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Pierre à pierre II

The economy of stone in the Meuse valley and surrounding regions (1st century BC - 18th century)

Économie de la pierre dans la vallée de la Meuse et dans les régions limitrophes (Ier s. Av. J.-C. – XVIIIe s.)

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Published on Tuesday, November 13, 2018


The first edition of conferences dedicated to stone economics during the historical periods, which was held in Nancy in 2015, underlined the vitality of the research carried out about this subject, as illustrated by the recent works led in Lorraine. The Stone by Stone series of meetings aim to promote the relevance of stone economics research and to facilitate discussions about the topic, through a cycle of international conferences held every three years. The upcoming Stone by Stone II Symposium will be held in Namur and Dinant in December 2018. It will be co-organized by the University of Namur (AcanthuM – ILEE), by the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL), by the University of Brussels (ULB/VUB), by the University of Lorraine, by the INRAP and by the Maison du Patrimoine medieval mosan, and by the AWAP (Agence wallonne du Patrimoine).



The symposium reflections will focus on the Meuse valley, famous for its lithic resources, and whose Lower and Middle sections have contributed in establishing the valley as a major economic artery within the Western European region since the Antiquity. The symposium’s scope will then expand to related investigations carried out in adjacent regions, such as the areas of Brabant, of Hainaut, of Ardennes, of Lorraine, of Rhineland, of Utrecht, of Gelderland, amongst others.

Stone by Stone II topics will mainly focus on three main themes: Stone Geography (theme 1), Stone on the Construction Site (theme 2), and Stone as Lapidary Furniture or Decorative Element (theme 3).

Venue: University of Namur (6-7/12); Dinant (8/12)

Symposium Committee: F. Blary, K. Boulanger, M. Macaux, C. Moulis, M. Piavaux, Claire-Marie Vandermensbrugghe, L. Verslype

Scientific Committee: Jean-Claude Bessac, Ingénieur de recherche (IR HC) honoraire du CNRS, François Blary, chargé de cours (ULB), Karine Boulanger, Archéologue responsable de Secteur (INRAP), Catherine Coquelet, Archéologue AWaP et chargée de cours (UCLouvain), Frans Doperé, chercheur indépendant (KULeuven), Michel Lefftz, Professeur (UNamur), Jean-Marc Léotard, Archéologue (AWaP), Mathilde Macaux, Assistante doctorante (UNamur), Cédric Moulis, Ingénieur de recherche (Université Lorraine – UL), Mathieu Piavaux, Professeur (UNamur), Karl-Heinz Schumacher, Directeur (Abteilung Denkmalschutz des Fachbereichs Bauordnung und Denkmalschutz der Stadt Mönchengladbad), Marc Suttor, Professeur des universités (Université d’Artois), Arnaud Timbert, Professeur (Univ. d’Amiens), Francis Tourneur, Chargé de cours ULiège et membre de l’asbl « Pierres et marbres de Wallonie », Gabri Van Tussenbroek, Professeur (Univ. Amsterdam), Laurent Verslype, Professeur ordinaire (UCLouvain) Johan Yans, Professeur (UNamur), Jean-Marie Yante, Professeur ordinaire (UCLouvain).

Contact: Mathilde Macaux – AcanthuM-Namur, 61 rue de Bruxelles, 5000 Namur, Belgium –


  • Rue de Bruxelles, 61
    Namur, Belgium (5000)


  • Thursday, December 06, 2018
  • Friday, December 07, 2018
  • Saturday, December 08, 2018

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  • Mathilde Macaux
    courriel : mathilde [dot] macaux [at] unamur [dot] be


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