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Data modelisation workshop with nodegoat

Atelier de modélisation de données avec nodegoat

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Published on Thursday, October 05, 2017


Nodegoar est un environnement web qui permet la gestion, l'analyse et la visualisation de données, développé par Pim van Bree et Geert Kessels (LAB1100). Une base de données bien réfléchie offre aux projets d'histoire numérique la possibilité d'analyses variées, de visualisations et d'interconnexion. Toute base de données historiques nécessite une compréhension approfondie des modèles conceptuel et logique des données. De même, le développement d'une interface adaptée est aussi une question importante. L'atelier aborde trois phases distinctes dans la modélisation des données: l'élaboration du modèle conceptuel, la conception du modèle logique de données et l'utilisation d'une application de base de données.



A well thought-out database for digital history projects allows for various modes of analysis, visualisation, and interconnectivity. Each database with historical data requires a thorough understanding of the underlying conceptual data model and logical data model. Moreover, the interface at hand has to be scrutinised as well. This workshop will deal with the following three distinct levels of any data modelling process:

1. Creating a conceptual data model

What are the types of information that can be identified in the research process, and how do they relate to one another?

2. Creating a logical data model

How will different kinds of information be stored and how to deal with vague / ambiguous / uncertain / contradictory / unique / irregular data?

3. Using a database application

Which options does the database application offer and how can the conceptualised data model best be implemented?

During the workshop, we will first focus on getting a good understanding of these three distinct levels and explore how these levels inform each other. After this, participants will be able to create/refine a data model of their own and learn how to implement this in nodegoat.


No prior knowledge is required to attend this workshop. Participants are required to bring their own laptop to the workshop. No new software has to be installed, as you only need to use a (modern) web-browser.

Pre-workshop preparation

Learn more about nodegoat:



https://nodegoat.net/documentation  (in progress)


Learn more about data modelling:





08:30 - 09.30 Introduction

09:30 - 10.00 Create/refine a conceptual data model based on your own research question

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee break

10:30 - 11:00 Learn how to enter data into nodegoat

11:00 - 11:30 Learn how to create a data model in nodegoat

11:30 - 12:30 Implement a first version your data model into nodegoat

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch break

13:30 - 14:00 Create/refine a logical data model based on your own research question

14:00 - 16:00 Implement your data model into nodegoat and start entering data 

Inscription (https://formulaires.meshs.fr/index.php/777855) 

*Cet atelier est anglophone | This is an English-speaking workshop.


  • Maison européenne des sciences de l'homme et de la société (MESHS), salle 2 - 2, rue des Canonniers
    Lille, France (59)


  • Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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  • nodegoat, données historiques, historical data, base de données, database, visualisation de données, data visualisation


  • Sofia Papastamkou
    courriel : dhnord [at] meshs [dot] fr

Information source

  • Sofia Papastamkou
    courriel : dhnord [at] meshs [dot] fr


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