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Suffering, bypassing and revolting against censorship: a theatre under control

Subir, contourner, se révolter contre la censure : le théâtre sous contrôle

Revolts, revolutions and performance in the Middle East in the 21th century

Révoltes, révolutions et performance au Proche et Moyen Orient au XXIe siècle

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Published on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 by Céline Guilleux


Le cycle de recherches « Révoltes, révolutions et performance au Proche et Moyen Orient au XXIe siècle » a pour objectif d’étudier la trajectoire politique et sociale des pays des régions du Proche et du Moyen-Orient par le biais de la création artistique, en particulier les arts de la scène et de la performance. Dans ces sociétés en profonde mutation, il s’agit donc de s’interroger sur le lien entre création, révolte et révolution au cours d’une série de séances de travail, et sur la manière dont la création s’est fait l’écho des tensions à l’œuvre dans la société, comment celles-ci sont restituées à la scène. Cette seconde journée d'étude sera consacrée aux conditions de la création artistiques et théâtrales dans des sociétés contrôlées, et à leur conséquences sur les contenus dramaturgiques et les dispositifs mis en place par les artistes.


Paris, May 13th 2019.


Following a first workshop dealing with the context of revolts and mutations that the Middle East countries have known since the beginning of the 21st century (November 2018), this second day of studies will focus on the issue of artistic creation in the context of controlled societies, where many kinds of censorship exist: political, social and self-censorship. We’ll discuss the way artists suffer or bypass censorship, how they integrate it to their works or try to revolt against this phenomenon.

The first topic consists in studying the authoritarian context, as it limits and constraints creation. We’ll focus on the political, social and economical constraint that weighs upon the performing arts. In that perspective, the relation between the artists and the institutions is of main importance.

But we also have to consider how this censorship in integrated to the process of creation: what can we talk about and what do we do from what we cannot deal with? We consider that this phenomenon of control over the arts can motivate new writings, new narratives and new settings, for example by the use of detour or diversion, happenings and performances.

Finally, the question of the appropriation of the public space starting from the last years of the 2000’s seems important, including the access to new performance spaces and a renewed audience.

The proposals of interventions will lean on studies of cases, and the authors will pay attention to the link between the creation and its background, focusing at the same time on political and aesthetical stakes. The following themes could be treated:

  • Institutions and processes of control confronting the theatrical creation
  • Influence of the context on writings, dramaturgies and stage settings
  • Influence of the socio-political context over creation
  • Forms of the political and activist theatre in controlled societies
  • Link between artistic creation and the new medias (Internet, social networks, independent journalism and video-journalism) as spaces that permit to bypass censorship
  • Artistic circulations between the eastern countries and between East and West.


The proposals (titles, summary in French or English, 2 000 signs) and a short biography should be sent by mail

before January 15th 2019,

to :

After the selection, the candidates will receive the answer on February 15th 2019.

The organization team furnishes the fooding during the workshop, but the participants will have to pay for their accomodation and transports.

Organizing committee

  • Yassaman Khajehi, Université Clermont Auvergne / CHEC
  • Pauline Donizeau, Université Paris Nanterre / HAR
  • Sobhi Boustani, Institut National des Langues et Cultures Orientales / CERMOM



  • Paris, France (75)


  • Tuesday, January 15, 2019


  • théâtre, performance, Moyen Orient, censure, révolte


  • Pauline DONIZEAU
    courriel : revoltes [dot] performance [at] gmail [dot] com

Information source

  • Pauline DONIZEAU
    courriel : revoltes [dot] performance [at] gmail [dot] com

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