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Transitions into parenthood

Childbearing, childrearing, and the changing nature of parenting

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Published on Monday, August 13, 2018


Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research (CPFR), an annual series which focuses upon cutting-edge topics in family research around the globe, is seeking manuscript submissions for its 2019 volume. The 2019 volume of CPFR will focus on the theme of “Transitions into Parenthood: Childbearing, Childrearing, and the Changing Nature of Parenting.”



Around the globe, the very conceptualization of family is associated with the relationship between a parent and a child. The birth of a child represents both the end of one experience, wherein parents have been preparing for the arrival of the child, and also the beginning of yet another experience, involving the rearing of the child. Entry into parenthood represents a fundamental shift in family structure and family dynamics. Furthermore, these decision to have a child has substantial bearing upon the larger society, particularly in regards to population issues. Quite obviously, the two components of childbearing and childrearing vary considerably across cultures, and over time, and each of these continues to change. In order to better understand the transitions into parenthood, this multidisciplinary volume of CPFR will address such topics as: employment and fertility, socioeconomic status and parenting styles, the role of ICTs in the transition into parenthood, childbearing desires versus childbearing outcomes, the social media construction of parenthood, predictors of fertility preferences, the social construction of parenthood through consumption practices, gender differences in childrearing, infertility and fertility clinics, migration and fertility patterns, parental discipline and child outcomes, and non-parental childrearing, among others.

Submission guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted directly to the editors (rosalina@uevora.pt and slblair@buffalo.edu), preferably in MS WORD format. Manuscripts should not exceed approximately 40 double-spaced pages (not including tables, figures, and references). Submission of a manuscript implies commitment to publish in CPFR. Manuscripts should adhere to the APA format. Manuscripts should represent previously unpublished work. An abstract of 150-200 words should be included at the beginning of each manuscript. All manuscripts will undergo peer review.

The deadline for initial submissions is January 31, 2019.

Any questions may be directed to the editors at rosalina@uevora.pt and slblair@buffalo.edu.

Co Editors

The 2019 volume will be coedited by Rosalina Pisco Costa of the University of Évora (Portugal) and Sampson Lee Blair of The State University of New York (USA).

Series Editor

  • Sampson Lee Blair, The State University of New York (United States of America)

Editorial Board

  • Anja-Kristin Abendroth Bielefeld University (Germany)
  • Clarence M. Batan University of Santo Tomas (Philippines)
  • Eli Buchbinder University of Haifa (Israel)
  • Yu-Hua Chen National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
  • Patricia Neff Claster Edinboro University (United States of America)
  • Teresa M. Cooney University of Colorado-Denver (United States of America)
  • Rosalina Pisco Costa University of Évora (Portugal)
  • Alda Britto da Motta Federal University of Bahia (Brazil)
  • Olufemi Adeniyi Fawole University of Ilorin (Nigeria)
  • Giovanna Gianesini University of Verona (Italy)
  • Ana Josefina Cuevas Hernandez University of Colima (Mexico)
  • Bryndl Hohmann-Marriott University of Otago (New Zealand)
  • Cardell K. Jacobson Brigham Young University (United States of America)
  • Josip Obradović Catholic University of Croatia (Croatia)
  • Ria Smit University of Johannesburg (South Africa)
  • Fleur Thomése VU University, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


  • Thursday, January 31, 2019


  • parenthood, childbearing, childrearing, parenting


  • Rosalina Costa
    courriel : rosalina [at] uevora [dot] pt

Information source

  • Rosalina Costa
    courriel : rosalina [at] uevora [dot] pt


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