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Published on Monday, April 24, 2017


As suggested by its name, Passerelle, is the result of a collaborative, multidisciplinary consultation that aims to publish research works carried out in the field of translation / translation studies as well as related fields that support it.




As suggested by its name, Passerelle, is the result of a collaborative, multidisciplinary consultation that aims to publish research works carried out in the field of Translation / Translation studies as well as related fields that support it.

As a multifaceted activity, translation has been further polished with the emergence of new technologies and under the pressure of the constant flow of exchanges generated by Globalization.

Indeed, it is no longer approached as a mere commercial product, but as a dynamic process of interpretation and communication that requires today from professionals to take into consideration many of its extra-textual, sociocultural, terminological, neological, publishing, etc, aspects.

With view to building on Paul Ricoeur’s(1997) ” Translation as Challenge and source of Happiness”, this journal aims to be fairly open to foster a brainstorming process on the many questions raised by one of the oldest trades in the world. It is aimed at all those who question the phenomena of language and their relation to Translation / Translation studies/ Computer-assisted Translation.

Time has come to instil, in the training provided at HAIT, a cognitive complement that PASSERELLE will henceforth provide.

Submission guidelines

Deadline 01/08/2017

Passerelle invites scholars, professionals and students interested in the translation activity or related fields (terminology, neology, Natural Language Processing, Automatic Translation, CAT, Corpus Linguistics, etc.) to submit their papers for review (the complete paper in Word and PDF formats) in accordance with publishing standards[i], via e-mail : isat_passerelle@isat-al.org

Languages: Arabic, French, English, Spanish.

After an editorial review, authors will be contacted before 30/10/2017


The articles should not exceed 6000 words (bibliography not included) or about 40 000 characters (spaces included). They must respect the classical structure of a scientific article. The article must include an abstract, keywords and a biography of the author(s).

Selection Committee

  • Fahd Salem Khalil Abdullah Errached (ALECSO)
  • Inam Bioud (Institut Supérieur Arabe de Traduction)
  • Moussa Ould B’nou (Université de Mauritanie)
  • Zahra Bouchentouf (Université de Viennes)
  • Bedjaoui Meriem (Ecole National Supérieure de Sciences politiques -Alger-)
  • ferchouli Fatma Zohra (Ecole National Supérieure de Sciences politiques -Alger-)
  • Abdullah Talal (Université de Jordanie)
  • Nafez Shammas (Université de Jordanie)
  • Rakan Cheikh Abdou (Institut Supérieur Arabe de Traduction)
  • Mohamed Elkhouli (Les Nations Unies)
  • Haitham Ennahi (Arab Organization For Translation)


  • 01 Rampe Salah Gherbi
    Algiers, Algeria (16000)


  • Tuesday, August 01, 2017


  • traduction, terminologie, néologie, TAL, TA, TAO, langues de spécialité, linguistique de corpus


  • Mériem Bedjaoui
    courriel : isat_passerelle [at] isat-al [dot] org

Information source

  • Mossaab MESSAMAH
    courriel : colloque [dot] isat [at] gmail [dot] com


CC0-1.0 This announcement is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal.

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