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Published on Monday, March 04, 2019


This international conference in political studies and political philosophy wishes to explore the notion of compromise in its transnational dimension, in order to test the relevance of a cultural and global approach to compromise. The topics addressed by the conference are the following: Can we develop morally right and wrong compromise typologies? Can we propose a universal ethics of compromise or does compromise vary depending on the socio-cultural history of a country? To what extent is culture relevant in shaping types and norms of compromise?



1. Compromise standards

Compromise is a polemical conceptual object, sometimes being praised, sometimes being disputed. Avishai Margalit (2010) explains these contradictory attitudes by a confusion between a "rotten" compromise, and a "necessary" compromise to achieve social peace. Similarly, Richard Bellamy (1998) insists on the distinction between a weak compromise, or "shallow compromise", and a "deep" compromise. A number of political theorists and philosophers have also paid attention to the attractive normative features of this decision-making process (Hampshire, 2001; Arnsperger, Picavet, 2004). In the face of a serious moral disagreement, or in a conflictual situation, is there such thing as a principled compromise (May, 2005) to settle moral and political dilemma? Is compromise a virtue, or is it a pragmatic need, the only possible solution to exit violence? Under what circumstances and to what degree is it justifiable to resort to compromise -in other words, are there degrees of compromise, from accommodation to sacrifice of fundamental principles? Contributions in Area 1 wil include the following topics: 1) compromise definition and epistemology 2) compromise typology and its relationship with other forms of negotiations 3) compromise legitimacy as a mean to exit violence.

2. Cultures of Compromise: Asian & Multicultural approaches

This part will combine an empirical with a theoretical analysis to understand if it is possible for philosophers to distinguish a prevalent attitude towards compromise. Can we consider compromise as a cultural process and test the relevance of cultural uniqueness in decision-making?

Contributions will concern the various spaces of compromise production, either in the works of Japanese philosophers, or through socio-economic phenomena specific to Japan and Taiwan, in order to better grasp the relevance of a reciprocal causality between the practice of compromise and a given culture. 

3. Global Governance and Compromise

Contributors in this third area will propose frameworks of thought in order to take into account both "local" aspect of compromise alongside compromise defined in terms of "global ethics and justice" (Widdows 2012). While contemporary political philosophers have focused on justice within the State, new questions arise about responsibilities and principles to guide international action (Pogge, 2002). Can compromise be a fair way to deal with global governance on issues such as politics of human rights, immigration and environment?


2019, March 8th

Auditorium François Furet 105 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

  • 9:00 AM - Registration
  • 9.15 AM - Welcoming remarks by Vincent Duclert, CESPRA director

9.30-12.30 AM - Panel 1 'Norms of Compromise' Speakers:

  • Véronique Zanetti (Bielefeld University, Germany): «No Best Answer. Principled Compromise and Checkerboard solution»
  • Elise Rouméas (Oxford University, United Kingdom): «The Procedural Value of Compromise»
  • Sandrine Baume (Lausanne University, Switzerland): «Are There Any Achilles’ Heels in Compromises? A Typology of Criticism against Political Compromise and Possible Counterarguments»

Chairman: Luc Foisneau (National Center for Scientific Research, France)

10.30-10.45 AM - Coffee break

12.30-14.00 AM - Lunch

14.00- 17.00 AM - Panel 2 ‘Compromise and Disagreement’ Speakers:

  • Martijn Boot (University College Groningen, Netherlands): «Compromise between Competing Incommensurable Values»
  • Nicolaï Abramovich (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France): «Stuart Hampshire: Procedural Justice, Conflict and Evil»
  • Malgorzata Dereniowska (Gdansk University, Poland): «Sustainibility Justice, Conflicts, and Ethics of Compromise»

Chairman: Emmanuel Picavet (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France)

16.00-16.30 PM - Coffee break

17.00-18.00 PM - KEYNOTE SPEECH Alin Fumurescu (Houston University, United States): «Political Culture, Identity Politics, and Political Compromise in Comparative Perspective»

18:30 PM - Conference Dinner

2019, March 9th

Auditorium François Furet 105 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

9.00-9.30 AM - Opening

9.30-12.30 AM - Panel 3 ‘Asian Perspectives on Compromise’ Speakers:

  • Takeshi Morisato (Free University of Brussels, Belgium): «Metaphysics of Compromise: Kyoto School Perspectives and their Ethical Implications»
  • Yen-Tu Su (Academia Sinica, Taiwan): «Transitional Justice and Political Compromise in Taiwan»
  • Makoto Kurokawa (University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Hawaï) : «Nationalism and the Island Dispute in the East China Sea - Comparison of the Situation between Taiwan-Japan and China- Japan»

Chairmen: Valérie Niquet (Fondation pour la recherche stratégique, France), Laurentiu Andrei (Paris 1 Panthéon- Sorbonne, France)

10.30-10.45 AM - Coffee break

12.30-14.00 PM - Lunch

14.00-16.00 PM - Panel 4 ‘Global Governance and Compromise’


  • Urs Marti (Zürich University, Switzerland): «No Compromise! Global Politics in the Age of new Nationalism»
  • Patrick Overeem (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands):«Compromise: A New Theoretical Framework» Chairman: Ninon Grangé (Université Paris 8, France) 

16.00-16.30 PM - Closing remarks

16.30 PM - Cocktail reception

Scientific committee

  • Luc Foisneau (EHESS, CESPRA, France)
  • Emmanuel Picavet (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Nosophi, France)
  • Samia Ferhat (Paris-Nanterre, France)
  • Julie Saada (Sciences Po Paris, France)
  • Anne Bazin (Sciences Po Lille, France)
  • Christian Thuderoz (Insa, Lyon University, France)
  • Michel Dalissier (University of Kanazawa, Japan)


Mrs Laure Assayag-Gillot (EHESS, CESPRA, France)


  • Auditorium François Furet - 105 boulevard Raspail
    Paris, France (75006)


  • Thursday, March 07, 2019
  • Friday, March 08, 2019


  • compromis


  • Laure Assayag
    courriel : assayag [dot] laure [at] gmail [dot] com

Information source

  • Laure Assayag
    courriel : assayag [dot] laure [at] gmail [dot] com


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