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European citizenship - the social construction of a co-existence project

Citoyenneté européenne : la construction sociale d'un projet de coexistence

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Published on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Le Ministère italien de l'Education, de l'Université et de la Recherche, en partenariat avec l'Institut Italien des Etudes Germaniques el l'Université Roma Tre, organise deux journées d'études et de haute formation au sujet de la Citoyenneté européenne à l'occasion du soixantième anniversaire de la signature des Traites de Rome.


The Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, along with the Italian Institute for Germanic Studies and the University Roma Tre, organizes two workshops of advanced training for discussing the European citizenship on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

The revival of the European integration project should be based on a deep political-cultural commitment in a position to achieve:

  1. the Renewal of a consensus based decision-making process through the pursuit of objectives of peace and social Cohesion;
  2. the  Renewing teaching strategies of the History that cannot be just a static evocation of the past, but rather an active interpretation and reconstruction of meaningful ties that led to the formation of a democratic, effective and supportive idea of European citizenship.

The first study day will be at the Senate of the Republic on "Forming European citizens in the 60 years since the signing of the Treaties of Rome" on March 30, 2017, h. 15:00 19:00 (Palazzo Giustiniani, via della Dogana Vecchia, 29, Roma)

The second study day will be held at the Chamber of Deputies on "European citizenship: the social construction of a coexistence project" on April 18, 2017 h. 15:19 (Piazza Montecitorio, Sala Aldo Moro, Roma)

PROGRAM April, 18 2017

Those wishing to attend the workshops, are expected to notify their own attendance: cittadini.europaunita@gmail.com


  • Sala Aldo Moro - Camera dei Deputati, Piazza Montecitorio - Piazza Montecitorio
    Rome, Italian Republic


  • Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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  • Unification européenne, Traités de Rome 1957

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  • Marialuisa Lucia Sergio
    courriel : marialuisalucia [dot] sergio [at] uniroma3 [dot] it


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