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Published on Thursday, October 19, 2017


Cette session accueille les propositions de communication qui s'intéressent à la manière dont les « étrangers » sont appréhendés par les polices urbaines en Europe, dans un XVIIIe siècle entendu largement, des années 1670-1680 aux premières décennies du XIXe siècle. Les communications peuvent porter sur la définition des « étrangers » et leur statut, l'apparition de catégories nationales, les pratiques policières et les interactions entre police et étrangers dans l'espace urbain, les transformations policières face aux étrangers, les interactions entre les pratiques locales et les politiques nationales. Nous souhaitons encourager à l'occasion de cette rencontre les comparaisons européennes.


Session SS20. Policing foreigners in European Cities During the Long Eighteenth Century


Until the 18th century, the policing of “foreigners”, in the modern sense of subjects/citizens of a different state, was generally undertaken at the level of the city rather than of the country as a whole, and it primarily targeted travellers and those suspected of subversion. Those who came to work, or to seek refuge, were less often the objects of surveillance. Even the idea of the “foreigner” remained ambiguous and could apply to those who came from the countryside as much as to people who arrived from other states, and there have been some excellent historical studies of migrants in general. But during the eighteenth century we find indications of more rigid legal definitions, particularly for tax purposes, and these too have been the subject of excellent studies.

Main themes

This session is interested in the appearance, in police practices, of a distinction of a more modern kind between domestic subjects and “foreigners”. It seeks to go beyond normative sources in order to understand the functioning, on the ground, of principles of policing concerning foreign subjects. We invite proposals for papers on questions such as:

  •  Why, how, and when did urban authorities begin to take an interest in “foreigners”, understood as those who came from other kingdoms or countries?
  •  Who was defined as a “foreigner”, in this sense, by whom, and why? Were there differences of definition, or in the application of laws or principles, according to place of origin, sex, or the rank or occupation of people of this kind?
  •  What forms of policing were applied to “foreigners” (in this limited sense), and how did these evolve across the long eighteenth century. What was the impact of these practices on the perception of migrants and on their treatment by the inhabitants of the city?
  •  What was the relationship between the policing of foreigners at the level of the town or city, and the policies pursued by the state? 

Our intention is to raise questions about the differences and similarities between individual cities and towns in these respects, according to the type of city, its location in Europe (or elsewhere), and about changes over time.

Submission guidelines


Conference calendar

  • Start of session proposals submission: Thursday 1st December 2016
  • Deadline for session proposals submission: Monday 13th March 2017
  • Notification of sessions acceptance: Wednesday 10th May 2017
  • Start of paper proposals submission: Thursday 1st June 2017
  • Deadline for paper proposals submission: Tuesday 31st October 2017

  • Notification of paper acceptance: Friday 1st December 2017
  • Conference registration start: Friday 1st December 2017
  • Early bird conference registration deadline: Tuesday 15th May 2018
  • Payment deadline: Wednesday 29th August 2018
  • Deadline for full text submissions: Wednesday 15th August 2018
  • Deadline for standard registration: Monday 20th August 2018
  • Conference start date: Wednesday 29th August 2018
  • Conference end date: Saturday 1st September 2018


  • Vincent Denis (vjdenis2@yahoo.fr),
  • David Garrioch (David.Garrioch@monash.edu),
  • Vincent Milliot (vincent000@hotmail.fr)


  • Roma Tre University - Via Silvio d’Amico 77
    Rome, Italian Republic (00145)


  • Tuesday, October 31, 2017


  • migration, police, étranger, nationalité, administration, ville, Europe, histoire moderne


  • Vincent Denis
    courriel : vjdenis2 [at] yahoo [dot] fr

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  • Vincent Denis
    courriel : vjdenis2 [at] yahoo [dot] fr


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