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Rent regulation policies in Europe (1914-2014)

Les politiques publiques de contrôle des loyers en Europe (1914-2014)

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Published on Wednesday, May 31, 2017


In reaction to the continuing rise of housing rents, the French government has adopted specific policies (in particular the “loi ALUR” of August, 2015), which reintroduce rent regulation. This measure is not a novelty. It has been used several times in recent history, in particular in reaction to crises: situations of war or recession. It is not a French particularity either. Confronted with situations of social or economic crises, other European countries have used similar measures. The objective of this seminar is to engage researchers from different countries (France, Great-Britain, Netherlands), and from different academic backgrounds (economics, history, sociology, urban planning) in a debate concerning the emergence, the implementation and the effects of policies of rent regulation.



Accueil des participants (à partir de 9h)

Matin (9h30-12h30)

— Introduction générale (Loïc Bonneval) —

  • Genèse et coûts des politiques d’encadrement des loyers (1914-1926) ( François Robert) discutante Claire Lévy-Vroelant
  • Private renting in comparative perspective (Tony Crook – sous réserve) discutant Loïc Bonneval

Après-midi (14h – 17h)

  • Rental policy in the Netherlands From oppression to stimulation of the private rental sector (Joris Hoekstra) discutant Roelof Verhage
  • The impacts on rent control on maintenance: historical analysis in Lyon (Florence Goffette-Nagot) discutante Anne Laferrère

Save the date : cette journée se prolongera les 14 et 15 juin à l’ENS de Lyon par le séminaire de l’ENHR (European Network for Housing Research) sur le secteur locatif privé. Le programme sera diffusé prochainement. Pour y participer (cf. contact). 

Comité d’organisation

  • Loïc Bonneval (Centre Max Weber),
  • Florence Goffette-Nagot (Gate),
  • François Robert (Triangle),
  • Roelof Verhage (Triangle)               

Contact : françois.robert@ens-lyon.fr (accès libre dans la limite des places disponibles – inscription obligatoire – merci d’indiquer si vous souhaitez participer au repas de midi)


  • ENS Lyon, Site Descartes, salle F 005 - 15 parvis René-Descartes
    Lyon, France (69007)


  • Tuesday, June 13, 2017


  • encadrement loyers, moratoire, régulation, économie immobilière


  • François Robert
    courriel : francois [dot] robert [at] ens-lyon [dot] fr

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  • François Robert
    courriel : francois [dot] robert [at] ens-lyon [dot] fr


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