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Sport Heritage and Patrimonial Dynamics

Héritage sportif et dynamique patrimoniale

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Published on Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Ce colloque offre une belle opportunité de se réunir et de discuter à tous ceux qui voient dans le sport une manifestation culturelle, sociale et scientifique dans laquelle l’héritage et le patrimoine représentent un lien essentiel pour relier passé et avenir dans une dynamique transgénérationnelle. Les résumés liant réflexions historiques et champs de l’éducation, de la philosophie, des visuels et des arts, de l’anthropologie, de la sociologie, de la géographie, des études culturelles, des études coloniales et post-coloniales, de l’économie, du marketing, des études juridiques, de la muséographie sont les bienvenus.


2018 CESH-SFHS Call for Papers: Sport Heritage and Patrimonial Dynamics

Joint-Conference: 14th Crossroads of History of Sport of the French Society for Sport History ( /22nd Conference of the European Committee for Sports History (

Hosted by the University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France


In 2024, Paris will again host the summer Olympic Games and, for the first time, the Paralympic Games. This conference on the theme of Sport Heritage and Patrimonial Dynamics, organized under the auspices of the French Society for Sports History and the European Committee for Sports History at the University of Bordeaux 29-31 October 2018, is ideally situated in this perspective. The conference represents a great opportunity for all who see sport as a cultural and political manifestation in which sport heritage represents a vital link between the past and the future.

The Scientific Committee invites academics and non-academics, individuals and organizations to submit proposals related to the theme of Sport Heritage and Patrimonial Dynamics. Abstracts are welcome that link historical reflections and fields of education, philosophy, visual and performing arts, anthropology, sociology, geography, cultural studies, colonial and post-colonial studies, economics, marketing, legal studies, etc. It is also possible to propose less "academic" events, be they in the realm of performance or exhibitions. If you want to organize such events at this conference, please send your proposal to:

Round-tables will be organized to give the opportunity to exchange information and different points of view between people from various fields of studies dealing with Sport Heritage of past or future events such as the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. They will also give the opportunity to debate on specific initiatives such as launching a European virtual museum of sport and an international master training program.

Exhibitions, demonstrations, and performances are already planned at the University (Place Victoire), at the Faculty of Sports Sciences (UF-STAPS, Pessac), as well as at the Museum of Aquitaine. These events are not only intended to preserve and make known to a wider audience the sporting heritage, but also to register it as a real scientific, cultural, and societal project.

For further information, visit the official 2018 conference web page.


The deadline for submission is Friday, 4 May 2018. Please submit all proposals to the online abstract submission page:, indicating the topic of your presentation. The Scientific Committee invites CESH and SFHS members and others to submit proposals according the following format: 20-minute presentation + 10-minute Q&A.

Email of acceptance or rejection will be sent in early-June.

Implicit Agreement to Attend Conference. Submission of an abstract indicates the author’s and co-authors’ intent to register for the conference at the appropriate conference fee and to be available to present on any of the three days of the conference.

Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts (Deadline: Friday, 4 May 2018)

Please submit the abstracts ONLY via the

It is the policies of CESH and SFHS that in order for an author’s name to appear in the Program and the Conference Proceedings, the author must be present at the conference. If you are submitting a paper with more than one author, all authors are expected to attend the conference.

The abstract should include the question(s) addressed in the paper, the evidence to be used, a precise statement of the argument, and what significance the paper has to our understanding of sport history. In order to do that, notions of Sport Heritage and Patrimonial Dynamics should be considered in various ways (cf. site).

Awards: Pierre Arnaud (SFHS) and price of CESH

Both CESH and SFHS give a young researcher award. Detailed information concerning the awards is available on the official websites of CESH ( and SFHS (, respectively.

International Student Seminar

An international student seminar, organized to learn more about the world of research in the social sciences of sport, will take place in parallel applying a mode of mixing games and sciences. In addition to specific presentations allowing the exchange between seniors and young researchers, it is also intended for the participants to learn about the reality of university life in various countries (see program on the site).


Registration for the 2018 CESH-SFHS Conference is being handled through a system operated by the organizers.

Registration for Conference participant includes access to all 2018 CESH-SFHS conference sessions, scientific program, welcome reception, coffee breaks, lunches, gala dinner, social program, conference delegate kit, and membership to the society. For conference participant, you must register at least as a member of CESH or SFHS or both.

Registration foraccompanying person includes welcome reception, coffee breaks, lunches, and gala dinner.

Please contact with any questions

Regular Registration (until 1July 2018)

  • Full registration: 190 euros
  • Accompanying Person: 90 euros
  • Student or Unemployed: 90 euros
  • Special Price for registration to both CESH & SFHS: 215 euros

Late Registration (after 1 July 2018)

  • Full registration:  220 euros
  • Accompanying Person: 120 euros
  • Student or Unemployed: 120 euros
  • Special Price for registration to both CESH & SFHS: 235 euros

Chair: Jean-François Loudcher, Professor, University of Bordeaux

Co-Chair: Ying WuShanley, Professor, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Scientific committee

People in charge of the Scientific Event

    • Loudcher Jean-François, Prof. Bordeaux
    • Wushanley Ying, Professor, Department of Wellness and Sport Sciences, Millersville University, Pennsylvania, USA, 717-871-4211, Invited Researcher, LACES (2018-2019), Bordeaux
  • Aja Teresa Gonzales, Prof. University of Madrid, Polytechnica
  • Albanidis Evangelos, Prof., Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini / Greece
  • Attali Michael, Prof., Université of Rennes (France)
  • Augustin Jean-Pierre, Emeritus Prof., University of Bordeaux, UMR Passage
  • Bancel Nicolas, Prof., University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Bauer Thomas, Asso. Prof./HDR, University of Limoges
  • Bolz Daphné, Asso. Prof./HDR, University of Rouen / CETAPS (EA 3832), Faculty of Sports Sciences and PE
  • Bretin Karen, Asso. Prof.University of Dijon/MSH
  • Callède Jean-Paul, Asso. Prof./HDR, University of Bordeaux, MSHA, CNRS
  • Charroin Pascal, Asso. Prof, University of Saint-Etienne
  • Claverie Eric, Asso. Prof.University of Bordeaux, UFSTAPS, LACES 7437
  • Day Dave, Prof., Manchester Metropolitan University, SPleish
  • Di Meo Guy, Emeritus Prof., University of Bordeaux
  • Figeac-Monthus Marguerite, Prof. University of Bordeaux, CEMMC 2958
  • Fournier Laurent-Sébastien, Asso. Prof., University of Aix-Marseille, Idemec, UMR 7307
  • Froissart Tony, Asso. Prof., University of Reims, UFStaps
  • Gastaut Yvan, Asso. Prof., University of Nice, UFstaps,
  • Hofmann Anette, Asso. Prof., Pedagogic University, Ludwigsburg (Germany)
  • Huggins Mike, Emeritus Prof., University of Cumbria (UK)
  • Kruger Arnd, Prof., Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany)
  • Laffage-Cosnier Sébastien, Asso. Prof.University of Bourgogne.Franche-Comté, C3S
  • Malet Régis, Prof.University of Bordeaux, Sciences de l’éducation, LACES, 7437
  • Muellner Rudolf, Prof., University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Robène Luc, Prof. University of Bordeaux, UMR 7172 THALIM
  • Sabatier Fabien, Asso. Prof., University of Bordeaux, UFstaps, LACES, 7437
  • Suchet André, Ass. Prof., University of Bordeaux, UFstaps, LACES, 7437
  • Teja Angela, Dct., University of Cassino, Italy
  • Terret Thierry, Recteur de l’académie de Rennes, Prof.
  • Vigarello Georges, Emeritus Prof., Institut Universitaire de France, EHESS
  • Vamplew Wray, Global professorial fellow in the Academy of Sport at the University of Edinburgh
  • Vivier Christian, Prof., University of Bourgogne/Franche-Comté, C3S 


  • Université et UFSTAPS - Victoire et Pessac
    Bordeaux, France (33)


  • Friday, May 04, 2018

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  • sport, patrimoine, héritage, histoire, sociologie, culture, ethnologie, ethnographie, musée

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  • jean-François loudcher
    courriel : jean-francois [dot] loudcher [at] u-bordeaux [dot] fr


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