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Published on Friday, March 09, 2018


The categorization of Romanesque by region was a cornerstone of 20th-century scholarship, and the subject is ripe for reappraisal, particularly in relation to transregional and pan-European artistic styles and approaches. In addition to a review of the historiography of the subject, individual papers are concerned with the strength, durability, mutability and geographical scope of regional styles, the extent to which media are important, the assumption and transmission of forms and motifs, the conditions that give rise to the development of transregional styles and the agencies that cut across territorial boundaries.



The British Archaeological Association will hold the fifth in its biennial International Romanesque conference series in conjunction with the Centre d’Études Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale in Poitiers on 4-6 April, 2018. The theme is The Regional and Transregional in Romanesque Art and Architecture, and the aim is to examine the cultural geography of the Latin West between c.1000 and c.1200. The Conference will be held at the University of Poitiers, with the opportunity to stay on for two days of visits to Romanesque buildings on 7-8 April.

Draft conference programme

Wednesday 4 April

09.00 - Registration

09.30 - Introduction

09.45 - Claude Andrault-Schmitt: The Epistemological, Political and Practical issues effecting Regional Categories in French Romanesque Architecture

10.15 - Eric Fernie: Hans Kubach’s Treatment of Regions in the Study of Romanesque architecture

10.45 - Questions

11.00 - Tea/coffee

11.30 - Philip Bovey: Did Zodiaque’s Regional Portrayal create a False Impression as to the Nature of Romanesque

12.00 - Marcello Angheben: Romanesque Sculpture in Aquitaine: A History of the     Marginalisation of a Widely-Imitated Regional Sculptural Style

12.30 - Questions

13:00   Lunch

14.30 - Richard Gem: Ordering and Decorating the Choir and Sanctuary: The Defining Visions of Three Great Patrons and their International Context

15.00 - Teemu Immonen: The Inner Circle: The College of Cardinals and the Formation of Romanesque Art

15.15 - Questions

15.30 - Tea/Coffee

16.00 - Manuel Castiñeiras: The Baldachin-Ciborium: The Shifting Meanings of a        Restricted Liturgical Furnishing

16.30 - Gaetano Curzi: Romanesque Woodcarvers and Plasterers in the Abruzzi: The   Mediterranean Connection

17.00 - Rosa Maria Bacile: The Use of Porphyry in the Norman Kingdom of Sicily: An      Exclusive Commodity for King Roger II or the Establishment of a New Regional Style by a New Monarchy?

17.30 - Questions

19.45 - Conference Dinner

Thursday 5 April

09.30 - Julia Perratore: Crossing the Pyrenees: Transregional Collaboration in the Shaping of Romanesque Aragon

10.00 - Richard Plant: Rolduc and Reception

10.15 - Questions

10.45 - Tea/Coffee

11.15 - Wilfried Keil: ‘School’ or Masons’ Workshop? Reflections on the so Wormser Bauschule and on the Definition of Regional Style

11.45 - John McNeill: The ‘Herefordshire School’ Revisited

12.15   Questions

12.45 - Lunch

14.15 - Tancredi Bella: The Cathedrals of the Norman County of Sicily and their Relationship with Transregional and Transalpine models: Between Historiography and Recent Study         

14.45 - Alexandra Gajewski: ‘Sine rege, sine principe’: Approaches to Categorizing the Abbey Church of Cluny (Cluny III) and its Followers

15.15 - Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo: The Creation of Castilian Identity under Alfonso VIII and Leonor Plantagenet

15.45 - Questions

16.00 - Tea/Coffee

16.30 - Jordi Camps: Transregionalism and Distinction in the Romanesque Woodcarving of 12th-Century Catalonia

17.00 - Michele Vescovi: Santa Fede in Cavagnolo: Transregional Style, Monastic Networks

17.30 - Questions

18.00 - Visit/Reception: Special Opening of Baptistery and Musée Sainte-Croix

Friday 6 April

09.30 - Gerhard Lutz: Hildesheim as a Nexus of Metalwork Production, c. 1130–1250

10.00 - Aleuna Mackarenko: ‘Mosan’ Goldsmithing and its Outreach in the Rhineland,       France and England

10.30 - Questions

10.45 - Tea/Coffee

11.15 - Bonde and Maines: TIRON: The Cultural Geography of a Monastic Order

11.45 - Tomasz Weclawowicz: Four Romanesque Cistercian Abbey Churches in Lesser    Poland

12.15 - Questions

12.45 - Lunch

14.15 - Béla Zsolt Szakács: A country without regions? The case of Hungary

14.45 - James D’Emilio: Romanesque Architecture and Sculpture in Galicia: A Regional Style?

15.15 - Benjamin Zweig: Reassessing the Problem of Romanesque in Scandinavia  

15.45 - Questions

16.00 - Tea/Coffee

16.30 - Cecily Hennessy: Winchester’s Holy Sepulchre Chapel and Byzantium:   Iconographic Transregionalism?

17.00 - Kristen Collins: Regional and Transregional in Museum Displays of Romanesque Art

19.30 - Conference Dinner


  • Wednesday, April 04, 2018
  • Thursday, April 05, 2018
  • Friday, April 06, 2018


  • Romanesque Art, Romanesque Architecture, Middel Ages, Regional, Transregional, Art history, 11th and 12th centuries


  • Marcello Angheben
    courriel : marcello [dot] angheben [at] univ-poitiers [dot] fr
  • John Mcneill
    courriel : jsmcneill [at] btinternet [dot] com

Information source

  • Vanessa Ernst-Maillet
    courriel : vanessa [dot] ernst [dot] maillet [at] univ-poitiers [dot] fr


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