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Axel Honneth: the division of work, the gap in political philosophy

Axel Honneth : la division du travail, un impensé de la philosophie politique

Keynote to the Crossroads of Critique doctoral conference

Keynote de la Conférence doctorale Crossroads of Critique

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Published on Tuesday, June 04, 2019


The Sciences Po Graduate Conference in Political Theory 2019 is dedicated to the thought of Axel Honneth and the 'Frankfurt School Project' of critical theory. Over the last three decades, Axel Honneth has played a crucial role in giving new life to the post-Kantian tradition. As the leading voice of the Frankfurt School after Habermas, his work has been responsible for renewed interest in critical theory. His early engagement with Foucault, his turn to Hegel's notion of recognition for a new social theory as well as, more recently, Honneth's work on the institutional conditions of a 'democratic ethical life,' and, finally, his reappraisal of 'social freedom' as the normative idea of the socialist tradition represent only some of the most remarkable contributions he has made to contemporary theorizing.



June 6, 2019


Registration and welcome

17-19h Opening remarks

(CEVIPOF, Salle Percheron)

Plenary Speaker: Katia Genel Co-Director of the Centre Marc Bloch Berlin Assistant Professor (MCF), Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

"How to express what is wrong with society? Thinking Social Pathologies with Honneth"



June 7, 2019

9h30 Opening remarks,

Organization team

9h45-12h Panel 1 : Thinking Social Struggles with Honneth (Salle Lavau)

  • "Expériences morales de mépris social et dynamiques de résistances collectives chez les représentants ouvriers pendant la Deuxième République française." - Tatiana Fauconnet, ENS Lyon
  • "Rural Youth, Citizenship and Geographic Inequality: Politics of Recognition and Redistribution" - Susanna Areschoug, Stockholm University
  • "'La Hogra' comme émotion fondatrice d'une lutte pour la reconnaissance dans les quartiers populaires" - Chayma Drira, Sciences Po

12h- 13h30

Lunch break

13h30-15h45 Panel 2 : Critical Theory of Institutions: Law and Property

(Salle Percheron)

  • "Anti-functionalist impulses in Weimarian Critical Theory of Law" - Gabriel Busch de Brito, University of São Paulo / CEBRAP
  • "Praxis-Oriented Questions Regarding Menke's Critique of Rights" - Ewgenia Baraboj, University of Leipzig
  • "Property and the Frankfurt School: Past, Present, Futures." - Niklas Angebauer, University of Oldenburg


Coffee break


Panel 3 : Normativity beyond Discourse (Salle Percheron)

  • "Is There Normativity Outside of Discourse?" - Ítalo Alves, Catholic University in Porto Alegre (Brazil)
  • "Rehabilitating the body in Honnethian theory: what consequences for recognition?" - Cécile Cadet, Sciences Po (Paris)

Panel 4 : Critical Theory and Ethics (27, rue Saint-Guillaume, room 23)

  • "Injustice, Ethics, and the Forms of Life" - Vafa Ghazavi, University of Oxford (UK)
  • "Critical Theory as a Critique of Ethics. Against the Objectification of the "Ethical Goods"" - Veronika Hilzensauer, Munich School of Philosophy (Germany)

17h30-18h :

Coffee break and change of venue

18h-20h : Keynote Address : Axel Honneth

27 rue Saint-Guillaume, Amphithéâtre Jacques Chapsal

"Democracy and the Division of Labor: A blind spot in political philosophy"

Introductory remarks: Astrid von Busekist, Director of Graduate Studies in Political Theory, Sciences Po

June 8, 2019

10h15-11h45 : Panel 5 : Axel Honneth and the Anthropocene (27, room 13)

  • "Axel Honneth and the Idea of Environmental Justice" - Marcus Wallner, Uppsala University (Sweden)
  • "Recognition and Critique in the Anthropocene" - Atticus Carnell, University of Oxford (UK)

Panel 6 : Rethinking Reification (27, room 15)

  • "Grounding recognition in emerging subjectivities: The contestation of reification as a truth regime." - Tivadar Vervoort, KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • "Repenser la réification avec Axel Honneth : un défi salvateur pour la théorie critique contemporaine" - Marie Simon, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (France)

11h45-12h45 :

Lunch break

12h45-14h15 :

Panel 7 : Critical Theory and Critical Epistemologies (27, room 13)

  • "From Cultivation to Critique: Is a Critical Virtue Ethics Possible?" - Patrick Wheatley, University of Oxford (UK)
  • "Critical theory of recognition as a critique of identity power: reconceptualizing Honneth's 'Recognition as Ideology'" - Hiroki Narita, Waseda University (Tokyo)

Panel 8 : Franco-German Critiques of Domination (27, room 15)

  • "Politics and the other Utopia: on Abensour and Adorno" - Helmer Stoel, Goethe University, Frankfurt (Germany)
  • "Comment articuler reconnaissance et servitude volontaire ? Comprendre les divergences de Renault et Lefort à partir de La Boétie" - Emmanuel Charreau, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)

14h15-14h30 :

Coffee break

14h30-16h :

Panel 9 : Rancière Goes to Frankfurt (27, room 13)

  • "Recognition as Struggle within the Distribution of the Sensible" - Marcus Döller, Erfurt (Germany)
  • "The 'best' Political Order: Rancière, Honneth, and Adorno on the Possibility of a Self-Reflective Order" - Léonie Hunter, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)

Panel 10 : Neoliberalism and the Paralysis of Critique (27, room 15)

  • "Populism as a Political Pathology of the 'Neoliberal Revolution:' Honneth's Diagnosis of 21st Century Democratic Deficits." - Thor João de Sousa Veras, Santa Catarina Federal University, Florianopólis (Brazil)
  • "One-Dimensional Exhaustion: Marcuse's Economy of Critique" - Nica Siegel, Yale University (USA)

16-16h15 :

Coffee break

16h15-17h30 :

Plenary speaker: Daniel Loick Visiting Professor of Practical Philosophy, University Lucerne Fellow at the Center for Humanities & Social Change, HU Berlin

"Subaltern Sociality. On the Normative Structure of Counter-Communities"


Closing remarks

Inscription obligatoire: https://crossroadsofcritique.weebly.com/rsvp.html


  • Amphithéatre Jacques Chapsal - 27 rue saint Guillaume
    Paris, France (75007)


  • Friday, June 07, 2019


  • Axel Honneth; division travail, philosophie politique; école de Francfort, théorie critique


  • Sciences Po Graduate Conference in Political Theory
    courriel : graduateconference [at] sciencespo [dot] fr

Information source

  • Silberzahn Léna
    courriel : lena [dot] silberzahn [at] sciencespo [dot] fr


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