InicioPrix de la recherche en intelligence économique en Afrique

InicioPrix de la recherche en intelligence économique en Afrique

Prix de la recherche en intelligence économique en Afrique

Economic Intelligence research award in Africa

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Publicado el viernes 05 de abril de 2019 por Céline Guilleux


Vous avez soutenu une thèse de doctorat ou un mémoire de master ou publié un ouvrage sur l’intelligence économique (veille, protection économique ou lobbying et influence) en Afrique au cours de 2018/2019, le forum vous invite à soumettre votre candidature. Ce prix récompense les étudiants, chercheurs et professionnels qui par leurs travaux et  publications participent au rayonnement de l’intelligence économique en Afrique.


Presentation of the Prize

The Economic Intelligence Research Award aims to recognize excellent research work and publications on topics related to Economic Intelligence in Africa (monitoring and information analysis, economic security, lobbying and influence or competitiveness development).

The Prize is divided into three categories:

  • "Theses"
  • "Masters"
  • "Books"

Conditions of participation

Academic work and publications must be related to themes listed in Article 1, and must have been written in French or in English during the period 2018-2019 (before the application deadline).

Applications can be submitted by a university, a laboratory or research institution or directly by the author himself.

Any academic work or publication that has already been selected for a prize or has already been awarded cannot be submitted.

Candidates can be:

  • Practitioners;
  • Researchers affiliated with a research laboratory;
  • Master's or doctoral students.

The application file must be sent to the Forum Secretariat at the following e-mail address:

Registration procedures

The application file must contain:

  • Application form;
  • A resume (EU format);
  • A validated copy of academic work or publication written in French or in English. Only PDF format will be accepted.
  • A 2-page summary of the proposed work in French and English in PDF format (Arial, Times 11, 1.5 lines spacing, with 5 keywords).

Any incomplete application or application submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted by the Jury. Application deadline: 12 April 2019 11h59 PM (Moroccan time). Article 4: Competition Schedule

  • 28 February 2019: opening registrations
  • 12 April 2019: closing registrations

  • 31 May 2019: jury deliberations
  • 21 June 2019: award ceremony.

Send your applications and the PDF complete file to the following e-mail address before 21 April 2019 to the Forum Secretariat at the following address:

Visit the link bellow to read prize rules and conditions.

To participate, you need to fill in the form at:

The awards ceremony will take place on 20 June 2019 in Dakhla, Morocco.

Commitments of the candidate

The candidate declares that he/she has all the rights to images, texts and other elements used in her/his work. If not, she/he needs to obtain such rights before submitting her/his work.

At any time during the process, the Forum may check the information provided by the candidates when submitting the application. Any fraudulent or suspicious work will be definitely rejected.

Evaluation Criteria

The submitted work will be evaluated according to the following scale:

  • Originality (20%)
  • Work relevance and innovative approach (20%)
  • Work interest to the African continent (20%)
  • Quality of writing and presentation (20%)
  • Clarity of document (20%)

Award Procedures

The submitted work will be examined by 5 jury members... For this 2019 edition, the jury is composing from:

  • Mr. Driss Guerraoui, President ;
  • Mr. Mohamed Ourdedine, Rapporteur ;
  • Mr. Adoum Youssouf Ibrahim, Jury Member;
  • Ms. Sewdass Nisha, Jury Member;
  • Mr. Zeca Emilio Jovendo, Jury Member.

The jury's decision is final.

The Forum reserves the right not to award all or a part of the prizes if the jury considers that the submitted work does not meet the required qualifications.

The list of candidates will remain confidential with the exception of prizewinners.

Prize winners will be notified of the award at least three weeks before the award ceremony. They will receive a personal invitation to attend the award ceremony to be held during the Dakhla Annual FAAIE Meeting.

All travel expenses of winners, will be covered by the Forum.


The prize is endowed with a total amount of MAD 190,000 (US Dollars 17.100) divided into three categories:

  • "Theses" category: 60,000 MAD or 5400 US dollars
  • "Masters" category: 30,000 MAD or 2700 US dollars
  • "Books" category: 100,000 MAD or 9,000 US dollars

Image right and publication

Candidates accept the publication, after the award ceremony, in any form and free of charge, of the works they have submitted to participate in the Prize.

The winners also grant the Forum the right to mention their surname, first name, affiliation and to use their image on its various communication tools (Internet and paper and other media) without this conferring on them any remuneration whatsoever or any right other than the award of their prize for an indefinite period.

Data protection

In accordance with current Moroccan law on the protection of personal data, participants registered for this Prize have the right to access and rectify their data.

If you have defended a doctoral thesis or a Master’s thesis or published a book on Economic Intelligence (monitoring and information analysis, economic security, lobbying and influence or competitiveness development) in Africa during 2018/2019, the Forum invites you to submit your application.

This prize rewards students, researchers and professionals who, through their work and publications, contribute to Economic Intelligence’s visibility in Africa.



  • Dakhla, Marruecos


  • viernes 12 de abril de 2019

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  • Rochdi Mounir
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  • Rochdi Mounir
    courriel : redaction [at] veille [dot] ma

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