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Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth

Industries culturelles et créatives de l'enfance et de la jeunesse

8th Interdisciplinary Conference on Child and Teen Consumption

8e Colloque international « Child and Teen Consumption »

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Published on Wednesday, February 07, 2018


The interdisciplinary conference « Child and Teen Consumption » aims to facilitate in-depth dialogue between researchers from various disciplines: management, psychology, sociology, information and communication, anthropology, history, educational sciences, law, etc. Whilst the 8th conference will aim to continue interdisciplinary research and dialogue on broad themes related to children and young people as consumers, the theme of the 2018 conference will be « Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth » in order to reflect its location in Angoulême and the growing research and public policy interest in this topic. The conference aims to highlight research in this domaine and invites producers of cultural material to bring their views to the debate.



Du fait de leur visée interdisciplinaire, les colloques Child and Teen Consumption abordent une large variété de thématiques relatives aux liens qui se tissent entre l’enfance ou l’adolescence et les univers de consommation dans différents contextes sociaux et institutionnels. Le colloque fait connaître et valorise des recherches originales qui explorent et rendent visible ce que les enfants comprennent des expériences marchandes auxquelles ils participent et comment ils utilisent les ressources que leur offre le marché pour affirmer leur statut d’enfant vis-à-vis des adultes ou de leur groupe de pairs. Il accueille également des travaux analysant les techniques du marketing jeunesse ainsi que des dispositifs socio-économiques qui façonnent et contraignent les cultures enfantines.


Wednesday 4 April 2018

Official opening of the conference 12.45 - 13.30

KEYNOTE 1: 13.30 – 14.15 Minna RUCKENSTEIN – Associate Professor, University of Helsinki « Gaming life and data traces: transitions in children’s consumption »

Parallel sessions 1: 14.30 – 16.00

Session 1a: Youth, Beverages And Media

Chair: Cristina BADULESCU – University of Poitiers – France

  • The impact of alcohol consumption in movies on attitude and desire to drink in youth: the role of mental image valence, Rémi BREHONNET - La Rochelle Business School – France
  • What parents do is not always right – parents' impact on children's sugar-containing beverage consumption, Susanne PEDERSEN, Alice GRØNHØJ - Aarhus University – Denmark
  •  Adolescents as target populations in regulation of unhealthy food and beverage advertising and marketing, Stephanie CHAMBERS, Lauren WHITE, Rebecca PHIPPS, Shona HILTON - University of Glasgow – United Kingdom

Session 1b: Shops And Toy Libraries

Chair: Dominique DESJEUX – University Descartes Paris – France

  •  Young people behaving badly or creating agency – towards commercial enculturation approach for shops, Eliisa KYLKILAHTI - University of Helsinki – Finland
  •  Gathering the consumer's meta – experience: an example through shopscapes among children from 4 to 12, Nathalie NICOL - HEC Paris – France
  • The toy library, a fun stage on a hybrid path of consumption? Dominique CARRY - University of Poitiers – France

Session 1c: Childhood, Marketing And Ethics

Chair: Daniel T COOK – Rutgers University – United States of America

  • Ethical marketing in the light of childhood : preliminary reflections applied to the food sector, Laëtitia CONDAMIN, Valérie-Inés de LA VILLE - University of Poitiers – France
  • A reflection on child socialization within a solidary economy culture, Marcio DIAS - Catholic University of Brasília – Brazil
  • Child Caring and the Moralisation of Products and Sales Practices, Lydia MARTENS - Keele University – United Kingdom

Parallel sessions 2: 16.15 – 17.45

Session 2a: Ethics, Food Regulation, Media

Chair: David MARSHALL – Edinburgh University – United Kingdom

  • Is nutritional labelling efficient in preventing parents from making unhealthy cereals choices for their children? Luisa AGANTE - School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto – Portugal, Maria SILVA - Nova School of Business and Economics – Portugal
  • Parents' views on responsibility and regulation on digital unhealthy food advertising to children and young people: Ethical perspectives, Lauren Elsie WHITE, Stephanie CHAMBERS, Shona HILTON - University of Glasgow – United Kingdom
  •  Do suggested portion sizes affect how much (un)healthy food children eat? The impact of serving suggestions on snack intake, Goele AERTS, Tim SMITS - KU Leuven-Institute for Media Studies – Belgium

Session 2b: The Creative Consumer Online

Chair: Natalie COULTER - York University – Canada

  • The 'play-sumer' in and of creative industries, Daniel T. COOK - Rutgers University – Unites States of America
  • Branding the creative child: Creative industries and (e)valuations of children's imagination, Yelyzaveta HRECHANIUK - Linköping University – Sweden
  • The customization of news websites' media contents by young adults, Diego SCACALOSSI - Panthéon Assas-Paris II University – France

Session 2c: Cultural Practices And Parenting

Chair: Gilles BROUGERE – University Villetaneuse Paris – France

  •  Fun time, finite time. The meaning of spending extended time together for grandparents and grandchildren, Malene GRAM, Heike SCHÄNZEL, Stephanie O'DONOHOE - University of Edinburgh – United Kingdom, Caroline MARCHANT, Anne KASTARINEN - Aalborg University – Denmark
  •  For the sake of the children? Consumption and fare-well strategies in the face of a parent's terminal illness, Stephanie O'DONOHOE - University of Edinburgh – United Kingdom, Darach TURLEY - Dublin City University – Ireland
  •  Adoption return visits – commercial trips or authentic experiences? Johanna GUSTAFSSON - Linköping University – Sweden

18.15 – 19.30 Visit 1 – Comic Strip Museum Visit 2 – Tumulte Cortex Productions

Thursday 5 April 2018

KEYNOTE 2: 09.00 – 09.45 Marc STEINBERG - Associate Professor, Concordia University, Canada « Delivering Media: The Convenience Store as Media Mix Hub »

Parallel sessions 3 : 10.00 – 12.00

Session 3a: Children And Materialism

Chair: Olivier BADOT – ESCP-EAP Paris – France

  •  Children's views on opportunities for decision – making in the home and the centrality of consumption, Martin SHIRLEY, Deirdre HORGAN, Catherine FORDE - University College Cork – Ireland
  • Measuring Children's Value Perception, Janine WILLIAMS, Aaron GAZLEY - Victoria University of Wellington – New Zealand, Nicholas ASHILL -American University of Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
  • Watching, Wanting and Wellbeing: Exploring the Role of Socio-Economic Status, Agnes NAIRN - University of the West of England – United Kingdom, Suzanna OPREE - Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication – The Netherlands, Paul BOTTOMLEY - Cardiff Business School – United Kingdom
  •  Investigating the Unintended Effects of Television Advertising among Children in Former Soviet Bulgaria, Suzanna OPREE - Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication – The Netherlands, Siana PETROVA, Esther ROZENDAAL - Behavioural Science Institute Radboud University – The Netherlands

Session 3b: Childhood And Markets

Chair: Pascale GARNIER – University Villetaneuse Paris – France

  •  Advancing research on children, childhood and consumer culture? Presenting and debating Childhood and Markets: Infants, Parents and the Business of Child Caring (Lydia Martens, Palgrave MacMillan, May 2018) Lydia MARTENS - Keele University – United Kingdom,
  •  Territorialisation around entities : the challenges of moving analysis of children, childhood and consumer culture forward, Stephanie O’DONOHOE - The University of Edinburgh – United Kingdom
  •  Child caring as a locus for cultural analysis Anna SPARRMAN - Linköping University – Sweden
  •  Purity as a teleoaffective quality of child caring and locus for pecuniary value creationMinna RUCKENSTEIN - University of Helsinki – Finland  Conclusion : Advancing research on children, childhood and consumer culture

Session 3c: Gender, Youth And Media

Chair: Stephen KLINE – Simon Fraser University – Vancouver - Canada

  • Harry Styles or Leo Messi? Differences between Boys and Girls in the Selection of Media Celebrities, Juan Francisco DAVILA - University of Piura – Peru, Monica CASABAYO - ESADE Business School – Spain
  • Teenagers and video games. Gender and age differences in consumption, Samuel COAVOUX - Orange Labs – France
  • Girls’ Bedroom Culture in a Networked World, Nina DUQUE - University of Québec – Canada
  • Children's 'Genderous' Toy Stories, Sarah GOLDSMITH - Glasgow Caledonian University – United Kingdom

Session 3d: Creative Consumers On Youtube

Chair: Valérie-Inés de LA VILLE – University of Poitiers – France

  •  Relations between Brands and youtubers: Strategies employed by influencers for a better engagement, Patricia NUÑEZ GOMEZ - Complutense Madrid University – Spain, Victoria TUR VIÑES - University of Alicante – Spain
  • Performing “authentic” labour: The superfans, influencers and micro-celebrities of children's media culture, Natalie COULTER - York University – Canada
  • Children on YouTube – video consumption and production in the everyday life of children, Stine Liv JOHANSEN - Aarhus University – Denmark
  •  Teenage boys watching “with purpose” – investigating agency and relationships with microcelebrities on youtube, Kate JONES - Auckland University of Technology – New Zealand, Janine WILLIAMS - Victoria University of Wellington – New Zealand

KEYNOTE 3: 13.30 – 14.15 Marc du PONTAVICE – Founder and CEO XILAM « The new challenges confronting French Animation Producers »

Parallel sessions 4: 14.30 – 16.00

Session 4a: Children’s Views On Food

Chair: Malene GRAM – Aalborg University – Denmark

  •  Positioning the child at the heart of his/her school lunch. The case of canteens in French primary schools, Valérie HEMAR-NICOLAS - Paris Sud-Paris XI University – France
  •  Is Tony the Tiger that Threatening for Kids' Health? June MARCHAND - University of Laval – Canada
  • Effects of suggested portion size and type of bread spread on children's spread consumption, Goele AERTS, Tim SMITS - KU Leuven-Institute for Media Studies – Belgium

Session 4b: Consumption, Mothering And Parenting

Chair: Minna RUCKENSTEIN - Consumer Society Research Center - University of Helsinki - Finland

  •  “Digital parenting”: A preliminary analysis of marketing discourses promoted by digital services aimed at children under 6 years, Valérie-Inés de LA VILLE, Tatiana PICQ, Cristina BADULESCU, François BOBRIE - University of Poitiers – France
  •  The influence of mothers: White working-class boys navigating the UK Higher Education Market, Ruth McLELLAN - Southampton Solent University – United Kingdom, Charlotte LYSTOR - University of Winchester – United Kingdom
  •  "Good mothering" labour: consuming and presenting your free, right choice, Shosh DAVIDSON - Gordon College of Education – Israel

Session 4c: Media And Imaginaries Of Food

Chair: Pascal LARDELLIER – University of Bourgogne – France

  •  Mothers choosing seafood for their children: scenarios to restore the feeling of self-efficacy Sofia MESTARI, Valérie-Inés de LA VILLE - University of Poitiers – France  
  • How do Danish and French children make sense of well-being in food context? A crosscultural approach of the concept of Food Well-Being, Liselotte HEDEGAARD - University College Lillebaelt – Denmark, Valérie HEMAR-NICOLAS - University of Paris XI-Paris Sud – France
  •  ‘Imag(e)ining' commensality through the selfie: weekday family meals and practices, David MARSHALL - University of Edinburgh Business School – United Kingdom, Teresa DAVIS - University of Sydney Business School – Australia

Session 4d: Tv Series, Consumption And Teens

Chair: Anna SPARRMAN– Linköping University – Sweden

  •  An Expanding Luxury Land – A journey through the magical world TV series are offering to their teenage audience, Eve LAMENDOUR - University of La Rochelle – France, Cécile FONROUGE - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada
  • Communication practices amongst teenagers in the series 13 Reasons Why: a discussion on youth cultures, expressions of self and risky behaviour, Marcella AZEVEDO - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
  • TV Series in digital media: a study with Brazilian teenagers on global consumption, Viviane RIEGEL, Joana PELLERANO - Superior School of Advertising and Marketing of São Paulo – Brazil

Round Table: 16.15 – 18.00

  • « Financing creative cultural content for young audiences: new forms of advertising, public funding and ethical stakes »

Chaired by Christophe ERBES, Media Consultant

  • Michel MOGGIO - French Federation of Toy Manufacturers
  • Julien VILLEDIEU - National Union of Video Game Producers
  • Julien BORDEExpert, Youth Media
  • Philippe ALESSANDRI - Union of Animation Film Producers

19.30 – 23.00 Gala Dinner, Best Paper Awards

Friday 6 April 2018

KEYNOTE 4: 09.00 – 09.45 Pascal LARDELLIER – Professor, University of Burgundy « Deconstructing generation Y and digital natives: a critical reading of two media and marketing clichés »

Parallel sessions 5: 10.00-12.00

Session 5a: Comics, Brands And Transmedia

Chair: Marc STEINBERG – Concordia University - Canada

  • Comics for children, in France and in the United States : invisibility and genres, Nicolas LABARRE - University of Bordeaux Montaigne – France
  • The position of the author in a production process in the cultural industry, the example of an animated cartoon created from a comic book, Gilles BROUGERE - University of Paris XIII – France
  • Superhero/cartoon brands and fantasy worlds: an investigation into children's brand relationships, Diliara MINGAZOVA - University of East London – United Kingdom
  •  Youth-oriented comic books : an historical account of the rise of a mass-market in Europe… Jean-Pierre MERCIER - Comic Strip Museum, Angoulême – France

Session 5b: Child Audiences And Convergence Culture

Chair: Everardo ROCHA – University PUC Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

  • The Creation of Cultural Value in Children's Media: Studying the Production and Circulation of a Quality-TV Cartoon, Sébastien FRANÇOIS, Pascale GARNIER - University of Paris XIII – France
  • Looking through Alice in Wonderland: imaging cultural industry, Anna SPARRMAN - Linköping University – Sweden
  • Cultural products for children in China: The Case of Bonnie Bears, Kara CHAN, Wenna ZENG - Hong Kong Baptist University – China
  •  Disney’s Frozen Franchise and Transmedia Adaptation, Alison HALSALL - York University – Canada

Session 5c: Identity Construction And Reshaping Of Social Relationships

Chair: Lydia MARTENS – Keele University – UK

  • The problematic place of game-playing in the daily life of children and young people in China, Dominique DESJEUX - Paris Descartes-Paris V – France
  • Teenagers' selfies: love and hate affair, Pedro BRITO, Isabel GONÇALVES - University of Porto – Portugal
  • The contributions of the consumption of luxury brands on the construction of the social identity: qualitative approach on the teenage girl consumer, Arnaud DELANNOY – Normandy Business School – France
  •  Patterns of collaboration, contestation and compromise in the operation of a male teen online gaming circle (DOTA2), Lelia GREEN - Edith Cowan University – Australia

Session 5d: Formal education and children’s cultures

Chair: Régine SIROTA – University Descartes Paris – France

  • The cultural and digital practices of young people in primary and secondary school, Ornella MOLL, Charlotte PREAT - Saint Louis University – Belgium
  • Is pester power the secret to a greener future? Children's stories of Eco-School activities, Elaine RITCH - Glasgow Caledonian University – United Kingdom
  •  The commodification of the childhood in Italy. Historical - educational notes, Noemi Gabriella DONATO - University of Firenze – Italy
  •  How Films can influence Children and Young Adults' Life? An Insight into Abbas Kiarostami's Films for Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults of Iran, Mina REZAEI, Patsy OWENS - University of California – United States of America

Closing speeches / prizes: 12.15 – 12.45

Farewell lunch 12.45 -14.00

Optional visits to angouleme / cognac: 14.30 – 17.00 / 19.00


  • Le Nil (CNAM-ENJMIN) - 138 rue de Bordeaux
    Angoulême, France (16)


  • Wednesday, April 04, 2018
  • Thursday, April 05, 2018
  • Friday, April 06, 2018


  • industries culturelles, sociologie de la consommation, marketing, comportement du consommateur, enfance, jeunesse, alimentation


  • Johnson Maxine
    courriel : ctc2018 [at] univ-poitiers [dot] fr

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