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Wine studies, wine worlds, networks and scales

« Wine studies », monde du vin, réseaux et échelles

Intermediation in the production, distribution and consumption of wine

Intermédiation dans la production, la distribution et la consommation du vin

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Published on Monday, October 15, 2018


L'objectif de cette rencontre réside dans une approche diachronique destinée à montrer les emboîtements d’échelles qui sont à l’oeuvre dans le « monde du vin », comme les réseaux multiformes qui s’entrecroisent et interfèrent dans ce milieu, de la production à la consommation du produit.



Wednesday 17 October

  • 13h00-13h30 : Accueil des participants/registration
  • 13h30-14h00 : Ouverture du colloque CEMMC, Equipe présidentielle
  • 14h00-14h30 : Présentation du colloque (S. Lachaud, C. Marache, J. McIntyre)
  • 14h30-15h30 : Keynote & questions : Rod PHILLIPS History, Carleton University, Canada Negotiating God, the weather, and merchants: the priest of Volnay (Burgundy) and the wine business in the eighteenth century

15h30-16h00: Break

16h00-17h30 Session 1 : the role of intermediaries in the production and marketing of wine

Chair : Kathleen Brosnan

  • Anne WEGENER SLEESWIJK – History – Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France> Les courtiers en vin aux Provinces-Unies : Wine brokers in the Dutch Republic : Circulation of information and assessment of the products (late seventeenth-eighteenth centuries)
  • Luciano MAFFI (University of Genoa, Italy), Paolo TEDESCHI (University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy) & Manuel VAQUERO PIÑEIRO (University of Perugia, Italy) – History> A Better Wine for an International Market: public institutions for the improvement of the Italian viticulture and winemaking (1870s-1910s)
  • Sylvaine BOULANGER – Geography – Sorbonne-Université, France> Alsatian wine cooperatives: Innovative places and structures to move upmarket and promote terroir wines (in a vineyard renowned for its varietal wines)
  • Raphaël SCHIRMER – Geography – Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France>  Bordeaux, a wine capital in a multi-centred world
  • Agnes MARSAULT and Jeffrey SOAR – Business & Technology – University of Southern Queensland, Australia> Technology-enabled agile methods for intermediation reduction in production and distribution in the wine industry

• 17h45 : Wine degustation

• 20h00 : Conference dinner

Thursday 18 October

09h00-10h30 Session 2 Produce And Sell Wine At All Scales

Chair : Rod PHILLIPS

  • Benoit MUSSET – History – Le Mans Université, France> Wine merchants and producers in eighteenth century France : trust and distrust
  • Julie MCINTYRE & John GERMOV – History & Sociology – University of Newcastle, Australia> Vines, wine & identity: A multi-modal framework for expressing and analysing the multi-scaled circuitry of human connections and actions in the Hunter winegrowing community, 1828-1983
  • Clelia VIECELLI – Anthropology – University of Southampton, UK> Aesthetics, joy and responsibility: crafting «natural» wines in Northern and Southern Italy
  • Vincent FOURNIER – Anthropology – Université du Québec, Canada> The impacts of commercialisation and DOC laws on wine production and meanings in Calabria, Italy

10h30-11h00 : Break/Morning tea


Session 3 Networks and channels

Chair : Graham HARDING

  • Valentin TAVEAU – History – Université d’Angers, France> The English trade network of Ackerman-Laurance Saumur sparkling wines in the second half of the nineteenth century: The network analysis as a methodology adapted to the use of correspondence and accounting materials for the study of the Ackerman Laurance Company
  • Jennifer REGAN-LEFEBVRE – History – Trinity College, USA> Which networks for which world of wine? South Africa and the global wine trade, from 1900 to 1961
  • Florian MARCELIN – Geography – Université Lyon 2, France>  The Trade Networks of the Northern Rhône Valley Wines
  • Alfredo COELHO – Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Sciences de Gestion, France>  Downstream vertical integration of multinational companies in the wine industry: issues and strategies

12h30-13h30 : Lunch

13h30-15h00 Session 4 phd round table

Chair : Mikael PIERRE

Participants :

  • Chelsea DAVIS,
  • Clelia VIECELLI,
  • Valentin TAVEAU,
  • Mikael PIERRE

15h00-15h30 : Break

15h30-17h00 Session 5 Migrations, colonization and other foreign influences in the wine world

Chair : Jennifer SMITH-MAGUIRE

  • Kathleen NEILS CONZEN and Michael P. CONZEN – History & Geography – University of Chicago, USA> Ethnic Market Segmentation and the Fine Wine Sector in 19th-Century California: Two German Immigrant Examples
  • Chelsea DAVIS – History – George Washington University, USA> Fruits of their labour: Networks of migration, knowledge, and consumption in the 19th century Cape and Australian Wine industries
  • Kathleen BROSNAN – History, University of Oklahoma, USAVitis Vinifera: An episode in ecological imperialism and cultural colonization
  • Jacqueline DUTTON – French Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia Colonial and postcolonial wine Worlds: Making the French Wine Empire

Evening free or informal dinner in Bordeaux CBD

Friday 19 October

9h00-10h00 Session 6 Consume wine, talk about wine

Chair : Steve Charters

  • Graham HARDING – History – University of Oxford, UK> What voice has the consumer in the matter? : Champagne brands and the value chain in 19th century Britain
  • Peter HOWLAND – Sociology, Massey University, New Zealand> ‘85% Pure’: wine consumers and terroir in New Zealand Aōtearoa 

10h00-10h30 : Break/Morning tea

10h30-11h30 Session 6 Consume wine, talk about wine

Chair : Raphaël SCHIRMER

  • Jennifer SMITH-MAGUIRE – Marketing, University of Leicester, UK> Rendering provenance: The work of cultural intermediaries in the cultural production of ‘authentic’ wine
  • Steve CHARTERS & David MENIVAL – Business Studies, Burgundy School of Business, France> The use of the word ‘terroir’ in French wine discourse


11h30-13h00 : Lunch

Afternoon/après-midi : Tour in Saint-Emilion/Excursion à Saint-Emilion (departure : 13h00 by bus / return to Bordeaux arround 19h30)


  • Université Bordeaux Montaigne - Domaine Universitaire, 19 esplanade des Antilles
    Bordeaux, France (33)


  • Wednesday, October 17, 2018
  • Thursday, October 18, 2018
  • Friday, October 19, 2018


  • vin, échelle, réseau, intermédiation, production, distribution, consommation


  • Stéphanie Lachaud
    courriel : stephanie [dot] lachaud [at] u-bordeaux-montaigne [dot] fr

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  • Stéphanie Lachaud
    courriel : stephanie [dot] lachaud [at] u-bordeaux-montaigne [dot] fr


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