columbia in respect to the end of the armed conflict.

For this reason, we believe that to deal with the problem from the perspective of classics, it can help to clarify what peace means, to define what it means to achieve peace, to propose strategies to overcome ideological differences, to find common ground to achieve agreements, to make flexible positions, and finally to set foundations that can guarantee a long lasting peace.

We suggest as possible topics:

  • Definitions of 'peace' in antiquity
  • Mythological, literary and artistic representations of Peace
  • Examples of negotiations and peace agreements among ancient peoples
  • Peacemakers characters
  • Peace from the perspective of the actors and non-actors in the conflict
  • The consequences and challenges of conflicts ending
  • The post-conflict
  • Maintenance of peace
  • The role of the judicial system in resolving conflicts

Other topics not related to peace will be accepted as well

The special guests include Dr. Vicente Cristóbal López of the Complutense University of Madrid, Dr. David Konstan of the University of New York and Dr. Jeffrey C. Witt of the Loyola University Maryland.

Thematic panels

Thematic panels shall consist of communications that deal with one central theme, a research problem or a particular author. These panels may be made up of 3 to 5 persons, in a maximum of two hours, including discussion with the public. The panels will have a coordinator who will give a brief presentation of the proposed ideas (maximum 100 words) and an abstract of the papers (between 150 and 300 words). This is an ideal space for presenting the work of research groups or research incubators.

Submission guidelines

Those interested in participating with a paper out of the thematic panels should send an abstract not exceeding 300 words. Its length will be 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

The subjects, both panels and the communications should be related to the ancient Greek and Roman cultures (classical philology, linguistics, literature, history, philosophy, classical tradition, reception, rhetoric, law, etc.).

All papers or thematic panels (in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French or English) should include the full name of the author(s) and institutional affiliation, if any.

The deadline for submission is 24th March 2017

  • Proposals should be sent via the following form:
  • Thematic panels:
  • Communications:
  • Contacto:

Scientific committee

  • Dra Soledad Correa, Conicet Argentina
  • Dr David García Pérez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • Dr David Konstan, Brown University-New York University
  • Dr Francisco Lisi Berterbide, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Dr Mariano Navas, Universidad de los Andes (Mérida, Venezuela)


  • Edificio Antonio Nariño. Departamento de Lingüística. - Ciudad Universitaria Kr 30 Calle 45
    Bogotá, Colombie (111311)


  • vendredi 24 mars 2017


  • paz, negociación, antigüedad clásica


  • Juan Felipe González Calderón
    courriel : jfgonzalezc [at] unal [dot] edu [dot] co
  • Gemma Bernadó Ferrer
    courriel : g [dot] bernado [at] uniandes [dot] edu [dot] co
  • Ronald Forero Álvarez
    courriel : ronal [dot] forero [at] unisabana [dot] edu [dot] co

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  • Juan Felipe González Calderón
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